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    Amazing frog facts that are completely true!!!

    I've come to make an announcement.jpg

    I've come to make an announcement!
    This page, Amazing frog facts that are completely true!!!, is officially owned by Moon Snail. Please do not edit it without asking for permission like a bitch-ass motherfucker, or they'll piss on the moon.

    Note: Please play this music for maximum effect.

    1. Frogs were invented in 1973 when scientists tried to compress lizards for easier storage.
    2. Despite what fairy tales might make you think, kissing a frog doesn't turn it into a handsome prince, and is considered rather disgusting. Wish I knew this ahead of time.
    3. The only scientific different between frogs and giraffes is that frogs actually do exist.
    4. There are four known types of frogs: Frog, Frog 2, Dry Frog (Toad?) and Honda Fit.
    5. 33 Screaming Frogs by Booze Rivers
    6. It is not recommended to go near the Poison Dart Frog, as it gets nervous during social interaction.
    7. The average frog's tongue is long enough to span across one frog tongue.
    8. Frogs are capable of telling what day of the week it is.
    9. Ding ding ding ding ding ding balala balala balala
    10. Lego frog
    11. When a frog is killed, the correct term for it is "fucking dead", not "deceased".
    12. If a frog turns hot pink, that means nothing.
    13. If you touch a frog, it deflates and makes a sound very similar to screaming.
      • Breaking character to say PLEASE don't actually touch a frog with dry hands in real life. Seriously. It burns them.
    14. .*Hands you a lego frog*
    15. .*Hands you a lego frog*
    16. .*Hands you a
    17. The largest frog ever recorded is this one named Benny, who is approximately 15 large.
    18. Chemicals that makes frogs gay do not exist, but I wish they did.
    19. Frogs know what you did.
    20. Little known fact, but frogs get along very well with onions, and will usually become friends within seconds. Some frogs are reported to even marry onions.
    21. Guys help why does my frog have a gun
    22. Please put that back it's dangerous
    23. No please spare my son he's all I have left
    24. Frogs are known to stack on top of each other. This is their practice for making it easier to take over the world.
    25. Frog
    26. Frog croaks are actually signals that the frog uses in an attempt to summon the dark lord Croacus. It's not working right now.
    27. The frog's famous throat sac is actually exclusive to male frogs. They use it to store some chicken nuggies for later.
    28. I bet you weren't expecting me, were ya? Turn your back for one second and I'm like WAZOO! Ninja skills!
    29. Frogs are really, REALLY good at Puyo Puyo. Have you ever tried to face one in a battle? You'll not soon forget.
    30. I just shit myself.

    These are all the facts I have right now. Wait for me to stare at my pet frog to absorb its knowledge to post more facts.

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