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    Ash at the peak of his success
    Ash Ketchum
    is very dumb, where he has an IQ of 23. He used to have an IQ of 24, yet this fell a bit in PokemonNever. He also travels everywhere with his Pikachu, who is evil yet it is somehow hypnotized by his stupidity sometimes. He doesn't lose often in the show, since most of his friends or rivals or whatthehellever either have even lower IQs then him or have too many friends or rivals or whatthehellever themselves. He is also the star of Ash's Idiotic Adventures, hence the title. There he is the main idiot, doing very stupid stuff, hence the word idiot. His goal is to become the Pokemon Master, as he already went through seven regions and is currently travelling to many different regions all over the Pokemon World, including his eighth one. He has an evil twin known as Ash Ketchup.

    So far, he has collected a ridiculous amount of badges, which he has obtained from beating Gym Leaders and is a six-time loser in the Pokemon League. However, he ended that streak when he won the Alola League (yay).

    List of his Pokémon[edit | edit source]

    Team Status
    In rotation 025 Pikachu.gif 149 Dragonite.gif 094 Gengar.gif 448 Lucario.gif 865 Sirfetch'd.gif 882 Dracovish.gif
    Oak's Lab 001 Bulbasaur.gif 006 Charizard.gif File:099 Kingler.gif File:128 Tauros.gif (x30) File:089 Muk.gif 143 Snorlax.gif File:153 Bayleef.gif File:156 Quilava.gif 158 Totodile.gif File:164 Noctowl Shiny.gif File:214 Heracross.gif File:232 Donphan.gif File:277 Swellow.gif File:254 Sceptile.gif File:324 Torkoal.gif 341 Corphish.gif File:362 Glalie.gif File:389 Torterra.gif File:392 Infernape.gif File:398 Staraptor.gif File:418 Buizel.gif 443 Gible.gif File:521 Unfezant Female.gif File:501 Oshawott.gif File:499 Pignite.gif File:495 Snivy.gif File:559 Scraggy.gif File:542 Leavanny.gif File:536 Palpitoad.gif File:525 Boldore.gif File:553 Krookodile.gif File:663 Talonflame.gif File:701 Hawlucha.gif File:715 Noivern.gif
    Cerise Lab File:122 Mr. Mime.gif
    Kukui's house File:722 Rowlet.gif File:727 Incineroar.gif File:809 Melmetal.gif File:745 Lycanroc Dusk.gif
    Released 012 Butterfree.gif File:018 Pidgeot.gif File:131 Lapras.gif658 Greninja Ash.gif File:706 Goodra.gif File:804 Naganadel.gif
    Given away File:057 Primeape.gif File:015 Beedrill.gif
    Traded away File:020 Raticate.gif File:190 Aipom.gif
    With someone else File:007 Squirtle.gif

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • His last name is a pun on "Catch 'em," yet he caught very few out of nearly 900 Pokemon and nobody cares.
    • He has a brain problem that corrupts his speech and causes him to speak wrong. e.g. "Do u liekz Mudkipz, Mishtyz?"
    • He is on the world's ten biggest idiots list and is wanted by P.E.T.P. (the P.E.T.A. for Pokemon) for cruelty to Pokemon.
    • Despite being dumb, Ash is quite good at playing Xylophones and Triangles. He is also good at telling the difference between Cow and Miltank milk. This is probably where all his braincells go.
    • Ash is also very good at drawing, as he drew a Dewgong once.
      Ash Dewgong Drawing.png
       though the drawing was insulted by someone named Angie.
    • Ash promised to return to Pidgeot after finishing up the Orange Island, but he never did. And he made that promise over 20 years back!
    • Ash is extremely strong, being able to carry a Larvitar and a Cosmoem without any effort.
    • The only Pokémon trainer with an IQ that dives into the negatives is Cameron. Dumbass thought that the Unova League was located in Johto.
    • He thinks that Arbok evolves into Seviper, which is, of course, WRRRRRROOOONNNNNGGGG!!!!
    • He simply HAS to twist his hat around backward before throwing a Poké Ball at a Pokémon.

    Comments[edit | edit source]

    ash ketchum so fat he burger
    -- Scary Wallpaper, the Wallpaper (talk) 01:25, 30 September 2021 (UTC)

    ash so fat!!! we should call him fatASH!!!!!
    -- Bruh Funny (talk) 01:34, 30 September 2021 (UTC)

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