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    100 Ways 2 B Random (L0LR24W2 Edition)

    This page (or this section of sum page) was created by Sophia Scratch. dont edit w/o her permission or else GIR will have 60 more seizures 2day.


    Note: If they have a heart symbol that means only girls can do them. Not g8keeping though

    1. have a strange typing quirk[edit | edit source]

    Whether it b like mine, or TYPiNG WiTH eVeRY CoNSoNaNt CaPiTaLiZeD, or 3v3n u51n9 4 l355 4dv4nc3d f0rm 0f l33t!

    2. Listen 2 both rock n pop music[edit | edit source]

    Hmmmm...What should i listen 2 2day? Parry Gripp or Blink 182?

    3. Talk bout crazy things n follow it up w "don't ask why"[edit | edit source]

    This year 4 christmas im gonna tell Santa I need an army of bunnies like jenny did when she wuz mai page! Don't ask why!

    4.Don't believe in cringe culture[edit | edit source]

    I dont care if u fid meh cringe. Neither should u care if any1 finds u cringe

    5. Have ppl think ur special[edit | edit source]

    I mastered this b4 I knew how random I wuz...dont ask why

    ♥ 6.Wear a tutu like its National Ballet Day even though its not[edit | edit source]

    Preferably teh pink n black tutu frum hot topic, or a rainbow tutu frum claire's (dont know how u would b able 2 wear it though bcuz lets b honest, they r a bit 2 small)

    7. Say ur # yrs young[edit | edit source]

    Im 14 yrs young!!!

    8. Give urself a crazy name[edit | edit source]

    Examples: Natalie Nocturnal Neontacide, Patron Saint of (insert thing here), Briana Bloodmoon Dawn, Sophia Bloody Scratch, Thomas Trashcan

    ♥ 9. B obsessed w MLP n barbie past youth[edit | edit source]

    Teh only reason theres a heart iz bcuz barbie iz 4 girls. Boys can like mlp 2.

    10. Use TVtropes[edit | edit source]

    Sadly, this has b-come less common bcuz tvtropes doesnt care anymore

    11. B interested i teh things listed b-low[edit | edit source]

    Pirates, cheese, monkeys, ninjas, zombies, pie, cake,teh emo n scene subculture, robots, dinosaurs, australia

    12,Worship Jenny (Eon337)[edit | edit source]

    Sadly u wont b able 2 eat potatoes anymore. I guess i have sinned

    13.Say a quote frum this page in a city, n then buy a banana n rob a bank of all its air w said banana[edit | edit source]

    Trust meh

    14.Collect Whiffies[edit | edit source]

    No, not 2 play w, only do bcuz they r squirrels!

    15. Scream weird words n phrases out loud[edit | edit source]

    So im @ a family gathering trying 2 tease mai hair in mai bratty cousin's bedroom while I cry bout Agent Smith killing meh. Suddenly, I remember a word n shout it. "CHEESE MONKEY! HAHAHA IM SO RANDOM!"

    16.Do an omega flowey laugh when u c a unconverted halloween zafara[edit | edit source]

    17. Rock a cool TUMBLR TYPE[edit | edit source]

    I luuuuv claire's SO MUCH. THEY R TEH BEST STORE EVEEEEEERRRRR! (tumblr typing iz when a sentence starts of calm but then goes COMPLETELY CRAZY NEAR TEH END)

    18. Worship Agent Smith frum the matrix movies[edit | edit source]

    "Uhhhh...this red drink? I have 2 drink it or else agent smith will kill meh!" Also wear black latex gloves 2 make it look like he tried infecting u but gave up

    19. Have ppl give u teh side eye[edit | edit source]

    Or do it 2 random ppl! U get n u give! Or smth.

