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    Ya Know We Straight We Doin Your Mom.jpeg
    "Doin' Your Mom" is a song by the band Fatty Spins, also rendered as FAttY SPiNS. It is the sequel to Squid Game and the prequel to Among Us. Originally released in 2009, it has since become one of the most iconic and well-known songs of the modern era due to its extremely memorable and recognizable nature. It has extremely epic, sex, drip, and swag. It has been on the Random-ness Music Hot 100 for seven hundred million weeks.

    Overview[edit | edit source]

    FAttY SPiNS Doin' Your Mom.jpg
    The song chronicles the interactions between the mother of the listener and members of Fatty Spins, from their first encounter at a Walmart store up to the present day. Along the way, Fatty Spins expresses confidence in their sexual orientation, eats sandwiches with the crusts cut off, and references Family Guy (epic).

    About Fatty Spins[edit | edit source]

    FAttY SPiNS was a music group made up of Ray William Johnson, Breeze the Beat Machine, and Nicolas "Micfri" Smith. It is presumably named after two things: fat and spinning.

    Do you remember fidget spinners? I still have mine.

    420[edit | edit source]

    In the song's first verse, Ray William Johnson explains that he tapped your mom's you-know-what over nine thousand times. This is a reference to the sex number. However, number scholars and assorted other scientists today now estimate that as of right now today, the number of times your mom was done by Fatty Spins could actually be closer to 114512512512515216, the largest number that exists.

    Experts know that 9001 is how much health Slenderman has in a Minecraft mod. If you're not careful, Slenderman will get you down a hole and glitch your world. I have no idea what this has to do with Doin Your Mom but it's extremely useful to know.

    This image alone strikes fear into the hearts of men and non-men.

    Scariness[edit | edit source]

    "Doin' Your Mom" is notoriously scary, making it one of the scariest songs ever made and perfect for the Halloween season. Merry Festivus!

    fatty spins doin your mom is SUPr scary because he is doing our mome!!!

    it scary like super big scary

    scarer that bnd of doom or v of doom combine!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Protecting your mom[edit | edit source]

    RWJ Alien 1.png
    Is there anything you can do to protect your own parents from Fatty Spins-related interference? Luckily our friend Pancakes has answered that question for us, which you can see here: How to Make Fatty Spins Not Do Your Mom (please click).

    Doin' your mom, doin' doin' your mom

    Animal[edit | edit source]

    Oh oh, I want some more
    Oh oh, what are you waiting for?
    Take a bite of my heart tonight

    Critical reception[edit | edit source]

    "Doin' Your Mom" is one of the world's most popular and well-received songs. It has been praised and endorsed by many prominent and respected individuals including Obama, Elon Zuckerbezos, SpongeBob SquarePants, Gary Busey, Guy Fieri, Myron Schwartzendruber (inventor of the pebbled garbage can), every member of the Beatles, the colony of penis gnomes that live in my crawlspace, Joe, the guy on the penny, Ray William Johnson, William Howard Taft, your favorite musician, your mom, and every head of state in South America and Europe.

    "Doin' Your Mom" is easily my greatest inspiration. It is the reason I love music.
    — Hal Stewart
    I have listened to this song and it is epic and epic and epic and epic.
    — Lightning McQueen
    Fatty Spins is wholesome 100.
    — Keanu Reeves
    This song haunts my waking thoughts.
    — Wes Anderson
    Doin' your mom, doin' doin' your mom
    Doin' your mom, doin' doin' your mom
    — Smobert Pissingdale
    I gotta say, restlessness/breastesses just might be the best rhyme ever written for anything in the history of everything ever.
    — Scary Wallpaper
    — Elon Zuckerbezos
    help me
    — Your mom

    The song was inducted into the Library of Hotness in 2021.

    Video game[edit | edit source]

    Doin Your Mom Videogame.jpg
    The success and cultural relevance of "Doin' Your Mom" has prompted the development and release of the song's very own video game called Ray William Johnson | Doin Your Mom: The Videogame. Gameplay involves... something.

    Rated M for mom-doing.

    We built a wall[edit | edit source]

    Get real.gifWe built th e pyramids

    wholesome chungus

    Doin' your mom, doin' doin' your mom
    Doin' your mom, doin' doin' your mom
    Doin' your mom, doin' doin' your mom
    Doin' your mom, doin' doin' your mom
    Doin' your mom, doin' doin' your mom
    Doin' your mom, doin' doin' your mom
    Doin' doin' doin' doin' doin' doin' doin'
    Doin' your mom, doin' doin' your mom
    Doin' your mom, doin' doin' your mom
    Doin' your mom, doin' doin' your mom
    Doin' your mom, doin' doin' your mom

    International release[edit | edit source]

    This song has been dubbed into different languages, usually on demand from those in the countries. While it's been dubbed into almost every language, here are some notable ones:

    • The UK English dub, usually reserved for children's TV shows, but a dub was given to this song. It's called Bangin' Your Mum. However, this version is rarely used in the UK, the original usually being played instead.
    • The extended Japanese dub, titled ドゥーイング・ヨー・モム.
    • The unlicenced Albanian dub by the absolute best dubbing company in existence, "Jess" Discographic. Unlike most songs under their care, this is really dubbed and not just subtitled. Titled 'Duke bërë mamanë tënde', the music video is often played during ad breaks on Cufo and Bang Bang (the latter, given its UK title, is incredibly fitting).

    Woah[edit | edit source]

    Shitted In My Pants.jpg

    We are doin' your mom (Woah)
    I am for real
    Always meant to do do do your mom
    Won't apologize, we're doin' your mom


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