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    Hotel mario the 13th hotel

    This page or section belongs to Pancakes, so please don't edit it without their permission. If it's unfinished, they're working really hard on it and have specific visions for it, even if doesn't look like it. They'll get around to it. Eventually.
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    This page contains topics that may not be suitable for certain audiences. Caution should be taken while reading this page, and you have the choice of either heeding this warning or reading another page.
    You have been warned.
    Excessive Categories
    Hotel mario the 13th hotel contains an excessive amount of categories on an earlier revision. These are greater in number than usual and often don't relate to the page at all. To keep the humor of them while also not actually making loads of categories, these have been intentionally removed in the revision you are reading now. To see the categories, please go into history and and select the earliest revision.

    hotel mario the 13th hotel is the scariest thing ever, even scarier than five minecraft youtubers who've sworn, it is scary because of all the hyper realtisc blod and its scaryier version of hotl mario which is scary even by itselfe, and its scary because mario is not with luigi and bowers got hed replaced by big sikpe and ded and sky grey and scary music and mario like max and ruby 0004 black eyes and scratched bloody signs and sign saying YOU ARE CONDEMDED and screechy music and luigi impaled and princess peach dead, and mario in black in white and then red and black staticy colours, and ludwig's castle in bits and abandoned scary fog everywhere and cdi crash with screcchy noises and static, it is so scary it's scarier than bnd, viacom, screen gems, klasky csupo, paramount feature presentation, dic, oz films and rankin bass combined, it is so scary it made pingu piss and shit the bed at 12:30am, it is so scary that it's scary, it's so scary that it's banned in every country, it is so scary i had nightmares for 999999999999999999999999999999 years and i'm dead, i played it and my cdi burst into flames, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, don't play it ever

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