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    French Toast (character)

    French Toast
    French Toast.png
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    Personality Shown to apparently be better than Pancakes in every conceivable way possible, but turned out to be completely evil.
    Goal Take Pancakes' friends and make them evil
    Allies Techler (as her creator)
    Enemies Pancakes and her friends
    Likes Apparently everything that Pancakes likes, but in a twisted way. Also eats everything with ketchup. Everything.
    Fate Defeated

    French Toast is an evil clone of Pancakes in the Random, Crazy Adventures reboot, created by Techler to attempt to replace Pancakes and turn her friends evil. Luckily, this plan failed.

    Being an evil clone of her, French Toast looks similar to Pancakes, in the way she is a Kantonian-Alolan Raichu mix, but has colours that indicate she is shiny, and has brownish red eyes. She has some resemblence to Gorochu, the original evolution to Raichu who never made it into the official game. She wears a sleeveless pink and white dress and small pink pumps, and her tail is much more pointed. She carries around a black purse that has nothing in it.

    French Toast smells very strongly of ketchup, which Pancakes absolutely can't bear. Everything she touches becomes slightly stained with it and smells like it. She was even going to be called Ketchup, but Techler called her French Toast to try to sound more like Pancakes. (She doesn't even LIKE french toast even though she's called it.) She doesn't eat anything without it being completely covered in it, even things that go awfully with it. In the episode she eats lots of things Pancakes likes but covered in ketchup just to be insulting to her.

    She has every interest Pancakes has and dominates her at it, though in sneaky ways such as tracing art, using cheat codes to beat her at games, things like that. She has no personality other than to be better at everything than Pancakes, be evil, and ketchup, which is what makes Pancakes feel nervous and sick about her in more ways than one. She uses manipulative tactics to get some people on her side, though Pancakes' friends luckily didn't fall for it.

    In general, French Toast was created to fill Pancakes up with to the brim with anxiety. While she doesn't go into a ball, it's apparently a Friend Ball, because it does the same function as Pancakes' Luxury Ball but better. She also has the same moves as her, but she has perfect stats and EV trained, so they all do better.

    Near the end of the episode, French Toast goes completely too far and manages to drench Pancakes from head to toe in ketchup, which makes her cry, so all her friends rally together and defeat her. After that, she doesn't appear in any more episodes and isn't heard from again. Because she was a robot, she was likely retired by Techler because she didn't work and failed her objective.

    (PS: Pancakes has nothing against the food french toast after this episode.)

    This obsession with ketchup might be a reference from when in the Pokemon anime Pikachu ate ketchup right out of the bottle and fell in love with it, or Sans who drinks ketchup as well.

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