    20. Ask ur classmates why they r all looking @ u like u said sumthing creepy[edit | edit source]

    N then get told by ur crush that nobody's looking @ u

    21. Skip everywhere u go. except 4 walmart[edit | edit source]

    Instead, walk around walmart doing ballet jumps n gymnastics moves

    22. Sing ppl's mcdonald's orders, even if they r not urs[edit | edit source]

    (2 teh tune of pretty rave girl)

    I want a cinnamon bun

    dont 4get a large fry

    Add a filet o fish

    As a drink I want Dasani

    23. Make a frozen pizza n sing about how scared u r bout it burning[edit | edit source]

    (2 teh tune of curse of curves)

    I want mai pizza 2 b perfectly cooked

    If it ends up burnt that would b such a damn waste

    And frum checking teh fridge I have almost nothing left!

    24. Edit a picture of urself in picmix 2 say random words[edit | edit source]

    Hollywood! Flash! Bang! Sunset!

    25. Only eat grape n apple pies[edit | edit source]

    Bcuz apple n grape r far superior 2 those other pies

    26. Call ur fridge racial slurs[edit | edit source]

    dont ask why

    27. Call people on omegle in read them teh flaming chickens lte[edit | edit source]

    They will prolly hang up immediately though

    28. Play Neopets[edit | edit source]

    They r optimized 4 random ppl!

    29. Cry @ teh end of every gilligan's island episode[edit | edit source]

    Why? Bcuz they werent rescued!

    30. Tell every1 they have scrofungulus[edit | edit source]

    If they dont know bout harry potter, tell them bout what scrofungulus iz ( a disease where small tentacles grow out of ur neck)

    31. When ur ordering the food tell teh waiter or waitress 2 go sumwhere else[edit | edit source]

    When ur in a room of ur choice tell them that ur ordering here bcuz teh napkins have ears

    32. Read n make lists like this[edit | edit source]

    Seriously, isnt this every random person?

    33. Wake up earlier than usual so u can jog around ur bathroom 4 between 15 2 30 minutes[edit | edit source]

    its a great way of exercise

    34.Go 2 teh as seen on tv store[edit | edit source]

    Wow! theres even a couple w their dog in a baby stroller in here! N knockoff barbies! N a huge tiger plushie! N a pet hair roller

    35. Take a shit on a road sign[edit | edit source]

    Bcuz why not? U may get persecuted but its worth it

    36. Sit in a parked car w sunglasses on n point a blow dryer @ everybody'[edit | edit source]

    wuznt this listed b4?

    37. Put a garbage can on ur desk[edit | edit source]

    N label it "in"

    38. Every time sum1 asks u 4 something, ask them "Do u want fries w that?"[edit | edit source]

    "Can u get meh toilet paper, sophia?"

    "Do u want fries w that?"

    39. Ask ppl what asparagus warfare means 2 them[edit | edit source]

    "Dad what does asparagus warfare mean 2 u??"

    "uhhhh...fighting w asparagus?"

    40. Put decaf in teh coffee maker 4 3 weeks[edit | edit source]

    when every1 has gotten over their caffeine addiction, switch 2 espresso

    41. When leaving teh zoo, run n scream[edit | edit source]

    Preferably scream "TEH ANIMALS R LOOSE! THEY R LOOSE! TEH POLAR BEAR HAS HAD ENOUGH HYPERTHERMIA!" (hyperthermia iz when u overheat

    42. Talk over teh school intercom[edit | edit source]

    Dont disguise ur voice

    43. ask ppl what sex they r[edit | edit source]

    n then laugh hysterically whe they answer

    44. Tell ppl that ur drive thru order iz 2 go[edit | edit source]

    Great 4 confusing people

    45. When money comes out of an ATM, act like u won teh lottery[edit | edit source]

    Great way 2 fool ppl!

    46. Ask ppl why ur breath smells like squirrel dung[edit | edit source]

    If they tell u it doesnt start an argument bout why it smells like it

    47. Talk 2 ur toaster[edit | edit source]

    Its soo random

    48. Get a FriendProject acc[edit | edit source]

    im lonely :(. Also ST3PH n meh (xxdumbassscenekidxx) make good templates

    49.Get 1 of these haircuts[edit | edit source]


    50.Put decaf in teh coffe maker 4 3 weeks[edit | edit source]

    when everybody's gotten over their caffeine addiction, switch 2 espresso

    51. Finish all ur sentences w "According 2 teh prophecy"[edit | edit source]

    I remember mai middle school fren did this

    52. Go 2 a poetry recital[edit | edit source]

    Ask why teh poems don't rhyme

    53. Sing along @ teh opera[edit | edit source]

    More insane than random bcuz real random ppl dont go 2 operas unless they r forced 2

