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    Character Suketoudara PuyoPuyoeSports.png
    "Try not to fall in love!"
    Suketoudara has diagnosed Baby Tubb with AWESOME. Quite the high honor.
    That implies that this page is somehow more AWESOME than fried chicken, or baked chicken, or live chickens, or... or... *runs out of breath*
    ...Yeah, this page rules.
    Everyone who's proud of Baby Tubb's politeness has given Baby Tubb a LEGO toad!

    Baby Tubb is the best polite baby.png

    Thank you, self. That was swimmin'!
    This page has been approved by Baby Tubb and he thanks you for making this page exist.

    Top Hat ingame.PNG.png

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    Baby Tubb
    Baby Tubb is the best polite baby.png
    Background information
    Feature films
    Television programs Rubbadubbers
    Video games
    Park attractions
    Portrayed by
    Portrayed by
    Voice John Gordon Sinclair
    Performance model
    Honors and awards
    Character information
    Full name
    Other names
    Personality Cute, childlike, sensitive, kind, fun-loving
    Home The Cloud World
    Relatives Baby Sploshy, Baby Winona, Baby Finbar, Baby Terence (presumed adoptive siblings)<br>Babysitter Amelia (presumed adoptive mother)
    Allies Baby Sploshy, Baby Winona, Baby Finbar, Baby Terence, Babysitter Amelia
    Likes His babysitter, thanking his babysitter, being polite
    Dislikes Being stuck in his cloud, the other babies fighting, impoliteness
    Quote "Thank you, Babysitter. That was swimmin'!"

    Baby Tubb is a baby who somehow got his head stuck in his cloud. My mind still boggles on how he got stuck. When he got unstuck, he is a polite baby frog. He said thank you to his babysitter and knows his manners. We're proud of him. Everyone on this wiki is proud of him. He is such a goody two (lack thereof) shoes. In the Random Region, Baby Tubb lives in Softdrift and has won several awards for his politeness. Baby Tubb is generally a really well-behaved kid who doesn't cry or scream or shit his pants.

    Comments[edit | edit source]

    Could I add a little bit on the page about Softdrift that he lives there? I have other sections about notable people and if he's won awards for being polite he should definitely count.
    -- Raichu's Endless Nights (talk) 09:01, 2 December 2021 (UTC)

    Go right ahead :)
    -- HooplaTheFish (talk) 02:28, 7 December 2021 (UTC)

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