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    Henry Horrid deleted epsiode "Henry brings a gun to school" very scary 50+

    The internet is for horny people.jpg
    This page is considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work). We recommend not reading on if you are young, in public, or sensitive to mature topics. You might need to puke if you do. You have been warned!

    (I didn't write this story but I think it's so funny it deserves to be here)

    it all started when i was big little boy i was waiting for henry horrid to come on it said it was new episodehenry horrid even this thought cancelled but then the epsiode didnt air but i aoosk my mummy to gte it then my mummy gte it on ebyy for 0.00000000000000000000 £ and then henry horrid on cuver said blood blood blood blood blodd blood ubddd bludadd blooda but think it was glitch on pinter and he eat mcdinalds and he greec but it took 8011 years for deliver then i pop the dvd in the microwave and my chicken in the dvd playur and my huse burn down but the dvd wasnt scratched atall i was and my gandma and put dvd in the dvd payer and the dvd didnt spin around until 4372834854325834853425687348 nano seconds and horrid henry normal intro but then henry said hello bitch suck my fat cock hu ha and his hand came through the screen and shot me blood splat everywere i am now in hospital telang you tis and every 17/06 he cum to me in hospital and shut me in the leags then i tuan opn the tav in the hispitl and it was static but then horrid henry episode come on it was also a new one but henry gets bulled buy everyone in the scool so he flies to america and buys a ak -47 and flies on a pigeon back and shot scool and everyone turn blood and kill then henry comitied suicide wit a glock and says hu ha and shot self

    horrid henry creator then arrested for 1 minute and dies

    Comments[edit | edit source]

    -- Bruh Funny (talk) 01:42, 21 February 2022 (UTC)

    -- Scary Wallpaper, the Wallpaper (talk) 01:47, 21 February 2022 (UTC)

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