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    Garu meets Spongebob characters

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    This page is considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work). We recommend not reading on if you are young, in public, or sensitive to mature topics. You might need to puke if you do. You have been warned!
    Hello. I am interviewing SpongeBob characters. Let's go. Your edits are welcome.

    SpongeBob SquarePants[edit | edit source]

    • Garu: Name?
    • Unknown 1: SpongeBob.
    • Garu: SpongeBob huh, so what do you do for a living?
    • SpongeBob: Work at a restaurant called The Krusty Krab. What do you do for a living?
    • Garu: Beat up someone called Tobe and his group of ninjas.
    • SpongeBob: That's funny. Tobe's Facebook includes funny Spunch Bob memes.
    • Garu: Damn, Can I see one?
    • SpongeBob: Sure.
    • SpongeBob: Knew it would get you.
    • Garu: Anything happening with the ninjas?
    • SpongeBob: OMG!!! They were watching Pornhub.
    • Garu: Well, there goes my virginity.
    • Garu: I am hungry, I heard you made something called Krabby Patties.
    • SpongeBob: Sure.
    • [Cooks Krabby Patty]
    • SpongeBob: Done.
    • Garu: Thank you
    • [Chomps patty]
    • SpongeBob: KRABBY PATTY ESPUMA!!!
    • [Ketchup explodes on Garu.]
    • Garu: Very funny SpongeBob, but you forgot the pickles.
    • [Weird masturbating noises are heard.]
    • Garu: What are those strange sounds?
    • SpongeBob: Tobe and his crew.
    • [Garu madly looks at what they are masturbating to, only to look shocked.]
    • SpongeBob: What's wrong?
    • Garu: One word, futanari.
    • SpongeBob: Tobe, you're gay.
    • Tobe: Yikes, cartoon shifters.
    • Garu: Congrats, SpongeBob
    • SpongeBob: Thanks, you have others characters to interview.
    • [Both of them say goodbye.]

    Patrick Star[edit | edit source]

    • Garu: Name?
    • Unknown 2: Patrick.
    • Garu: Patrick huh, my book labels you as Rick.
    • Patrick: MY NAME'S NOT RICK!!!!!
    • Garu: Ok, so what do you do.
    • Patrick: Nothing.
    • Garu: Ok, where do you live?
    • Patrick: A rock.
    • Garu: I got a house, and you live in a FUCKING ROCK!!!!
    • Patrick: Yes, by the way can you translate Garu is thick into German.
    • Garu: Ok, can't be that inna-
    • German Google Translate: Garu ist dick.
    • Patrick: I'm not too dumb, but do you have a phone?
    • Garu: Well yes, but after you trolled me, I'm no-
    • Patrick: Someone called Abyo sent you a message.
    • Garu: What is it, Abyo?
    • Abyo: Translate rooster water sugar into Arabic.
    • Garu: Ok Abyo, since I lo-
    • Arabic Google Translate: Sukar ma' aldiyk.
    • Garu: Bye Patrick.
    • Patrick: What are going to do to a troll like that?
    • Garu: Abyo, I shall kick your fucking ass.
    • [Abyo screams while running away from Garu.]
    • Patrick: I thought Paris was in Spain.

    Squidward Tentacles[edit | edit source]

    • Garu: Name?
    • Unknown 3: Squidward.
    • Garu: Squidward huh, what is your last name?
    • Squidward: Tentacles.
    • Garu: My book calls you Squidward Testicles.
    • Squidward: IT'S SQUIDWARD TENTACLES!!!
    • Garu: Ok, so I heard you had a clarinet, right.
    • Squidward: Yes, you are correct.
    • Garu: Can I hear a song?
    • Squidward: Sure.
    • [Plays shitty version of the Imperial March.]
    • Garu: My ears are bleeding now.
    • Ching: HARDER DADDY!!!!!!!
    • Abyo: OK.
    • Squidward: Stop fucking my girlfriend.
    • Abyo: What, she is your girlfriend!!!
    • Squidward: Yes.
    • Abyo: Well, we were in love when we-
    • Squidward: I fucked her without a condom.
    • Abyo: SHE HAS SQUID KIDS!!!!!!!!!
    • Garu: Squid kids, impressive. Btw I never knew you had sex with Ching.
    • Squidward: Thank you for saying fact impressed you, btw I heard Ching tell a Soviet man to get off Soogan soil, because he believed in Communism, and I heard Patrick having sex with Ring Ring.
    • Garu: Who would want to fuck that ugly bitch?
    • Patrick: YESSSS HARDER MOMMA!!!!
    • Garu: Goodbye.

