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    Balkra is a large landlocked provinstate on Trollface Island that is located near the south, surrounded by provinstates such as Dinklepingas, Droscher Valleys, Lerand and Central Provinstate. Balkra is considered the flagship stronghold of Australian culture in the Random Region, with Vegemite, Australian accents and slang, people driving on the left, barbies, swag, Vegemite again, and some other seventh thing all being found in great abundance. Balkra is one of the largest, most populous, and most influential provinstates, and it is home to Glitzopolis, the third-largest city in the country.

    Locations[edit | edit source]

    Cities/Towns[edit | edit source]

    • Glitzopolis, the iconic capital and largest city.
    • HollyBo
    • Silly Hills
    • Mambara, a town known for its large and fascinating bird population.
    • Solerdar
    • Wrola, a town known for being particularly windy.
    • Manitoba, a riverside town made famous by Kent Logan's filmwork.

    Natural Areas[edit | edit source]

    • Dakota Hills (near Silly Hills)
    • Solerdar National Park
    • Stevens Creek
    • Remosat Reserve

    Landmarks[edit | edit source]

    Celebrities and Famous People[edit | edit source]

    Media[edit | edit source]

    Balkra airs a variety of media, such as Orbit (the provinstate's main network). Other existing networks also air in the provinstate.

    Crimes[edit | edit source]

    Oh, you like true crime? I'll tell you a true crime: Crabfest still isn't back at Red Lobster.

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • Balkra uses the ACB (Australian Classification Board) to rate movies, shows and games.
    • The provinstate’s most common pets are rabbits.
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