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    Why all the How To pages have been protected. If you regularly edit them, read this, even if you ignored other ones. This has answers.

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    Concerns about things getting banned in the Random Region
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    You will have probably noticed all of the How To pages have been protected from editing permanantly. This is because they have been edited much too frequently, commonly by users whose entire activity on this wiki is editing these pages, or pages related to them such as script pages.

    This is not How To Make X Things Y Wiki. This is Random-ness Wiki. We have several other projects going on. If you have been coming on the wiki every day or on a regular basis to only edit pages starting with How To, or anything to do with the words Bad, Good, Better or Worse (or Scarier or Not Scarier) you are not getting the fullest enjoyment from this wiki. In fact, you are getting very little. It's the truth. Constant editing of the How To pages have made other contributors (me being one of them) unmotivated to share their ideas, because they are ten times out of ten pushed down by daily editing and constant adjustments to these pages. This makes it look even more like this is How To Make X Things Y Wiki by those uninformed, which is the opposite of what we want.

    We have also grown increasingly suspicious that these pages are getting directly involved with Reception Wikis, which Random-Ness Wiki is not a part of, or involved with, in any way shape or form. Evidence for this includes the fact there was only a 'cancelled' page for movies, when there is also only a 'cancelled' wiki on Qualitipedia, and the pages involving bad toys directly lining up, with no change or difference of opinion, with the recent 'Upsetting Toys Wiki'.

    More concerning was the fact a 'bad fandoms' page was regularly edited, with solutions bordering on death threats and harassment. The corresponding reception wiki was banned off Miraheze for policy violations. That page could have gotten us in serious trouble, and we hadn't even contributed. This is beyond reception wiki and into 'outcast network' zone, which we condemn.

    We would like you to understand that this wiki is not involved with Reception Wikis just because we are both hosted on Miraheze. Miraheze does not equal reception wiki. We don't have to be involved with them if we don't want to. We don't want to, so we shouldn't have to be forced into it by people who do. Miraheze is not one big reception wiki, and other wikis don't have to comply with reception wikis.

    Do not make any more How To Make X Things Y pages about any subject, either new ones or ones to circumnavigate the protection. Sanctions will be applied if you do. If you must continue, it is the suggestion of the admins you request your own 'How To Make X Things Y Wiki'. Do not ask, beg, demand, or threaten us to unprotect these pages. It won't work. You can do more to actually contribute to the wiki, or you can leave, because if this is all you really want to do, this is not the right wiki.

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