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    -Wander Over Yonder Reviews-

    This page has users' opinions on it. Don't get mad if you disagree with any, mmkay?
    And don't try to use this template to deflect criticism if you say something offensive.

    Grade standings[edit | edit source]

    A++++++ - SUPERB!!!

    A+++++ - HIGHLY AWSUM!!

    A++++ - AWSUM!

    A+++ - Excellent

    A+ - Really Great

    A - Great

    A- - Highly Good

    B+ - Very Good

    B - Pretty Good

    B- - Good

    C+ - Pretty OK

    C - OK

    C- - Decent

    D+ - Not kinda bad

    D - Kinda bad

    D- - Bad

    E+ - Very bad

    E - Lame

    E- - Very Lame

    F - Terrible

    G - Horrible and Painful

    G- - Unbearable

    H - Very Unbearable

    Z - A disaster!


    Ooooo766666[edit | edit source]

    That show has an orange man with a crazy mouth. However still decent.

    C+ (So close to getting a B-!)

    Bowser & Jr.[edit | edit source]

    Do not edit this section, It belongs to Bowser & Jr. If you edit it, you die. Do not edit unless you fix errors and things

    A++++++ I'm in love with Lord Hater. I ship Lord Wander (Lord Hater x Wander)!!! <3 young4vr (psst i lurv JS) (aww JS u sooo sweet ur such a sweetie pie!!11)


    AwesomeCartoonFan01[edit | edit source]


    I LOVE IT.

    J. Severe[edit | edit source]

    something still better than whatever BJ has posted (psst i lurv beejay two) (d'aww beejay ur so sweet two ur a sweetie caek)


    Mochlum[edit | edit source]


    sue me, :P

    UMG[edit | edit source]

    F - The orange guy, Yonder, never shuts the f*ck up, and the evil guy, Lord Hater has too much of a try-hard evil voice. The plot seems unoriginal.

    Gray Pea Shooter[edit | edit source]

    I never watched it, I'm just writing a review for a badge.

    Invader Rob[edit | edit source]

    Let me say this lonnnnnnnnngggggg speech: I Like It.

    B - Pretty Good

    HomestarSB9/10[edit | edit source]

    I like it.


    Dude2000[edit | edit source]

    It's a good show.


    Comments[edit | edit source]

    Bowser and Jr. - I love it, It's cute!

    ACF01 - Wow!

    J Severe - o.o

    Mochlumn - :(

    UMG - Why do you hate it?? :' (

    GPS - Review for a badge?

    Invader Rob - Whoa!

    HSB9/10 - Good.

    This page already had a comments section. I'm doing this test to see if it'll place this comment at the bottom of that pre-existing section...
    -- Ooooo766666 (talk) 22:29, 26 August 2021 (UTC)

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