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    What it looks like

    The Random Tower is a gigantic residential building in Random City, where it was established in the franchise as the ultimate hangout for random people and wiki editors alike. It is based off the Random-Ness wiki. (This wiki)


    Permanent residents

    • Every regular RNW user*

    * Choerryism does not reside in the tower; she lives under Joe Biden's bed.

    Visiting residents

    • Pancakes
    • JoltikplaysTehRandomBoi

    Features and rooms

    The Random Tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world, clocking in at 150 floors (including above and below ground) and 610 m (2,000 ft) in height. Most of the floors are designated guest rooms and living spaces for the building's residents.

    Living spaces

    Guest rooms

    Other areas

    Food and drink

    • Random Tower Café: This popular spot is known for its delectable menu of beverages and fresh baked goods. It serves just about any kind of coffee you can think of, including typically seasonal options like the pumpkin spice flavor family. It is not uncommon for coffee to be served with a fluffy biscuit or a slice of thick pound cake. Another distinctive feature of the café is its speedy robot chefs and waiters/waitresses, who work around the clock to make sure your experience is pleasant and worthwhile.
    • Nice Cream's Spot at The Random Tower: Nice Cream is a Randomese ice cream franchise. It's extremely well-known all over the Random Region, so it's no surprise that it has a restaurant in the Random Tower! With every single flavor and topping imaginable, residents and visitors alike are more than welcome to go wild.


    • Arcade: This area not only has retro arcade machines, but also free modern gaming consoles up for grabs (just bring them back when you're done with them) and air hockey tables! The arcade machines and air hockey tables are loaded with infinite coins and tickets you can use to get cool prizes. And here's the best part: you don't even have to pay for the prizes, as in... they're FREE... if that's how you roll!
    • Tower Theater: Every night, the Tower Theater hosts movie nights, which residents and visitors alike are all welcome to. It has a curved 100 ft wide screen and curved rows of seats (there are 1500 seats in total). 3D glasses are offered at every showing, but those who prefer to opt out of that are able to enjoy themselves without worrying about headaches. Free popcorn and drinks are provided as well.
    • Living Room (with a huge flat screen TV, and a couch large enough for every resident)
    • Performing Stage (with costumes, microphones, and a piano included)
    • Recording Area (where the cameras are to shoot films)
    • Computer Lab

    Physical activity

    • Gym
    • Indoor Pool (with mechanic waves built in)
    • Trampoline Park
    • Playground
    • Basketball Arena
    • Bowling Alley
    • Wrestling Area (with a built in bell and seats)

    Health and wellness/general necessities

    • Nursing Office (with syringes, epipens, medicine, loose teeth holders, and bandages)
    • Spa
    • Laundromat
    • Bathroom (with a huge shower)


    • Balcony
    • Security Room
    • Library (with a ton of books)
    • Aquarium
    • Toy Room (With a ton of plushies and action figures)
    • DJ Station (with an included dance floor and speakers)
    • Art Room (with more then 10,000 buckets of paint)
    • Science Lab (with fireproof walls and items)
    • Basement
    • Garage
    • Chat room (for heroes to chat to each other)


    Arcade (With infinite coins and free prizes)

    -- I Forgor My Name 💀 (talk) 01:06, 31 December 2021 (UTC)

    It’s almost like the Bunker (is The Bunker set in there?)
    -- TallAutism2006 (talk) 01:12, 31 December 2021 (UTC)

    Toy Room (With a ton of plushies and action figures)

    pancakes moment Raichu's Endless Nights (talk) 10:08, 1 January 2022 (UTC)

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