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    ...is a town in the Random Region. It is based off the real life town of Lake George, New York. It is the Northernmost town in the random Region. It is on lake Cheesepuff like Alaweed Town

    Restaurants[edit | edit source]

    • TIKY restaurant
    • Lake Cheesepuff Beach Club
    • McDonald’s
    • Riverside Diner
    • Starbucks
    • Subway
    • King Neptune’s Pub
    • Pizza Hut

    Shopping[edit | edit source]

    • Frontier town gift shop
    • Popular trends store
    • Warner Bros store
    • Hippies, Gypsies, and Witches
    • Grateful Dead Store
    • Sweet Tooth
    • Claries
    • Billy’s Bikes
    • Caricature shop
    • Price Chopper
    • Riley’s
    • Hot Topic
    • Zackys Vintage Toys
    • The Popcorn store
    • A Christmas to remember
    • Gallup’s Farm
    • Exxon
    • Mobil
    • Stewards
    • Sunoco
    • Camping Needs Store

    Attractions/Camping/Hotels[edit | edit source]

    • Goofy Golf
    • Random Hotel and indoor water park
    • EconoLodge
    • Random Lanes
    • Abandoned water park (closed due to the success of Dildney World’s Water park and the owner passing away)
    • Howard’s Haunted House
    • Travelodge inn
    • Fort Random
    • Lake Cheesepuff Steamboat tours and parasailing
    • Prime time arcade (only the 2nd one in all of random region, the other location (and the largest) is in Green Island)
    • Haunted Mansion wax museum
    • Glarnyraefon Peforming arts center
    • Randomgate hotel
    • Random Olympics Stadium
    • Jellystone Park (one of the only ones not located in or around New York)

    Government[edit | edit source]

    • Mayor: Yogi Bear
    • Founder: JoltikplaysTehRandomBoi

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • This was the final town in Random Reigon to be established on the Trollface island before the redo

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

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