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    Why all the How To pages have been protected. If you regularly edit them, read this, even if you ignored other ones. This has answers.
    (created 24 days ago)
    You will have probably noticed all of the How To pages have been protected from editing permanantly. This is because they have been edited much too frequently, commonly by users whose entire activity on this wiki is editing these pages, or pages related to them such as script pages. This is not How. . . more
    voteIcon.gif4 votescomment.gif5 comments
    A Long Time Coming
    (created 288 days ago)
    As of today, September 19th, 2021, I've now been part of the Random-ness Wiki (former Wikia/FANDOM one and now this one) for 10 years. Ten years. While this is my 10th anniversary, this will also be my last "official" day here as I am retiring from the wiki as a whole. Despite everything and how. . . more
    voteIcon.gif4 votescomment.gif14 comments
    Quick announcement.
    (created 393 days ago)
    I ask you all to please refrain from posting pages from the old wiki to this new wiki unless it is a page you wrote entirely by yourself, as there is concern about proper author attributions. We are working on figuring out the best way to import pages with all their histories. We should have more. . . more
    voteIcon.gif6 votescomment.gif2 comments
    We're Back!
    (created 394 days ago)
    a dinosaur's story But yes, the Random-ness Wiki is officially back here on Miraheze! Tell your friends! Maybe not your enemies though. Wait why are we here now? WELL, uh., On June 3rd, 2021, Wikia/FANDOM decided to close the original place after eleven years due to a relatively recent rule change. . . more
    voteIcon.gif5 votescomment.gif6 comments
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