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    Choerryism, the Creator[edit | edit source]

    • Tony Hawk
    • Energy ball
    • Ken Jeong (chugga chugga choo choo)
    • Marmoset wrangler
    • Big Time Rush
    • Soundcloud rapper
    • Matchbox Twenty - "Real World"
    • LIGHTSUM b-side
    • Epic whip and nae nae vines 2015 try not to laugh
    • Mystical Miyagi
    • Limp Bizkit Break Stuff Nightcore
    • World's best (and cutest) nerd
    • Brian Griffin Family Guy
    • bingus my beloved
    • Evil Remy
    • LABOUM's hit 2020 digital single
    • Tweedle-dee!
    • Baby girlscout
    • Weezer Raditude Album
    • Girl who knits sweaters for naked mole rats and builds hospitals for kittens
    • Guy with a rubber duck
    • The oatmeal man
    • Class traitor
    • Has a loss comic poster on her wall
    • Skeeball Jesus

    Moon Snail[edit | edit source]

    • Lemres, known as 'the Comet Warlock,' is a senior of a magic school from a neighboring town across the desert from Primp Town and a visitor who visits Primp Magic School in Puyo Puyo Fever 2.
    • Zangoose (Japanese: ザングース Zangoose) is a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in Generation III.

    Rose[edit | edit source]

    • Hot shapeshifting green puberty lady
    • Deserved better in the books
    • Edgebot 5000
    • Queen of monster lovers
    • Pink flower lady who started a war
    • Bigger pink clown lady
    • Repressed nerd
    • Wild purple girl who loves trash
    • Made of love
    • Had to deal with his mom's problems
    • Chaotic jester who is insane
    • Snarky gay robot
    • Big bumble babey
    • Small green alien that screams
    • Random robot who is baby
    • Magical girl rabbit who's trying her best

    Velvie[edit | edit source]

    • Snow with girl who has a wife.
    • Inventor chick who also has a wife.
    • Receptionist of IMP.

    Jennifer[edit | edit source]

    • Smart purple lesbian
    • Lemon not Demon
    • Cinnamon Roll Gf
    • Happy Twin
    • Smart Twin
    • Demon Fox
    • Hand Sanitizer Man
    • Red Lesbian
    • Sonic's br0
    • Kawaii dog
    • Addicted to IPad
    • WHO AM I????

    Raichu's Endless Nights[edit | edit source]

    OK so not all of them are 'characters' perse but it doesn't really matter and a few are more ironic than me actually likking them

    • Entity that looks like child from TV show that lots of people hate but is crazy and eats an inappropriately named variant of strawberry shortcake
    • Lady who settles minor lawsuits from mostly crazy people in America
    • RPs as a scientist with downloadable stuff in a game even though he doesn't really look like one apart from one aspect along with an NPC with a nametag who only says stuff in sounds with text and dog who used to be dead and still kind of is but not really
    • (Pancakes do you really have to make it that obvious bruh)
    • Anthro feline with unhealthy but epic breakfast choice who is friends with anthro member of species another group separate from them hate so much for a reason i honestly can't really remember
    • Space beans in a group but one of them is an alien who's going to kill everyone and the real space beans have to figure out who it is and make them leave BY FORCE
    • Fox that messes with people's minds to protect the rest of its kind
    • Bigger orange slightly stronger less popular next stage of very famous character, has a variant with mental powers
    • Star thing that sleeps for a reeeeeeeeeeeeally long time then wakes up and grants people wishes
    • Three guys who love cars but f**k them up all the time and one who is in racing outfit and never speaks who goes around the track with one every episode to see how fast it is and likes random music
    • Fox with fire powers who turns into a sorcerer with epic fire magic stuff
    • Robot who wants to be a tv star but also wants to kill people and if you press a button he becomes sexy
    • Man who reads out regular sounding poems and stories he wrote and then people edited them to be absolutely insane
    • Creepy thing from Russia
    • Creepy letter
    • Creepy other letter
    • Creepy almost bad word in sky

    JoltikplaysTehRandomBoi[edit | edit source]

    • Father of 3 that lives in Quahog, Rhode Island
    • Squirrel with a nice blue hat
    • Graggle Simpson but not Graggle Simpson
    • Stupid variation of an Italian plumber
    • Mecha anime worm
    • Big chungus cat
    • Insane chihuahua

    Comments[edit | edit source]

    Real World great song (true)
    -- Scary Wallpaper, the Wallpaper (talk) 02:47, 4 March 2022 (UTC)

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