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    Commentary on the Greenytoons Universe Wiki's KoopaWorks pages

    Here is my commentary on the KoopaWorks pages on my home website, the Greenytoons Universe Wiki. They are Here and Here.

    Commentary[edit | edit source]

    • Okay, how could 9 media companies and a fast-food chain (!) form one big mega media corporation that would make Comcast look like a local mom and pop cable provider?
    • "In 29th January 2014, KoopaWorks releases its first feature film The Koopatroopaman Movie which is based on the company's first show. The company also made a film company which is named KoopaWorks Films which produces the movie along with Quarter Productions (a company which is also found by KoopaWorks and formerly shared with DreamWorks), while Warner Bros. Pictures (a film company founded by TimeWarner, while the founder of the film company owns KoopaWorks too since 2012) distributes the film. The film was mostly given positive reviews on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. The film achieved a "fresh" of the tomatometer, a 9.2/10, a 98% and 275 fresh reviews, however 6 rotten reviews from Rotten Tomatoes after the release." - The 6 rotten reviews should have been the 275 fresh reviews and vice versa.
    • "On September 16th, 2015, Comcast, NBCUniversal, Universal, SammyWorks, Koopa/Sammy/FelipeWorks, ScratchWorks, KoopaWorks, FelipeWorks, RandomWorks, Torch Lady Group, Sega, Starbucks, #SaveAarex, and #SaveJaybross revived PolyGram Filmed Entertainment for $1000 million." - How can several media companies, two hashtags, a video game company, and the world's largest coffee chain form a revival of a company that's deader than a doornail?
    • "On September 15th, 2015, it was confirmed that SammyWorks, KoopaWorks, DreamWorks Animation, 3MTV, Pathé, Domino's, Touchstone Pictures, Corus Entertainment, RandomWorks, Arcangelo Studios, Cookie Jar, Nickelodeon Movies and Blue Castle Group will buy Mr20thCenturySamInc Independent for $100 billion" - Um, Cookie Jar is now a in-name only part of WildBrain, and again, how can a pizza restaurant chain form/buy/revive a media company?
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