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    Compilation of MovieStarPlanet being the embodiment of that "can I copy your homework?" meme

    (Alt title: MovieStarPlanet Cringe Compilation)

    Preface[edit | edit source]

    Okay, 1: Here's a meme I made so you know what we're getting into here:

    MSP gucci.png

    2. I did not make any alterations to these clothes whatsoever.

    3. MovieStarPlanet is a bad game and has no sense of originality. It's embarrassing. I have played this game for 3 years (I was 9 when I made my first account, and went inactive when I was 12). They have been doing this for years and I'm shocked they're still getting away with it, so here I am making a page about it. Am I exaggerating? Probably. Am I concerned about the potential legal issues that this game no one plays anymore will get into in the future? Yeah. Very much so.


    Exhibit A. Daisy Drip: Walmart Edition[edit | edit source]

    Of course we start with a kpop one. Great job, Ivy.

    Here we have the queen Daisy:

    MOMOLAND Daisy Fun To The World promo photo.png

    Look closely at her shirt. It is purple and has a pattern of emoticons on the collor, midriff area and sleeves. Some of the emoticons are smiling, while some are frowning. And now...


    Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 12.33.25 PM.png

    Exhibit B. OMG IT'S MISTY!!![edit | edit source]

    AlbertsStuff/Flamingo already pointed this one out in one of his now-deleted videos (you can find it in re-upload form), but like, my god. This is too good to not include.

    So, we got Misty from Pokemon, right, she has a cream-colored tank top on, distinctive red suspenders and aqua green shorts. Nobody's doing it like she is.

    Misty SM.png

    And then, it's shamelessly stolen. How do they keep getting away with this.

    Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 12.44.16 PM.png

    Exhibit C. Remember Stranger Things?[edit | edit source]

    I sure do. Never got into it, though.

    Stranger thingz.png

    Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 12.50.13 PM.png

    You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about

    Exhibit D. Danger Squad[edit | edit source]

    My favorite DC film! So iconic.

    This one speaks for itself.

    Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 12.55.24 PM.png

    Bonus Exhibit: I'm not saying this is plagiarism I just think the similarities are quite interesting[edit | edit source]

    Miss Voulez I can't believe they did this to you... crying and shaking right now </3

    Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 8.47.57 PM.png
    Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 12.41.02 PM.png

    This is your cue to go watch Dorg Van Dango btw it's a very good show

    Conclusion[edit | edit source]

    This game is bad and I can't believe they haven't been sued yet goodnight goodbye

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