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    An Alternate Ending to Tubb the Pirate (Madi's Version)

    • (Tubb and Sploshy get on their ship and Finbar emerges into the water.)
    • Finbar: I told you they were scary.
    • Reg: Fire! (Terence fires a cannon.)
    • Tubb, Sploshy, and Finbar: Whoa!
    • Reg: Fire! (Terence fires again.)
    • (The cannon firing continues.)
    • Tubb: Oh, no! What if they hit the boat? We'll sink.
    • Sploshy: And then we'll be eaten by sharks. Sharks eat anything!
    • (A cannonball actually hits the ship, and they scream like little girls.)
    • Tubb: Oh, no! We’ve been hit!
    • Sploshy: Abandon ship!
    • Tubb: I want my mummy, and I wish someone would save us and eat cannonballs.
    • Finbar: Cannonballs? Arr. Arr, arr. I wonder.
    • (Finbar swims up to Tubb and Sploshy.)
    • Finbar: Come on, hop on my back!
    • (Everyone gets off the ship and onto Fearless Finbar’s back.)
    • Tubb: Yes! Fearless Finbar, you’re saving us!
    • Reg: Fire! (Terence fires cannonball, but only to have it eaten by Finbar.)
    • Finbar: (says "Arr" and crunches the cannonball simultaneously) Mmmm, tasty!
    • Tubb: Did you see that?
    • Reg: Fire! (Terence continues firing the cannonballs, but still, only for Finbar to consume them.)
    • Sploshy: (giggles) Told you they eat anything. (giggles)
    • Terence: Err, Rusty Red, we're running out of cannonballs.
    • Reg: Oh, no! (He throws his crutch at them and then falls into the sand.)
    • (Finbar takes his friends to the island.)
    • Tubb: (chuckles) They're running out of cannonballs.
    • Sploshy: Yay! (giggles)
    • Finbar: Aaah, that means I won't get any dessert, arr, arr, arr.
    • Tubb: Eating those cannonballs was a swimmin' thing to do, Finbar.
    • Finbar: Swimmin', but mighty scary.
    • Tubb: But that's OK, everyone gets scared sometimes; but you can still be brave, Fearless Finbar.
    • Sploshy: Yeah, except now we don't have a ship.
    • Tubb: And now... we're probably gonna stay on this island... forever.
    • (Tubb breaks down crying.)
    • Sploshy: Captain, don't cry.
    • Finbar: Relax, Captain. Everything will be okay.
    • Tubb: (sniffles) Well...  I guess...
    • (Rusty Red and Terrible Terence show up and confront the good guys.)
    • Reg: I thought I told you to get off of our island!
    • Terence: Yeah, no rivals allowed!
    • (Everyone slowly backs away from the rivals.)
    • Tubb: Are they crazy? We don’t have a boat anymore! What should we do?
    • Finbar: (to Tubb) Um, well, we probably shouldn’t listen to them. We've got no choice but to live on the island now.
    • Tubb: You know, Finbar, you’re right. Pfft, if only I was as brave as you.
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