    54. In teh memo field of ur checks, write "4 sexual favors"[edit | edit source]

    U may get kicked out but its always worth it

    Skip a number[edit | edit source]


    56.Buy an As-Seen-On-TV Product[edit | edit source]

    They have a super cool as seen on tv store in pigeon forge if u wanna go there

    57. @ work or school, show up in swimwear, n put mosquito netting around ur desk n play tropical sounds all day[edit | edit source]

    U may get fired or suspended but its always worth it

    58. A week b4 a party, tell ur friends u cant go 2 their party bcuz ur not in teh mood[edit | edit source]


    59. Have ur classmates or co-workers address u by ur friendproject name[edit | edit source]

    Oh, Natalia Nocturnal Neontacide, that's what u wanna b called

    60. Apologize 2 ur neighbor 4 setting fire 2 teh decorations on their lawn[edit | edit source]


    61. B scared of stepping on grass[edit | edit source]

    Bcuz 1 day, their successors will seek revenge on u

    62. U get uncomfy w radio ads[edit | edit source]

    They remind u of death

    63. Whenever ur phone rings, scream "AN ANGEL JUST GOT IT'S WINGS!" like ur a screamo singer[edit | edit source]

    Need I explain more?

    64. Own a collection of dead windowsill flies[edit | edit source]

    I have tons of them

    65. Ur scared of fabric softener[edit | edit source]

    Nobody knows why, except bcuz ur random

    66. Make n read lists like this[edit | edit source]

    Seriously, why do u do this?

    67. U think tennis balls r eggs, so u put them in teh microwave 2 c if they hatch[edit | edit source]

    N then throw a fit when ur microwave breaks

    68. Sit in a cornfield 4 a long time[edit | edit source]

    69. Laugh @ 69[edit | edit source]

    ITS 1 OF TEH MOST RANDOMEST NUMBERS EVERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    70. Think this iz teh yr 4 teh red sox[edit | edit source]

    Oh, 2013 will b teh year! 2012 sucked 4 teh red sox

    71. Scream @ teh voices in ur head[edit | edit source]

    Especially scream @ teh 1 speaking in hindi

    72. Write ur name on ur teeth[edit | edit source]

    N if ur dentist asks, tell him/her its 4 security reasons

    73. If u live alone, write 2 ur mother in france even though she sends u mail frum iowa asking u why u never write[edit | edit source]

    N then respond 2 te mail frum iowa w "Mai real mother lives in france"

    74.Sit in a cornfield 4 a few hours[edit | edit source]

    N contemplate b-ing a corn stalk

    75. Wear a scuba mask everywhere u go[edit | edit source]

    Eventually ur crush will pretend ur mute bcuz they cant understand u through ur scuba mask

    76. Tell ppl that asking 2 help u violates ur rights as a boysenberry[edit | edit source]

    mai teacher would get angry

    77. Howl like a werewolf[edit | edit source]

    Its not a werewolf mom! Its a were-squirrel!

    78. Ur best fren iz invisible 2 everyone else[edit | edit source]

    But u can c them clear

    79. Kill ur frens if they ask u why ur acting weird[edit | edit source]

    MORE INSANE THAN RANDOM but it's ok, right?

    80. Try 2 make an evil robot weasel, hamster, or bunny[edit | edit source]

    N make it attack ppl

    81. Quote teh flaming chickens handbook[edit | edit source]

    Sorry bout not eating mai mashed potatoes 2nite dad, but Code: 767 of the Flaming Chickens Handbook states that it is against the very nature of the Order of the Flaming Chickens to consume, wound, torture or in any other way disfigure a potatoe. Potatoes are not edible. This is a horrible plot to convince random people to eat things that actually GREW under the ground. If you have to smother it in various substances to make it edible, then Nature is telling you not to eat it. And you can't defy Mother Nature...just try jumping off of a cliff some time to test her law of Gravity.

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