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    Welp, it was gonna happen eventually (Retirement announcement)

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    Moon Snail

    So. It's been a long while, hasn't it? Almost ten years since I've joined this community, back in March of 2012. Almost ten years of Moon Snail branded randomness. Ten years of laughs, ten years of tears, ten years of hugs, ten years of cringe, ten years of hopes, ten years of dreams... Ten years of me. Moon Snail. Amazing to think that I've been with this place through thick and thin. Through its best moments (Its early years of fun times, the RNW veteran reunion of 2018, the discord roleplays), and the worst moments (The many near deaths of the community, the shutdown of the original website, the weeb we do not speak of). It doesn't feel like it's been that long, but it has. These ten years have been very, very important to me.

    But like all good things, it must come to an end.

    That's right. Later this month, I am officially leaving the RNW community. It's been fun, I love you all, but now, I must move on to greener pastures. I have to leave the nest one day, and that day will be soon.

    Why am I leaving?[edit source]

    A few reasons.

    • Firstly, I'm an adult. I'm nearing my 22nd birthday. I have a job and responsibilities now, and I can't stay with my hobbies like I used to. Distractions like this won't help me at all, and even outside of that, I still don't have all the free time in the world. Put simply, I'm not as free as I was ten years ago.
    • I just haven't connected to the community very much. I often go whole months not talking to anyone in this group. My closest friend from the group (Klug) has been gone from here since 2021, and has no plans to ever return. I have been talking to him every day, but at this point it's in spite of our time from RNW, rather than because of it.
    • My creative endeavors are elsewhere. My projects nowadays are in different places, and I've basically abandoned everything I had here. My most beloved projects were retooled into other things, and I've also been working on things entirely separate from this community. This place has inspired my writing style heavily, and I'm glad that I could use what I've learned on my stuff today.
    • Lastly, the community itself has just been... Dead. The wiki has some activity, but the discord, the place I mainly do RNW things on, goes inactive for weeks, and that's only broken up by about five messages in one day. I haven't been engaging in content here at all, and there's nothing TO engage with. All attempts at reviving it have been unsuccessful. I know me leaving won't help at all, but that's just how it is. Leaving the ship while it's sinking.

    Will I ever return?[edit source]

    Honestly? Probably at some point. If this place has another rejuvenation, then I'll gladly come back to say hello to everyone, even if I still won't be as active as I once was. But for now, this place has basically nothing for me. If things get more active, hit me up (Somewhere outside of Miraheze, tho. I won't use this account after my retirement) and I'll make my return.

    When WILL you be retiring?[edit source]

    My current plan is March 16th. This will be after my birthday, after RNW's 12th anniversary, and after my 10th RNWversary, which I think was March 11th. I'll celebrate those, since they're so close together, THEN I'll leave on a happy note. Our last memories will be smiles.

    Can I keep in contact with you?[edit source]

    Sure thing. Send me a message, and if I recognize you and have a close connection with you, I'll give you some contact info, such as my Twitter, my Instagram, and my Discord if you don't already know it.

    Who will I pass the torch to?[edit source]

    Last but certainly not least, I've been the de-facto leader of RNW for probably since 2020. I'm the owner of the discord server, after all. When I leave, who will I leave the helm? Who can fill in my shoes? Honestly? I don't really know. But I've still got eight days to decide who. If you have any ideas, you can suggest them. But for now, I think a good way to handle it is to not really have a leader. A few people can be in charge, but there's no head honcho. The Discord server has to have an owner, but that will just be a role, not an extension of one big leader.

    Closing notes[edit source]

    Random-ness Wiki's effects on me cannot be understated. I practically grew up on this place. It's helped me find my closest friend. It's helped me find my favorite video game franchise. It's helped me find a part of me I would be without if it weren't for this place. It's helped me... Be me. Moon Snail. While RNW will soon not be a part of my life, it will never truly be gone from me. It's a crucial chapter of my life that will not be forgotten.

    "I'll never forget you!"
    -Puyo Puyo Tetris

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