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    This page or section belongs to Pancakes, so please don't edit it without their permission. If it's unfinished, they're working really hard on it and have specific visions for it, even if doesn't look like it. They'll get around to it. Eventually.
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    GoAnimate is a fictional program for the VHS Revolution that is downloadable via a special code. It can't be bought as a tape and instead runs as a program on the system. If you purchase any VHS Revolution tape, regardless of distributor, it may contain a download code for this program. (The pre-release bundle is guaranteed to have a download code in The Adventures of Microsoft Sam.) The chances are around one in 10 for each tape. When you enter the code in the settings menu, GoAnimate DX will be dowloaded. The program also requires a USB keyboard and mouse, which can be connected to the VHS Revolution Player via its USB ports. Any USB keyboard and mouse is compatible.

    The program is similar to GoAnimate Wrapper, except it doesn't require Flash to run. On the first startup, a notice will appear addressing grounded videos, behaviour card days, punishment days and assaults. It tells you that while technically nothing is stopping the user from making such videos, it's heavily discouraged to make them with GoAnimate DX.

    The interface is identical to GoAnimate Wrapper. You can choose your theme, make characters, and create videos. All of the themes (except for those still being used by GoAnimate themselves) are available, and so are all the TTS voices, sound effects, music tracks, props, backgrounds and fonts. If you want to include custom backgrounds and props, the program can search online to find them, and for custom music and sound effects, YouTube and MP3 conversion. Alternatively, you can plug an SD card into the VHS Revolution Player and they can be read off there.

    The watermark at the bottom is similar to the old 'GoAnimate Go Create Your Own' watermark, but it reads 'GoAnimate DX for VHS Revolution'. The outro for videos is also the old one (not the one with the Business Friendly characters running into the O) and it says 'Made with GoAnimate DX'. Both the watermark and outro can be disabled and enabled in the settings at any time. If you disable it, you can re-enable it if you want and vice-versa.

    You can't upload videos directly to YouTube from the program, instead they can be exported and sent to an email which you set on the first startup and can be changed in the settings at any time. Once you receive the .mp4 file, you can upload it to any platform you want or edit it further to your liking. Like before, you can also save them to an SD card instead if you prefer.

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