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    Daniel Doppelton McDuck (Born February 5th, 2003) known by his stage name duck.blitz is a Randomese rapper who may or may not be a long lost cousin of Donald Duck. There’s not much evidence to prove that though. He has been well known after some random overnight success in October 2023 over a small rap song he posted on YouTube

    Early life

    Daniel was born and grew up in Dingusburg, Joltsborrow. He had a pretty good life until he was brutally attacked by a giant wild bird during a hike in the woods, leaving him in the hospital for several months. He had obtained a permanent scar on his right eye.

    In middle school, the majority of friends he hung out with liked rap music, leading him to try to make some short rap songs to show to his friends. He received critical acclaim from his friends and became one of the most popular kids at the school.


    2021-2023: Early adulthood and surprise success

    After graduation, he worked at a local Dingusburg marketplace for a year and a half, selling his family’s hand-picked vegetables. One day in October 2023, Daniel felt like putting out the rap song he made when he was still in school, called Daniel’s Very Cool Rap for the whole world to enjoy. The world in fact, did enjoy it. The song got 1 million views on YouTube in just 1 week. The song caught the attention of Random Records executives, who would pay Daniel big money to sign to them. Daniel instantly accepted this offer.

    2023-2024: Becoming a major rapper and putting out Exit 42

    When Daniel signed to Random Records, he had 2 things in mind he wanted to do: Make a rapper name and put out his first album. After some consideration, Daniel went with being known as duck.blitz. And for a few months, Daniel wrote some more songs for his album. Daniel said that his first album would be called Exit 42. The album released on January 27th, 2024 and became a smash hit


    Studio albums


    • Daniel’s Very Cool Rap (2023) (Would later be featured on the Exit 42 album)
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