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    Chester (character, VHS Revolution)

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    This page is related to the VHS Revolution home system which is an idea by Raichu's Endless Nights. Details about it are likely still being worked on.
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    Background information
    Feature films A Neon Night in Sunset City
    Television programs
    Video games
    Park attractions
    Portrayed by
    Portrayed by
    Performance model
    Honors and awards
    Character information
    Full name
    Other names
    Personality Smart, resourceful, adaptable, but initially unsociable
    Allies Cloud (as the story progresses)
    Enemies The Medieval people at the beginning of the film

    Chester is one of the two main characters of the VHS Revolution and DVD film A Neon Night in Sunset City. He is a time and space traveler.

    Appearance[edit | edit source]

    Chester has black, slightly fluffy hair and blue-ish purple eyes, and wears a black and purple striped shirt with a grey zip hoodie overtop, black ripped jeans, and light purple high tops. (While not shown, he wears grey socks as well). Around his neck he wears a long white scarf and on his forehead (when they aren't in use) he wears purple goggles with a galaxy tint in the lenses, which is almost identical to the pattern in his interdimensional cane. The tip of his cane fades blue, purple, orange and yellow because of the high amount of power inside it.

    The scarf Chester wears is the last remenant he has of his mother.

    Personality[edit | edit source]

    Because of the length of time he's spent traveling from one universe to the other, Chester has learnt to be resourceful. He was already fairly smart before, as he was the apprentice of a prolific inventor, but his circumstances made him even more so. Whatever dangerous or tricky situation or environment he finds himself in, he manages to find a way past it eventually with a combination of skill and a bit of luck.

    However, he hasn't been able to maintain any friends because of how he has to leave them after a few days or even one day, and they can't risk going with him as they can never go back. This has lead to him actively isolating himself when he goes somewhere new and interacting with as few people as possible and not drawing attention to himself, which can be hard for him if he goes to a non modern universe or time because of his modern looking clothes and advanced cane.

    As he has to cut himself off from people, it makes him have to come up with excuses or push people away. This hurts him because he had a lot of friends before being caught in his situation and he wants to be friends with people - even have a boyfriend - but he can't.

    Function of his cane[edit | edit source]

    The interdimensional cane is absolutely essential to Chester's survival. While he goes to another universe, the power inside is charging up. It takes between one to three days to charge enough to blast into a portal in those exact increments (24, 48 or 72 hours). When fully charged, it glows and vibrates like a phone getting a message. Once this happens, Chester has to make the portal with it and leave the universe within an hour or the battery will break and he'll be stuck where he is without a chance to escape. It was intended to be able to make portals to anywhere and without restriction, but it wasn't finished when he got stuck travelling.

    Aside from portal capabilites, it also has elemental functions (fire, water, wind, ice, etc) and gravity manipulation. He can only do one of these things every ten minutes, also due to it being unfinished. He can't store up this, for example he couldn't wait 20 and do two of them, after 20 minutes he could one but have to wait ten more for a second one. Strangely, if the dimensional power ever died on his cane, these element and gravity powers would be retained.

    This cane is one of a kind, and even if he went to a universe with advanced technology, they likely couldn't remove the restrictions because his mentor made it in a different way and any other modifications would make it malfunctions. Besides, he wouldn't trust anyone else with it. If he got it stolen or even taken away at the wrong time, especially in an aggressive universe, it could spell doom for him.

    The shape was chosen to be a cane so it wouldn't look completely out of place, though it does have a galaxy effect and a faded tip. It was invented by Chester's mentor/adopted mother as a present but an accident while testing it before the final modifications made him get stuck in this loop. His goggles were also made by her at the same time, which is why they have the same galaxy pattern, but they don't have any special function as they weren't completely finished either.

    Backstory[edit | edit source]

    (Partial for now until I think of more details)

    Up until he was almost six, Chester lived a very normal and happy life with his mother, father, and older sister, until in an unlucky and incredibly unfortunate accident, the three of them were killed and Chester was left clinging onto life, but just barely survived. When he physically recovered, he was due to be transferred to an orphanage because he didn't have any other family to look after him, but he was adopted by an inventor who had no spouse and couldn't have children, but desperately wanted one.

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