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    DreamTDM.exe (character description page)/Blank

    Blank holding his hot chocolate and reflecting on his circumstances.

    A non canon (to the crepypestas, and mostly now too) At the beginning, he acted similar to how he did in the crepypestas, this lead to a possible idea of the two parts splitting apart and the character going insane, but eventually it was changed.

    In this form, he is depicted as more of a lost soul who is in limbo because his timeline was annihilated, instead of being a relentless killer. This is implied to be because of neither side taking control anymore and just becoming somewhere in the middle, or even not either of them and just...whatever. He doesn't show very much emotion for himself, but still expresses happiness for other people's achievements or sympathy if they are hurt or sad.

    There are two major differences between this version and the original. The visual one is that he doesn't wear...whatever the hell that thing he was wearing on his forehead before could possibly defined as. His reasoning for it is that one, it was uncomfortable and he just didn't like wearing it, and two, it served absolutely no purpose to him.

    On both of his previous 'sides' he recalls having it/them a purpose for both sides when it was symetrical, but as a combined item, it was just pointless, and to him, not appealing at all. Not even as a joke. Had it been either one or the other side, he would have probably still been wearing it.

    Because he doesn't wear it anymore, a tuft of hair that was covered up and flattened by it now sticks up. In the seperate storyline, Pancakes is in possession of it and is holding onto it for him. There is the possibility that it could get changed from the two halves to just being one again. Given the choice, it would be back to being goggles. If it was turned back into them, he would consider wearing them again, but it was both sides of the smiley mask, he'd rather have no headwear.

    The second major difference is that he wants to be called Blank instead of what he considered his absolutely ridiculous name before. He doesn't respond to his original name and is incredibly embarassed by it. He calls himself Blank because that's how he feels inside.

    Other facts[edit | edit source]

    • To the surprise of a lot of the people who know him, Blank really likes hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. It's one of the few things that he actively recognises as enjoying.
    • Because he is dead and a spirit, he doesn't appear in photos and has no reflection, because it's debatable if after his destroyed timeline he really exists anymore. Visually, he is slightly translucent.
    • Blank recalls some aspects of his previous lives, but much more so as Dan's side than Dream's. For example, him liking diamonds, having interests in science and being a doctor's assistant, and small bits of memory. However, they are fuzzy and unclear memories.
    • Any significant time manipulation will make the two halves split back into seperate characters. This happens a lot in Tupperbox context.
    • Blank is most friendly with Pancakes and Microsoft Sam (taking on the same appearance as the Davemadson videos but a different personality) because they are her other two most used tuppers.
    • A few things take his interest or make him laugh, specifically made up anti piracy screens and memes about the Bill Nye intro.


    by the way if you're wondering why it's these two things specifically it's just because we were talking about those two things the day i made this page, no other reason they were just on my mind

    Other[edit | edit source]

    Blank has not been used as this form for a while, as in Tupperbox context Dream and Dan have been back to normal for some time because of heavy story direction change. Due to recent events and complications with the server itself (😔) the story is over but will probably be revived in a different form. He still exists, however, as an alt emoji.

    There are also now two Dreams who both claim to be him. So that's a thing.

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