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    It is unknown when exactly Random Region formed or how humans discovered the land. Some spectated that the land could've formed sometime in 100 BC, and the first sign of human life might've been the same year as well.

    Early history

    90 BC - 45 BC: First settlements, and trading

    The map for Random Region (circa 45 BC)

    By 90 BC, many nice houses were built all across land and by 85 BC, the first settlement, known as Random City was established and led by a man who simply went by the name "Random Ruler". By 80 BC, the second establishment, named Awesomeness City, was established, its leader is unknown. The "Awesomeness" came after a human invented multiple unique foods called "fried chicken" and "pizza", which became the most valuable things at the time. Because Awesomeness City was next to Random City, the two made peace, and would offer each other's people with tools, resources, and crops.

    On 60 BC, two settlements called "Dinkleburg" and "Pingasville" formed, which were led by brothers known by "Dinkle" and "Pingas". These settlements were very far away from both Random City and Awesomeness City. They soon would become enemies, due to Random Ruler believing that RC and AC were the only ones that should be in power. Dinkleburg and Pingasville offered to trade to calm the beef down, but Random Ruler claimed that their offers were "boring" unlike the food and supplies Awesomeness City had given them. Random Ruler also thought that the people there were different compared to the people in Random City and Awesomeness City.

    On 50 BC, a new settlement called "Game Town" formed, however, since it was no where near the other settlements, it was not discovered until 45 BC, when a Random City traveler found and met the ruler, who went by "Playboy". Game Town was known for being notoriously advanced, making things known as "toys", in which Randomese children used to entertain themselves. Because of this, Game Town made peace with both Random City and Awesomeness City.

    46 BC - 43 BC: Random War I

    Meanwhile, Random Ruler still did not have appreciation for Dinkleburg or even Pingasville, however, he did not declare war. That was until, a big stock of fried chicken got stolen, immediately, Random Ruler blamed both of the settlements people and declared war. Little did Random Ruler knew, Dinkleburg and Pingasville were both prepared for this.

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