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    Lians Noom[edit | edit source]

    • A human who has the ability to turn into a Seviper. He also has a yellow hat.
    • Despises wizards, especially Lemres.
    • Best friends with a Feraligatr named Aquahead
    • Hates the shit out of Puyo Puyo but stans Schezo regardless. Of all characters, fucking Schezo.
    • Adores Adventure Time, and owns all of the Adventure Time merch because of how much he loves it. Probably has a Lemongrab shrine hidden in his closet.
    • Still bisexual, but skewed far more towards girls.
    • He has shit taste in memes, finding the Nobody: meme to be comedy gold.
    • Centrist.
    • He adores the Super Crown, and Bowsette is his top waifu.
    • Despite his shit opinions, he's actually relatively a nice dude who's pleasent to be around, unlike Moon Snail.. Still, would you really want to be friends with a Schezo stan?

    Mulhcom[edit | edit source]

    He is a very evil creepy villain, similar to Dimentio.

    He hates Phineas and Ferb

    He loves Shake it Up

    He hates Emma Watson

    He loves Justin Bieber

    He hates Nintendo

    He loves Microsoft

    daL ecA[edit | edit source]

    • He has hair that kinda looks like Blossoms'.
    • He hates Nintendo, but likes Odnetnin.
    • He hates Phineas and Ferb, but likes Saenihp and Bref.
    • He is EVIL!

    Deepsodanrot (DSR)[edit | edit source]

    • Gangnam Style
    • OP OP OP
    • hates boats
    • Wait a minute...
    • "soda"? "rot"? You know what that means...
    • SODA
    • *airhorn sfx*

    Bender soda does expire baby.png

    FoundNo[edit | edit source]

    Hates life, Nintendo, and everyone within 3 feet of him.

    Do I need say more?

    00rotaerCsneilpmoC[edit | edit source]

    • She can float in mid air - only without the use of an Anti-Gravity machine.
    • Wants to kill Mr. Candy Cane yet is friends with enaC ydnaC .rM
    • Loves Disney Teens
    • Hates every type of science except for evil science - which he uses to destroy the world.
    • Hates Nintendo D:
    • Kills Compliens and creates neilpmoCs.
    • Loathes Christmas
    • and Halloween
    • and Easter
    • and St. Patricks Day
    • He thinks that Arbor Day is a VERY important holiday.
    • Never uses tzeh interwebs.
    • Wears Square Glasses

    msiyrreohC[edit | edit source]

    • likes everything the real Nitzan doesn't like
    • hates everything the real Nitzan likes
    • insert something about heterosexuality here

    xnihS idaM[edit | edit source]

    • Hates Rubbadubbers
    • Likes the Pokemon anime over the games and cards
    • Hates the Pokemon games
    • She’s not bi
    • Loves The Loud House while she hates SpongeBob SquarePants
    • Hates Team Umizoomi and is glad that Nick replaced it with more Blaze time slots.
    • Hates Blaze and the Monster Machines

    Janelle (Opposite Jennifer)[edit | edit source]

    • One of those het bitches that can transform into a wolf at will.
    • She's EXTREMELY entitled. Like. Insanely entitled.
    • Hates the fucking shit out of Iroha Nijiue, Mikado Sannoji is her one true husbando.
    • She has a boyfriend named Benjamin (They call him Ben) who can turn into a cat at will.
    • Prefers Johnny Test over Supernoobs.
    • She really enjoys Harvey Street Kids, brings it up all the time and stans the living shit out of Audrey.
    • Listens to Billie Ellish, modern-rap and country all day. She despises artists and bands Cavetown, My Chemical Romance and Mother Mother.
    • Has allergies to dogs and dairy instead of cats and nuts. The smell of dairy makes her queasy.
    • She owns a bunch of cats, but reads the book series Survivors because she wants a dog despite her allergies.
    • Her favorite food is a good PB&J.
    • Prefers sour over sweet.
    • Loves to watch RBUK and Sailor Moon Crystal.
    • Ships Shovin, Tomlola, Chimondo and Mikaroha.
      • Thought I was gonna say Billdip, Mabill and Pinecest? Janelle has a bunch of standards when it comes to ships still.
    • Hellbent on the argument that Mabel is selfish.
    • Her favorite color is a dull raspberry red.
    • Enjoys Phoenix Right over Danganronpa.
    • Probably commits arson.
    • She's a little shit.

    Salieri000[edit | edit source]

    • Always watches Teen Titans GO!, The Breadwinners, and Sanjay and Craig, and Fanboy and Chum Chum, but especially worships Angela Anaconda.
    • Hates animals with a passion, especially birds.
    • Likes NSFW and gore.
    • Hates Pokémon and Diary of a Wimpy Kid and will bash anyone who likes them.
    • Likes to bash classical music and listens to rap and modern pop.
    • Hates the movie Amadeus.
    • Stans Jojo Siwa and Woah Vicky.
    • Has a shit taste in memes.
    • Curses in every sentence.
    • Jokes about antivaxxers all the time.
    • Contributes to Encyclopedia Dramatica and Kiwi Farms.
    • Has a TikTok account.
    • Hates holidays and anything fun.
    • Hates math and science and favorite subject is English.
    • Regularly vandalizes wikis, especially the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki.
    • Favorite food is pickles.
    • Favorite color is olive green.
    • Hates pastel colors.
    • Only friends are the banned users.
    • Unironically thinks it is okay to ship real people.
    • Unironically likes every single crossover, no exceptions.
    • Constantly creates new projects but they always end up dying.

    6102nafalucinnub[edit | edit source]

    • Hates Villainous.
    • Really likes FNAF and brings it up all the time.
    • Hates Bunnicula.

    CinderpeltII2[edit | edit source]

    • Hates the crap out of Warriors, especially Ravenpaw, yet he stans Spottedleaf and also ships FireSpotted.
      • On a related note, he will attack anyone who ships RavenBarley and portrays them as anything but hetero.
    • He's a massive Enterbot and cannot stand toilet/random humor at all.
    • He tries to be edgy all the time and swears every other word.

    DestructiveChicken00[edit | edit source]

    • Hates cartoons and anime.
    • A guy who is mean to everyone and calls people "idiots".
    • The guy who constantly swears.
    • He thinks TikTok is the best app ever.
    • His drawing style is nothing more but a 5 year old's drawing style.

    FrenchFryFrenchFryEwEw[edit | edit source]

    • Hates pizza
    • Is a human
    • Dislikes rap music
    • Loves vandals.

    TruckJT[edit | edit source]

    • Does not have a load of PFPs
    • Hates Noddy, Postman Pat and Fireman Spam
    • never censored his swears
    • Enemies with almost everyone on the wiki

    (I swear to god if he becomes real....)

    Austin[edit | edit source]

    • He lives in San Francisco.
    • He hates Eminem.
    • He doesn’t have PFP gallery.
    • He likes Justin Bieber.
    • He is the only child.
    • He likes to eat mustard.
    • He hates Roblox.
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