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    The park skyline
    This is cool

    ~ many scientists in reviews of the park (seen in The Random Times)

    Areas:[edit | edit source]

    The park is split up into 6 areas, each with random rides

    • Main Street
    • TAA Seaport
    • Animal Kingdom
    • Tomorrowland
    • Rickys ToonTown

    Main Park Rides[edit | edit source]

    the star attractions are the Over-The-Top Interesting rides

    Animal Kingdom[edit | edit source]

    • Da Matherhorn Pooseds (Tubular Roller coaster, must be 40” to ride)
    • Dinosaur (Dark ride) (must be 40” to ride)
    • Avatar: Flight Of Passage (3D motion simulator) (must be 44” to ride)
    • Jurassic Park River Adventure (Log flume) (must be 40” to ride)
    • Panther (Launched roller coaster) (must be 52” to ride)

    Main Street[edit | edit source]

    • Bungee jumping off the castle (must be 54” to bungee jump)
    • Triple arm Ferris wheel (Originally built in the early 70’s)

    TAA Seaport[edit | edit source]

    • Tylers Awesome Ride (High-Tech dark ride)
    • Chip Express (Kiddie train ride)
    • Emmett and Davs Police Chase (3D motion simulator) (Must be 40” to ride)
    • Nicks Arcade
    • Walk through Replica Tour Bus

    Tomorrowland[edit | edit source]

    • A Trip To Uranus (3D motion simulator)
    • Alien Encounters (Scary alien show) (must be 40” to experience, no one under the age of 7 allowed)
    • Epic Rollercoaster of epicness (tallest Rollercoaster in the world) (must be 54” to ride)
    • Tron: Lightcycle run (motorbike roller coaster) (must be 48” to ride)
    • Earthworm Jim’s Astro Blasters (Shooter ride)

    Ricky’s ToonTown[edit | edit source]

    • Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Falls (log flume, must be 44” to ride)
    • Silly Symphony Swings (Swing ride, must be 36” to ride)
    • SpongeBob SquarePants The Ride (Dark ride)
    • The Adventures of Ren and Stimpy (Dark ride)
    • Steamboat Willie walkthrough

    Hollywood Studios[edit | edit source]

    • Tower Of Terror (Haunted Elevator ride) (must be 40” to ride)
    • Runaway Railway (Dark ride)
    • Indiana Jones, Temple Of Peril (Dark ride/roller coaster) (must be 42” to ride)
    • Jaws: The Ride (Boat ride)
    • Men In Black: Alien Attack (Shooter ride)

    Water Park Rides[edit | edit source]

    There is Also a water park where it is impossible to stay dry

    • Wrong Lever The Ride (Trapdoor Slide)
    • Slide Wheel
    • Racer (Dueling Slides)
    • Bikini Bottom Playland (Play Area)
    • Nickelodeon Slime Factory (Play Area, has a giant bucket that dumps slime/green water every 5 minutes)
    • Club penguin Island (Play Area)
    • Journey Thru the seven random seas (Water Coaster)

    Restaurants[edit | edit source]

    Is yo stomach rumbling? If so, Taste our foods!

    • WcMonalds (TAA Seport)
    • Sally’s Cafe (TAA Show Seaport)
    • Main Street Treats (Main Street)
    • Aqua Life Cafe (Animal Kingdom)
    • Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe (Tomorrowland)
    • Comic Strip Cafe (Toon Lagoon)
    • The Krusty Krab (Planet Nickelodeon)

    Gift shop[edit | edit source]

    You probably end up leaving with merchandise from one of the gifts shops below

    • Entrance Gifts (Main street)
    • The Joltikplays Store (TAA Seaport)
    • Ranger Center (Animal Kingdom)
    • Star Wars Emporium (Tomorrowland)
    • Art of Cartoons store (Toon Lagoon)
    • SpongeStore ShopPants (Planet Nickelodeon)

    Defunct Stuff[edit | edit source]

    • MPM Wonderland (Now Literally the entire park itself)
    • Cutie Tunes Seaport (Now The Joltikplays show seaport)
    • Planet Shea (Now Planet Nickelodeon)
    • Macy’s Parade Mysteries Carousel
    • Speedland (Now Tomorrowland)
    • Kool Stars Kool Snacks (Now the Krusty Krab)
    • Carvel and CoolBobs Splash Bash (Now SpongeBob: The Ride)
    • The Gamer Gazers Land (Now Toon Lagoon)
    • Krazy Karts Krazy Koaster (Now Da Matterhorn Pooseds)
    • Jay Marcus Flying Acorns
    • Derek Cools All You Can Eat Buffet (Now Comic Strip Cafe)
    • TogeBoomers Ripshaw Falls (Now Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Falls)
    • Spinning Sparkies (now Silly Symphony Swings)
    • Eugenes Wacky Journey (now Chip Express)
    • Kingda Ka (it was too problematic, so it closed)
    • Tower Of Scary Logos
      • Some of this stuff was remade or Relocated to the theme park in The Random Mall

    Reception[edit | edit source]

    TripAdvisor rating[edit | edit source]

    100% (12 reviews)

    Reivews[edit | edit source]

    • Various scientists (about 10) said “This is cool” they all gave it 100%
    • The Random Times had an advertisement in the 6/1/2021 issue
    • JoltikplaysTehRandomBoi said “I made this park” he gave it 100%
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