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    An Alternate Ending to Tubb the Pirate

    • Terence: Err, Rusty Red, we're running out of cannonballs.
    • Reg: Oh, no! (He throws his crutch at them and and then falls into the sand.)
    • Tubb(chuckles) They're running out of cannonballs.
    • Sploshy: Yay! (giggles)
    • Finbar: Aaah, that means I won't get any dessert, arr, arr, arr.
    • Tubb: Eating those cannonballs was a swimmin' thing to do, Finbar.
    • Finbar: Swimmin', but mighty scary.
    • Tubb: But that's OK, everyone gets scared sometimes; but you can still be brave, Fearless Finbar. We're gonna check to see what's inside that treasure chest. Come on buccaneers, let's go get that treasure!
    • (all head back to the island and get the treasure and load it back on their ship).
    • Finbar: I wonder what's inside that arr, arr, arr, treasure chest.
    • (Sploshy opens the chest and Tubb is excited to see what's in it).
    • Tubb: (gasps) A bunch of gold doubloons.
    • Sploshy: Some extremely rare gems.
    • Finbar: And a picture of arr, arr, arr, Amelia's island and she's got a whole bunch of treasure chests buried.
    • Sploshy: I wonder how many chests we can hoard and bring back home?
    • Tubb: To Amelia's island!
    • All: Ha-har!
    • (Tubb sails his ship and only to find another storm.)
    • Tubb: Uh-oh! Another storm came!
    • Finbar: And it's even stronger than the arr, arr, arr, last one.
    • Sploshy: What if we don't go see Amelia's island and find her treasure? Then, we won't be satisfied with our treasure collection?
    • Finbar: It's gonna be arr, arr, arr, OK.
    • (the storm was so strong that the waves placed the ship elsewhere.)
    • Tubb: Ohh, I think we've reached Amelia's island.
    • Finbar: But's that's too large to be an arr arr arr, island.
    • Sploshy: Yeah, and there aren't even any X's marked, but let's check it out anyway.]
    • Sploshy and Finbar: Ha-har!
    • (Tubb, Sploshy, and Finbar arrive on the shore).
    • Finbar: Tubb, I don't think I see any arr, arr, arr, treasure here.
    • Sploshy: Maybe there is an X somehwere more inland.
    • Tubb: Maybe there is one. We'll just have to check somewhere else.
    • Pumbaa: (the trio hear a warthog calling for them in a reverberant voice from the distance) Hey, you three, come over here!!
    • Tubb: Ooh, who could this be?
    • Finbar: I don't know, let's find out and see who it is.
    • (they all run up to the warthog calling them over).
    • Sploshy: Hey guys, I was wondering who you are.
    • Timon: Yeah, my buddy, Pumbaa, wanted to find out what you guys are.
    • Tubb: My name is Tubb, and these are my buccaneers, Sploshy (Sploshy: Hello!), and Finbar (Finbar: nice meeting you).
    • Timon: Great, I am Timon, and this here is my pal, Pumbaa.
    • Pumbaa: I was wondering how you all came to this beach?.
    • Tubb: We were looking for some treasure.
    • Timon: Treasure, eh? We've got treasure for you three, just follow us.
    • (Tubb walks solo as Timon rides Finbar and Sploshy rides Pumbaa within miles and miles of forest, jungles, and plains)
    • Sploshy: What is this treasure?
    • Timon: Look here!
    • Finbar: (gasps) A, arr, arr, arr, a lioness giving birth, arr, arr, arr.
    • (meanwhile, Timon and Pumbaa are witnessing the birth of Kiara at Pride Rock.)
    • Tubb: Who needs treasure chests when you can have a baby lion arriving? Oh, if only we had an event like this again.
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