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    Dave's Damn Deluxe is a reissue studio album by Randomese rapper Lil Important that was released October 19, 2019. The album serves as a deluxe version of Important's album Dave Da Damn Man. It featured guest appearances from Big Floppa, Kanye East, and MC Virgins. The deluxe version featured 10 new tracks and helped the original album stay on top of the Random-ness Music Hot 100 album chart. Just like the original, it received positive reviews from both fans and critics.

    Tracklist[edit | edit source]

    Dave's Damn Deluxe[edit | edit source]

    No. Title Writers Producers Length
    1 Bring It Back Dave Demarcus DaMan Beanie Boi 2:23
    2 Don't Need Love (ft. MC Virgins) DaMan • MC Virgins Members BeatsFromHeaven 3:01
    3 Old Style DaMan Famous Dex 2:45
    4 IDK (ft. Kanye East) DaMan • Kanye East Beanie Boi 2:00
    5 Bang Bang DaMan T Plugg 2:22
    6 Graduation DaMan Beanie Boi 2:54
    7 Big and Lil (with Big Floppa) DaMan • Gregory BeatsFromHeaven 3:12
    8 Look At My Wrist DaMan T Plugg 3:32
    9 OK?! DaMan Kingpinz 2:41
    10 Be Right Back DaMan Beanie Boi 2:50
    Total length: 27:40

    Dave Da Damn Man[edit | edit source]

    No. Title Writers Producers Length
    1 Never Left DaMan Beanie Boi 3:00
    2 Back DaMan BeatsFromHeaven • Tamade Chiyu 3:45
    3 Used To Ride On The Bus DaMan Beanie Boi 2:58
    4 One Night (ft. Lil Uzi Vert) DaMan • Symere Woods DP Beats 3:19
    5 Mango DaMan Maxim Venzor 2:14
    6 Right Now DaMan Beanie Boi 2:12
    7 Certified Banger DaMan Famous Dex 3:32
    8 Miss The Days DaMan N1ght Time 3:14
    9 Chop DaMan T Plugg 2:13
    10 Happy Again DaMan BeatsFromHeaven 2:36
    11 Lets Get Lit (ft. Scarlxrd) DaMan • Marius Listhrop Famous Dex • DynamticDragonElectroman 3:40
    12 Sauce On Socks DaMan Beanie Boi 3:21
    13 It's Da Party (ft. Green Day) DaMan • Billie Joe Armstrong Green Day 3:13
    14 Wise Words By Me DaMan DaMan 2:50
    15 Slurp DaMan BlackMayo 4:18
    16 Another Freestyle DaMan Famous Dex 6:00
    17 Driving At 2am (ft. Playboi Carti) DaMan • Jordan Carter Pi'erre Bourne 3:20
    18 Magenta DaMan TORYONTHEBEAT 2:33
    19 Racin' DaMan DynamticDragon 3:21
    20 Outro DaMan N/A 0:42
    Total length: 90:01
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