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    Caillou Throws a Tantrum and Gets Grounded (not clickbait must read!!)

    This page or section belongs to Pancakes, so please don't edit it without their permission. If it's unfinished, they're working really hard on it and have specific visions for it, even if doesn't look like it. They'll get around to it. Eventually.
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    This page contains content that is satirical in nature. Please don't take it seriously, as it isn't meant to genuinely offend anyone.
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    This page has been taken over by Chiny the cat (pronounced like Chinese but without the se). What does this mean? I don't really know.
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    This article is about an inside joke shared between multiple RNW users. You can help out with this article by adding absolutely nothing to it unless you're in on the joke.

    Caillou Throws a Tantrum and Gets Grounded is the 389,981,284,028,387,398,287,083rd episode of Caillou Gets Grounded The Series 5083 Part 7 Director's Cut New 23DSXL & Knuckles Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series and Funky Mode. What do you mean you doubt that's an actual thing? How dare you. That's it, you're...well, we'll save that for later.

    Charactas!!!!!!!!!![edit | edit source]

    • Caillou (duh!)
    • Boris
    • Doris
    • Rosie
    • Gilbert tha cat
    • Your mom
    • Fatty Spins (i think you can predict what's going to happen)
    • The Caramella Girls
    • The guy from Squid Game
    • Mario
    • Luigi
    • SpongeBob
    • Patrick
    • Timmy Turner
    • Slenderman
    • My legit ocs such as the superhero one (i don't know)
    • A whole bunch of generic looking people in hoodies, headphones, crowns etc you know what the GoAnimate character creator is like
    • Nematodes
    • Buddy the elf
    • The skater ocs
    • The herd of buffalo
    • Drew Pickles
    • Ecto from Moshi Monsters
    • Raffy, also from Moshi Monsters
    • Quaxly
    • Fuecoco
    • Sprigagito
    • Chocolate Grain
    • DreamTDM.exe
    • Kai
    • Pancakes

    Words[edit | edit source]

    • caillou: i'm going to
    • boris: oh oh oh oh oh oh oh kayloo how dare you that's it you're-
    • caillou: bruh i haven't even done anything yet
    • boris: shite
    • (screen goes black for approximately three and a half seconds)
    • boris: ok caillou we're going to the store
    • caillou: ok
    • boris: caillou don't say ok you're supposed to whine about it and be a brat everyone expects that of you and if you're not going to give them what they want that's more than a bit rude
    • caillou: bruh
    • (they go to some unlabelled store or something i don't know the exact details looks like a convenience store thing)
    • caillou: can i have this (shows his dad a little teddy bear that's like one quid)
    • boris: that's too expensive have these instead (shows him an extremely expensive packet of cigarettes)
    • caillou: dad smoking is bad for me and i'm canonically four years old it's like you want me to get grounded or something
    • boris: caillou smoke the cigarettes or you're grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded for 999999999999 years
    • caillou: no i'm not smoking them they're bad for me and it's illegal
    • boris: get in the fucking car we're going home after your prissy fucking tantrum
    • caillou: bruh
    • (in the car)
    • boris: aren't you going to start crying and beg for us to go back and that you're sorry, to which i'll say your apology isn't accepted and we can't go back for it since you've blown it and you're in trouble? oh shit we're home already nvm
    • (in the house and the living room background, scary music starts playing, boris doris and for some reason rosie and gilbert who is just that white cartoon classics cat are all angry, caillou is standing looking bored even when it's really loud and there's fire effects and shit)
    • boris: (in that one weird deep voice) oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh kayloo
    • caillou: you can't even say my name right?
    • boris: you don't deserve to be named right and where was i BEFORE YOU RUDELY INTERRUPTED ME how dare you throw a tantrum at the store because i wouldn't buy you that teddy bear
    • caillou: that's clearly not what happened
    • boris: shut, where was i BEFORE YOU RUDELY INTERRUPTED ME that's it you're grounded grounded grounded for pi without the point years, that means no everything i physically cannot be arsed to say every individual thing you can't have anymore since the list is exponentional. your life is over basically and i'm calling a bunch of people to ground you in a field
    • caillou: i thought that only happened in fake vhs opening videos
    • boris: they've expanded their business
    • (on the field)
    • boris: here's all the people here to ground you even though you already have been it's just an insult to make you feel worse
    • the generic hoodie people: grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded
    • boris: wait you're not the generic people! you're nematodes!
    • nematodes: hungry hungry hungry hungry hungry hungry (eat the field)
    • the guy from squid game: help me i can't cut the umbrella out from the honeycomb :(
    • chocolate grain: the amount of sugar will drive you insane
    • buddy the elf: ooh i want sugar!!
    • skater ocs: come on buddy we don't have time for this we're breaking into the moulin rouge
    • herd of buffalo: (trample buddy)
    • skater ocs: shite
    • caramella girls: Vi undrar, är ni redo att vara med? Armarna upp, nu ska ni få se Kom igen Vem som helst kan vara med (vara med)
    • drew pickles: dildus
    • quaxly, fuecoco and sprigagito: we literally just got invented three days ago why are we here
    • ecto: i just downloaded raffy's nft and now i own it too
    • raffy the moshling: i'm glad, nfts suck they ruin the environment for no purpose, i'm not an nft anymore and i didn't ask to be
    • timmy turner: shits on the movie screen
    • luigi: wtf
    • mario: this is not okie dokie
    • slenderman:
    • dreamtdm.exe: omg so relatable
    • patrick: careful spongebob, careful spongebob, CAREFUL SPONGEBOB, CAREFUL SPONGEBOB, CAREFUL SPOOOONGEBOOOOB
    • fatty spins: we don't even have to say what we're about to carry out it's obvious
    • your mom: this is the 50th time this week
    • boris: for fucks sake you guys had one job and it was to ground caillou or at least call him out
    • dreamtdm.exe: what if we didn't want to
    • boris: bunch of nitwits...nevermind if nobody else is going to punish him i'll just have to bring out my secret weapon, an application that both club penguin users and the goanimate community use! >:D
    • caillou: you don't mean
    • boris: YES I DO MEAN
    • application: this program is not compatible with your device
    • caillou: guess it's a good time to reveal my true identity
    • boris: what????
    • (caillou transforms)
    • everyone: kai????
    • kai: yeah
    • boris: but how? i thought the point was you were created a shit ton of time after caillou was over
    • kai: time and space did something weird
    • ecto: time travel huh
    • dreamtdm.exe: oh shit-
    • pancakes: the end this was weird

    Comments[edit | edit source]

    hot story i give it an eleventy twelve thousand billion out of ten
    -- linkin park numb nightcore (talk) 19:27, 2 March 2022 (UTC)

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