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    Amelia the Babysitter is an episode of Rubbadubbers.

    Characters[edit | edit source]

    • Tubb
    • Sploshy
    • Finbar
    • Terence
    • Winona
    • Reg
    • Amelia

    Roles[edit | edit source]

    Summary[edit | edit source]

    Amelia wishes she were in charge of everyone.

    Plot[edit | edit source]

    The episode starts off with the Rubbadubbers (except for Reg, who’s on lookout) playing babies, as in they’re lying down in cotton ball beds dressed in bonnets. There is a funny moment with Finbar, and he’s all worried that another shark is gonna see him laying in a baby’s bed, even though there are no other toy sharks in the bathroom. Amelia flies around the bathroom doing her usual flying tricks, and then splashes everybody. Everyone is unhappy with this and wants Amelia to stop flying around, but she answers “Um, no,” because they aren’t in charge, prompting Amelia to say “If only I was in charge” so that she’d tell them what to do.

    Amelia then arrives in a cloud world with lots of pink and blue and green and yellow clouds (the cotton balls we saw earlier in the bathroom.) Sploshy, the starfish, shouts out that she is boooored and demands that she tell her what to do. Babysitter Amelia’s a bit confused about being called “Babysitter” (mind you, no one ever called her Amelia throughout the whole segment) until she happily realises that she was in charge. Baby Sploshy then announces that she is boooored once again and demands to tell her what to do. Babysitter Amelia suggests that she go get her book from the cloud above her. However, said book is out of reach, so when Baby Sploshy whines like Caillou is about it (because she’s definitely a great role model on CBeebies/Nick Jr./Sprout/JimJam) while trying to get her book, Babysitter Amelia tries to get it (so she doesn’t fall), when she hears someone else crying.

    The cries turn out to be from Terence the crocodile, whose cloud is wet with rain. According to show writer Andrew Viner (who worked on several Rubbadubbers episodes, but not this episode, which is written by Marc Seal), the clouds in this episode represent nappies). So it’s not rain or water or spilled Smart Water from a sippy cup—TL:DR: Baby Terence actually weed in his nappy! Luckily, she only had to deal with wee in the episode, because if it was poo she was dealing with, she would have wished herself out of this in two seconds.) So Babysitter Amelia comes over to him and asks him if being wet is bad. Mind you, Babysitter, a kid you’re babysitting has wet himself, and you ask him if that’s bad! You do realise that he could get a rash from wading in it is for too long, right? Luckily, Baby Terence says that yes, that’s bad, because he absolutely hates being wet. While Babysitter Amelia tries her best to help Baby Terence as he splashes around in his wee (yes, you could actually hear his wee splash. Gross.), Baby Sploshy screams that she wants her book, prompting Babysitter Amelia to come to her and tell Baby Terence to keep hopping.

    Meanwhile, while she tries to deal with Baby Sploshy again, she finds two other babies fighting. The two babies, Finbar and Winona, have gotten into a hassle, because they’re sharing the same cloud. Babysitter Amelia wants them to share, but Baby Finbar refuses to, saying that he was here first, and it’s his cloud. While Babysitter Amelia scolds the two for pushing each other (couldn’t she just have taken someone to another cloud so they can be separated), she hears the last baby cry out “Help, help!” much to her dismay.

    The cries of “Help, help!” turn out to be from Tubb, who’s gotten his cloud nappy stuck onto his head. I still have wonders boggling around in my mind about how Baby Tubb got himself stuck (like he’d have to be really stupid to poke his head in the cloud like how an ostrich buries its head in the sand.) While Baby Winona and Baby Finbar and hanging from their cloud, Babysitter Amelia goes off to try to take the nappy off of Baby Tubb’s face—by pushing onto his head. That doesn’t work, as he is nearly decapitated in the process.

    Luckily and unluckily, Baby Sploshy cries out for help thanks to hanging onto her book’s cloud, preventing Babysitter Amelia from beheading Baby Tubb and keeping the show family-friendly. While she tries to deal with her, Baby Terence (who hasn’t gotten a rash at this point) can’t keep hopping, and everyone is now demanding her, and it becomes full blown chaos.

    Babysitter Amelia ends up being overwhelmed and asks “Why do I have to be in charge?” even though the answer is because she asked for it. Also, none of the babies have mummies or daddies who are coming back at any time, so she may as well be their adoptive mum. After so much chaos, she yells at all the babies to be quiet, which shuts them up. Babysitter Amelia then sings a song (songs besides the theme song are quite rare in this show) about how it’s not easy being in charge. Suddenly, Baby Sploshy falls, but in a moment of awesome, Babysitter Amelia saves her.

    Right after, she helps the babies out with their problems. Babysitter Amelia takes the cloud nappy off of Baby Tubb’s head by blowing on it with her propeller, changes Baby Terence’s wet cloud nappy by drying him up with her propeller (she could have also given him a potty so that he won’t have to be wet anymore), and separates Baby Finbar and Baby Winona by blowing onto their cloud with her propeller. That’s right, out of the five problems in this episode, four of them were solved with the propeller.

    After everyone is happy and Babysitter Amelia is pooped (stop snickering, she meant she was tired), Baby Tubb becomes the only polite baby in this episode by saying “Thank you, Babysitter.” I am so proud of him for doing this, and these words are coming from one of the antagonists of the “if only" segment. However, Baby Sploshy is still bored and everyone starts demanding Babysitter Amelia to tell them what to do again, causing her to correct their behaviors. Just kidding. I kinda wish that happened, though. After being in chaos once again, she reverses her wish.

    Amelia is sent back to the bathroom, where she wants to get some rest. The other Rubbadubbers try to convince Amelia to keep flying and to be in charge, but Amelia would rather be in a bed playing babies than do that. However, Reg screams that the children are coming and it’s bath time scramble, allowing Amelia to finally have some “Baby Amelia time” by snuggling up in a bed and falling asleep.

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • The clouds in this episode represent nappies. Because oh yay, wouldn't be a baby episode without a nappy joke.
    • Moral: Use condoms or else you will have kids that will make your life awful.

    Video[edit | edit source]

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