    Sandy Cheeks[edit | edit source]

    • Garu: Name?
    • Unknown 4: Sandy.
    • Garu: Sandy huh, I heard that you like Texas, is that correct.
    • Sandy: Yes, Texas is the place whose shape is this.
    • Garu: I just realized this, but damn you're hot.
    • Sandy: Thank you, btw guess what.
    • Garu: What?
    • [Sandy breathes in.]
    • Sandy: I LIKE MARTIAL ARTS!!!!!!
    • Garu: Awesome, but can you do a favor for me?
    • Sandy: Sure, what is it?
    • Garu: KILL Tobe.
    • Sandy: Ho- oh wait I see a sword. I can stab.
    • Garu: Make multiple vers- WAIT WHAT!!!!!!
    • [Sandy violently stabs Tobe with his own sword.]
    • [Tobe proceeds to say "I GOT KILLED BY A SQUIRR" then dies.]
    • Ching: BARF LIKE YOU MEAN IT!!!!!!!
    • Garu: Oh shit.
    • [Everyone in Sooga starts barfing and crying.]
    • Garu: Goodbye.
    • [Garu starts barfing.]
    • Sandy: Damn.

    Eugene Krabs[edit | edit source]

    • Garu: Name?
    • Unknown 5: Mr. Krabs.
    • Garu: Mr. Krabs huh, I heard you like money. Is that true?
    • Mr. Krabs: YESSSSSSSSS!!!!
    • Garu: Then you're greedy.
    • Mr. Krabs: GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!!
    • [Pucca snorts weed at the distance.]
    • Mr. Krabs: Can I have some weed?
    • Pucca: No.
    • Garu: Weed is illegal here.
    • Pucca: So?
    • Mr. Krabs: Bang bang motherfucker.
    • [Mr. Krabs shoots Pucca dead.]
    • Goh-Rong Chefs: We saw you kill Pucca and-
    • Garu: She snorted weed.
    • [Two cops come to Sooga.]
    • Uncle Dumpling: What is this weed?
    • Linguini and Ho: Marijuana.
    • Goh-Rong Chefs: Shit.
    • [The cops arrest the chefs.]
    • Mr. Krabs: So, you're a karma Houdini.
    • Garu: GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!
    • Mr. Krabs: Goodbye.

    Sheldon J. Plankton[edit | edit source]

    • Garu: Name?
    • Unknown 6: Plankton.
    • Garu: Plankton huh, Lemme guess you try to steal the krabby patty secret formula.
    • Plankton: How did you know?
    • Garu: Mr. Krabs told me.
    • Plankton: I have another plan.
    • [Two crocodiles drop on Sooga.]
    • Garu: What just dropped from a plane?
    • Plankton: Hold my vodka.
    • [Everybody in Sooga dies except Linguini.]
    • Linguini: Congratulations, everybody's dead. Hurrah to Plankton. Our evil geniu-
    • [Linguini dies while a cheesy end card rolls and the credits show.]

    Other Character Reactions[edit | edit source]

    • Brian: 3 words. WHAT. THE. FUCK.
    • Wakko: This movie is so gross; I lost my lunch while watching it. Hold on, because I GOTTA USE THE POTTY! [Throws up]
    • Pikachu: I was going to give this to Ash, because he likes animation. Should have read the reviews. It has, cursing, violence, sex, drinking references, death, puking, drugs, and racism. Overall, this movie is fucked up.
    • Bowser: I am not letting Junior watch this.
    • Pingu: Should have burned my money than bought this.
    • Undodog: This movie should be Thanos-snapped.
    • Wario: Today we're going to destroy this movie. Ok I got this movie stable now bang bang motherfucker. [Shoots]
    • Ren Hoek: I laughed at most of the jokes, but why the death!!! Even Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon won't go that far, and that shit was trying to be for adults.
    • Hulk: Are we getting refunds?
    • Sooga Movie Associates: No refunds. [Hangs themselves.]

    Final Message[edit | edit source]

    I hope you enjoyed this short Miraheze page. Don't forget to comment. They help me out. Now this page is done. I will see you real soon.

    A Jangabang article. Copyringht 2021.

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