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    Placeholder title Kai VHS Revolution

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    This page is related to the VHS Revolution home system which is an idea by Raichu's Endless Nights. Details about it are likely still being worked on.
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    Placeholder title Kai VHS Revolution is one of the main releases on the VHS Revolution, and one of the three original launch titles (the others being Nelvana Logo Bloopers and The Adventures of Microsoft Sam). It is distributed by Meteor Mash Home Video and also got a DVD release. The show takes place in a strange alternate universe.

    Premise[edit | edit source]

    Kai, codenamed AT_49323_CAILLOU_IMPROVEMENT.lfm, was created as the 'ideal form' of the not very well liked cartoon character Caillou from the show of the same name. In a faraway, advanced universe (where the show doesn't take place) the Caillou Improvement Project was developed five million years after the ending of Caillou. Kai is the 49,323rd result of the research and experiments to make this happen. They are known as the second most successful result of the Caillou Improvement Project, classed at 99.8% Success. Their successor is Kai U. Most previous attempts no longer exist, apart from the severely corrupted .lfm files dubbed the 'uolliaCs' or Ki-Us by the researchers. Upon the creation of Kai U, their successor, they was immediately labelled to be purged like their previous iterations (apart from the uolliaCs who were immune and were banished instead) due to not being perfect, the project being complete, and no others being needed besides Kai U. They ran away in an attempt to retain their life, and ended up going through an interdimensional portal, sending them to the universe the show takes place in.

    Kai[edit | edit source]

    Kai looks very similar to the GoAnimate version of Caillou, except they have light blue eyes, fluffy brown hair that is streaked with ginger in places, and they wear a very small decorative top hat. Their socks are also longer and have grey stripes, and their shirt has red bottom lining and a red pocket to the side. Personality-wise, all signs or hints of bratty behaviour were stripped away, the first time it was achieved, but it may have been taken slightly too far, leading to the complete opposite - in fact, an extreme fear of doing anything wrong and striving to please everyone. This was why they were only considered 99.8% successful.

    Kai U[edit | edit source]

    Almost identical to Kai, except he is taller, has smoother hair that isn't streaked, has lighter blue eyes, and wears a crown instead. He is not shown beyond the first episode due to having literally no flaws, so he would be a very boring character indeed.

    The uolliaCs[edit | edit source]

    The uolliaCs, or Ki-Us, are some of the various attempts during the research. It's unknown how successful they were before their files were corrupted and they became distorted looking with extremely strange behaviours. 'uolliaC and the uolliaC and the uolliaC and the uolliaC and the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA' is apparently their grouping call to signal other uolliaCs. They may have been different degrees of success (their 'degrees degrees' phrase may be a leftover from this) but this is not obvious anymore as they were all in the same folder when they became corrupted, leading to similar behaviours. Attempts of purging them were fruitless, so they were instead exiled to their own uolliaC planet where they are now being studied by a different group.

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