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    A List Of God Awful Ideas

    Due to this article being so hilariously bad, it is being kept for entertainment purposes. Therefore, please do not delete it.
    • Scented underwear
    • Ads that utilize the phone's feature that can tell if you're looking at the screen and won't play unless you're actually watching them
    • Pizza Blanket
    • Giving life time subscription for GoAnimate to people who will make grounded videos non stop
    • Socks that are wet out of the packet
    • A swim suit that isn't waterproof
    • Smell-o-Vision
    • Candles that smell like weed
    • Braces that only work if the orthodontist puts gorilla glue on your teeth and then sticks the brackets on
    • Tomato milkshake
    • Raw sewage milkshake
    • Wrinkle cream that just adds more wrinkles
    • Competitive staring contests
    • Speakers that only play audio on earrape
    • A helicopter with an eject seat
    • Monopoly with real money
    • Soap that makes you stink really bad
    • PSAs about what to do if you get a papercut
    • A puzzle with one trillion pieces
    • Shaving razors but the blades are already dull and clogged with hair when you get them
    • Bottled swamp water (not the cocktail, mind you, it's water that is literally from a dirty swamp)
    • McDonalds apple dippers but they're all apple cores instead
    • Reviving or rebooting a show that already has like nine seasons
    • How To Fix Your DVD Player - An Instructional DVD
    • An exercise video as a Happy Meal toy
    • Animal Crossing and Call of Duty doing a crossover
    • Broccoli McFlurry
    • Skittles on pizza
    • Trying to Rick Roll your class if nobody knows what a Rick Roll is
    • Sponsoring a cockroach
    • Chocolate filled with water
    • Coal powered wind turbines
    • Re-enacting almost everything that Mr Bean does
    • Pre chewed bubblegum
    • Bringing a goldfish to the swimming pool
    • Lucky Charms with no marshmallows
    • Oreos with no filling
    • Re-enacting Dumb Ways to Die
    • Deep frying food at home, according to Adam Ragusea
    • Playing Soul Train anywhere. Enough said
    • Chocolate milk with dirt
    • Pen with no ink
    • Pencil with no graphite
    • Attempting to re-enact a dangerous stunt with no safety equipment
    • Anything Elon Musk does ever
    • Asbestos
    • Eating dirt (you could get a tapeworm)
    • This idea for an anime
    • Going to Brisbane and not finding Bluey's house.
    • Going to Springfield and not finding the Simpsons' house
    • Going to Damascus
    • Going to Afghanistan
    • Going to North Korea
    • Going to Somalia
    • Going to Yemen
    • Going to any more poor, corrupt countries
    • Watching a movie at 3 am without realising that the THX logo will play
    • Having Donald Trump remain president of the US for the rest of eternity
      • And doing the same with Kim Jong-un in his respective country
    • A computer that always overheats, even when being bought for the first time
    • Everything being made of breakable materials
    • iPhone boxes with only a single part of an iPhone
    • A bag of Lay's chips literally full of air and nothing else
    • Running out of ideas for this page
    • Having this page insanely long to the point where it needs the Long Page template
    • Keys that always get lost
    • Pizza where everything is crust except for where the crust is supposed to be
    • Dabbing as of 2019 (or 2020, whenever the trend died)
    • Durian scented candles
    • A uh... um, maybe like a uh uhhh um...
    • Trying to edit this page when you don't have any god-awful ideas
    • A microwave that counts upwards.
    • A microwave that doesn’t stop beeping.
    • A K-Pop group that doesn't even sing in Kore-- wait, that already exists... and it's... surprisingly good?
    • A SpongeBob SquarePants spinoff with Fred (the "My leg!" fish) as the main character
    • Making JubyPhonic voice every anime girl in existence
    • A religion in which people worship Fido Dido
    • Flavored boogers
    • Flavored earwax
    • Flavored belly button lint
    • Flavored toe jam
    • Flavored dandruff
    • Anti-Proactiv, a face cream that just adds more acne
    • Going to Chernobyl so you can become one with the toxic fumes
    • Flavored cocaine
    • Salt that is actually cocaine but you're too dumb to tell the difference
    • A Bandori band that just makes annoying dubstep songs à la Skrillex
    • Bandori without RAISE A SUILEN (without them this franchise is NOTHING‼️‼️‼️)
    • Bandori without Morfonica (without them this franchise is NOTHING‼️‼️‼️)
    • Putting a wiener in between the bumps on Peter Griffin's chin so it looks like a PE-- *blushes and runs away*
    • Weed-flavored baby formula
    • Flavorless gum
    • 100 gecs chipmunk covers Alvin feels so clean like a money machine
    • Black Sabbath Nightcore
    • Henry Danger shipping AMVs (Fr Nickelodeon I can assure you that no one is out here shipping Henry Danger characters)
    • Going to Saskatchewan (it doesn't exist)

    Comments[edit | edit source]

    dont give them ideas with that second one i s2g
    -- * ya pal Ace (talk) 03:18, 12 June 2021 (UTC)

    Smell o vision and then this movie comes on
    Mr stink.jpg
    Raichu's Endless Nights (talk) 10:21, 12 June 2021 (UTC)

    Dabbing as of 2019 (or 2020, whenever the trend died)

    Eh I think dabbing is still funny ironically
    -- Raichu's Endless Nights (talk) 21:15, 16 June 2021 (UTC)

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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.