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    Choerryism's Media Refinement Corner

    "I'm not hugging you, I'm just checking you're not trying to sneak anything else out!"
    Choerryism's Media Refinement Corner belongs to Nitzan. Don't be sneaky and edit it without her permission or else you will be apprehended for your crimes and interrogated by the Strawberry Overlord.
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    This is the page where I take shows and uh. State what I'd do with them if I were in charge I guess.

    Why did I make this page? Cuz I don't like the How to Make Bad TV Shows Good page. It's too repetitive and I don't wanna edit it anymore. So if I feel like doing that kinda thing, I'll go to this page or whateva.

    Oh, and just because a piece of media is on here doesn't mean I think it sucks. Let's make that clear.

    Chuck's Choice[edit | edit source]

    • The show is still done by Wildbrain (then DHX Media), but the art style is slightly changed. The white circles are removed from the eyes of the human characters because they freak me out. I'll probably draw out new designs for the characters soon, but I'm insanely lazy #bruhmoment
    • The show is still comedic, but it has a serious backdrop with heavy amounts of character development and lots of overarching lore. It would require lots of continuity in order to be understood. TL;DR - it is plot driven as hell.
      • I say this as someone who usually hates plot-driven shows that require crap-tons of continuity to understand, but by god the slice of life plot can only work for so long for a show like this.
        • The show does have lore, but it is barely elaborated upon, which is a major problem. Who the hell would prefer irrelevant toilet humor that goes fucking nowhere and barely ever advances the plot over enticing worldbuilding? WildBrain what the HELL were you thinking
    • It still airs on YTV, but it runs for 2 or 3 seasons so the loose plot threads can be resolved in a way that is unrushed and comes naturally.
    • To better suit the tone of the show, the theme song has more of a pop + rock crossover feel to it with more energetic vocals. The lyrics still stay the same, though.
    • Remove a good deal of the gross-out humor, like the scene where Chuck admits he deliberately gave himself gangrene from "Spirit of the Ce(dar)son" and the headlice subplot from "We've Got Spirit".
      • The school assembly subplot could've worked just fine without the headlice thing. Trust me.
    • The show has a little bit more references to Canadian pop culture, which makes sense because this show is from Canada.
      • For example, the skunk president subplot from "Abraham Stinkin'" is changed so the animal becomes the Prime Minister instead.
        • The location of Cedar Hills is less ambiguous (I mean, the characters have Canadian accents and the place they live in has a presidency). It is revealed in one episode to be located somewhere in Alberta.
    • Reveal how Chuck was chosen to be the new Decider instead of completely sweeping it under the rug.
      • The first episode is about Chuck becoming the new Decider after a neurotic Borkle forfeits the position.
    • Remember that thing about character development I mentioned earlier? Yeah. It's time to talk about that. Let's go!
      • At the beginning of the series, Chuck is very laid-back and impulsive (like how he is in the actual show). He doesn't take his new powers seriously and uses them solely for his own benefit, much to the chagrin of both Misha and UD. As the series progresses, he becomes more analytical, responsible and smart, but still needs to be kept in line every once in a while. The decisions he makes go on to become more beneficial to not just him, but those around him as well.
      • Initially, Misha is still well-meaning, smart and strong, but also very brash, impatient and pushy due to Chuck's perpetual incompitence. As he matures, the pushy aspect of her personality begins to fade away and she slowly begins to understand him a little more as they become closer friends. Her combat abilities also improve significantly as the series goes on.
      • Initially, UD is very apprehensive about not just being paired with Chuck, but also Earth's culture and customs. He often makes baseless assumptions about Earth and is quite pessimistic and snippy to humans (including Chuck and Misha), which comes off as offensive. He becomes nicer and more open-minded as the series goes on, but still has lots to learn about Earth.
    • The Misha swimsuit choice from "Maid in Cedar Hills" is removed completely. For one, it was totally unnecessary! And to add insult to injury, she's a kid, so the joke was in extremely poor taste. It makes me so unbelievably furious just thinking about it. *sigh* Anyway, moving on...
    • Norm is less of a one-dimensional weirdo. Re-write him as an antagonistic, jock-like popular high schooler who often pranks Chuck and picks fights with him for petty reasons. He would also try to sound smart when he speaks, when in reality he has no idea what he's talking about and is very dull. He would also very secretive about his love for LARPing and goes to embarrassing lengths to hide it.
      • This all comes crashing down in "In Space, Norman Can Hear You Scream", since that entire episode is about LARPing.
    • Make Norm, Borkle and Mishina re-occurring antagonists. A dark manifestation of the McFarlane Curse also appears as an antagonist.
    • Misha's pet fish, Ariana, makes occasional appearances instead of being a one-off that was all totally forgotten about.
    • Wipe "Grown-Up Chuck" from existence. That episode was disturbing as almighty hell. Every time I think about it, I physically recoil. Holy fucking shitballs.
    • Remove the tapeworm scene from the Choose Your Own Pet Adventure promotional short. Yet another fine example of unnecessary gross-out humor.
    • In "Bawk to the Future", Old Lady Misha's hair is fully grey instead of purple and pink. Her outfit stays the same, though.
    • Also in "Bawk to the Future", the Cluck/Chuck joke is shortened because it goes on for too gotdamn long.
    • stream not shy by itzy
      • Editor's note: this has nothing to do with making this fuckfest better I just wanted you all to know I have good taste in music

    Supernoobs[edit | edit source]

      • The show does have lore (wtf supernoobs has lore wtf??), believe it or not, but unfortunately it was smothered to near-death by all the slice of life, filler and slice-of-life filler, which makes the actual story underwhelming and less strong than it is. What really rubs salt into the wound here is that these slice-of-life episodes don't really serve as much of a way for us to get to know the characters. They stay rigid. That's a problem. If you want us to like these characters, why don't you bother to develop them at all? I'll be elaborating on this later so GET READY FOR THAT
        • Of course, there would still be slice-of-life episodes that serve to break up the story, but they're somewhat few and far between here. Because, again, THE WRITERS FORGOT THE LORE BECAUSE OF THE APPROACH THEY TOOK AND ONLY REMEMBERED IT AT THE LAST MINUTE AND AS A RESULT WE GOT A HORRIBLE ANTI-CLIMACTIC SERIES FINALE
    • Now, as for the characters (oh shit)
      • A gripe many people have with this show is that the characters are consistently one-note. Although I hold these characters close to my heart (I literally grew up watching this show for gods sake), I have to agree. Because the characters keep staying stagnant throughout the series, the story (or lack thereof) cannot advance properly.

    Comments[edit | edit source]

    going to be honest this is better than the how to make x things y pages
    -- Raichu's Endless Nights (talk) 07:42, 18 January 2022 (UTC)

    -- Bruh Funny (talk) 15:35, 18 January 2022 (UTC)

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