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    How To Make Bad TV Shows Worse

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    This is one of RNW's famed "how to" pages. It contains lots of opinions, but may also have just as much vulgarities, gross-out content, satirical humor, and NSFW elements. Also, some of these pages are freakishly long, which pretty much speaks for itself.
    These pages are now considered legacy pages and can no longer be edited by ordinary contributors.

    Barney & Friends

    • The budget is very low.
    • Barney looks like his original concept art.
    • Put Caillou, Dora, and Elmo in it.
    • The kids are played by adults (except for Caillou, Dora, and Elmo)
    • The music is played on a Casio keyboard.
    • Poor audio quality.
    • More bad morals.
    • Sometimes, the camera overly zooms in on random areas, usually and unintentionally to a disturbing shot.

    VeggieTales in the House

    • It is released onto an obscure bad video website (not YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion) instead of Netflix
    • The characters talk to the audience a la Dora the Explorer.
    • Everyone is voiced by Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj
    • Make their new looks worse
    • Add very disgusting toilet humor.

    Mega Babies

    • Add more toilet humor.
    • The babies look uglier.
    • It is made by DiC in 1991.
    • The theme song is louder and even more annoying.
    • The animation is worse.
    • De-age Lazlo into a 5-year-old.

    Peppa Pig

    • Peppa is more annoying and rude.
    • Put Caillou, Dora, Elmo, and Barney in it, as cameos
    • George poops on the viewers.
    • Give it a crossover with The Thundermans.


    • Make Caillou a spoiled brat. Are you kidding me? He already is one!
      • Actually, let's make him even more spoiled and hurts Leo and his other classmates, and then gets sent home from playschool several times.
    • Have Caillou's father yell at Caillou and spank him.
      • Caillou's father is also an alcoholic and a drug addict, and he also abuses his wife and Rosie.
      • And Caillou's mom is a whore who smokes a lot.
    • Have Caillou call old man grandpa.
    • Put Dora in it and make her Caillou's cousin.
    • Have Caillou voiced by Justin Bieber.
    • The show airs on FOX Kids and make it moved to FoxBox in 2000.
    • Have the show get a spin-off called Cailly U, The show airs on FoxBox through 2005 to 2010
    • Have Caillou and Rosie unpotty trained.
    • Give Caillou's father a new look like the this:
    • Have it made during the WWII era.
    • Have it done in the same animation style

    Johnny Test

    • The show is a low-budget public show produced in a dingy, dirty Vancouver apartment. It is aired on public access television as opposed to Teletoon or Cartoon Network.
    • All the voices are done by one person. Yes, even the girl voices.
    • The camerawork is shoddy, and the cameraman is always drunk. You can even hear him breathing heavily in many scenes.
    • The whipcrack sounds are done by mouth.
    • Dukey is feral, unable to speak and constantly throws feces all over the place.
    • The episodes are even more repetative than bfore.
    • The Teletubbies are guest characters.
    • Susan and Mary are 7-year-old girly girls who act like spoiled brats.
    • Include rancid morals.
    • Hugh and Lila are live-action parents.
    • Each episode has at least two musical numbers.

    Littlest Pet Shop

    • Blythe is a schizophrenic and is named "Fabiola"

    The Problem Solverz

    • There are disgusting objects everywhere.
    • Every background is seizure inducing.
    • Alfe is a literal blob of poop.
    • The plots make even less sense.

    The Thundermans

    • Make everyone have the same power or remove their power in favor of a lame magic spell.
    • Have the show's name be mentioned on a season 4 episode of Peppa Pig.
    • It airs on Nick Jr and is aired multiple times a day.
    • The show is similar to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Dora the Explorer.
    • The voices are more annoying.
    • Give it a 90-minute crossover with Peppa Pig.
    • It is animated very poorly.
    • The first episode is watchable on The Hero of Color City blu-ray.
    • The show's title is "The Thundrmnz"
    • Way more awful jokes.
    • Lamer puns
    • Worse episode titles.


    Sick Bricks

    • Make the animation worse
    • The main character, Jack Justice is even more annoying.
    • It is a ripoff of Phineas and Ferb
    • Include more toilet humor.
    • Peppa Pig makes a cameo.


    • The intro includes an incredibly cringy-as-hell sing along.
    • Include a clan of aliens that want to kill the noobs and eat them for Christmas dinner.
      • Venamus and his goons already exist you clown
    • The animation is worse.
    • The theme song is more annoying.
    • It is made by Filmation in 1988 and runs for 1 season.
    • It gets a 2001 reboot and this time it's produced on a stolen Thinkpad.
    • At the beginning of each episode a warning a la Madballs Gross Jokes appears.
    • In the season 1 finale, the Noobs die in the hospital, and their parents have to revive them by finding something that will wake them up. Tyler's mother is able to wake them up with a CD of Cake By The Ocean by DNCE (which didn't exist until 2016, but whatever), resulting in everyone's death being a Disney Death.
    • There is product placement for Wendy's in each episode.

    The Nutshack

    • lmao its already good wtf you mean
    • Have the animation done with MS Paint.
    • The characters are more annoying.
    • Have it as a YouTube series.
    • The music is just a high-pitched buzzing noise that drags on throughout.
    • Mr. Krabs is a major character.
    • Have the voices done with Text-to-Speech.
    • Make it in frightening CGI, a la the video you're seeing below this text.
    • Horat is a furry.
    • Horat is the main character and is double as annoying.
    • Rename it "Horat the Show".
    • Replace Phil with Pingu and Jack with Joka/Joker from Klonoa.
    • Swap the theme song with the Fanboy and Chum Chum theme song.
    • Tito Dick is renamed "Cheeto".
    • Have Pingu and Joka/Joker sing "What Harm Can It Do?" from U.S. Acres for no reason.
    • Make it for kids.
    • It was adapted from some Two More Eggs shorts called "Horat" which weren't even made by The Brothers Chaps.
    • Mark from Fork No TV Tropes writes every episode.
    • Sanjay, Craig, Caillou, Dora, Nina, SwaySway, Buhdeuce, Pig, Goat, Banana, Cricket, Little Bill, and thousands of Mary-Sues appear in every episode.
    • Produce it on a stolen ThinkPad.
    • Worsen everybody's voices.
    • Phil is a baby who needs constant care whilist Jack is Phil's biological father and is a pedophile. Horat is replaced with a beagle named Jordan and Tito Dick is replaced with a 6-year-old named Laura who throws constant temper tantrums.
    • There are overused memes, smartphones, toilet humor and flashy colors in every episodes.
    • Give it a crossover with the following shows (which are all way better): Loud House, Mighty Magiswords and SVTFOE.
    • Release it on YouTube.
    • Have Cherry Pie sing "What Harm Can It Do?" from U.S. Acres everytime she makes an appearance.
    • De-age Chita to a whiny high school student.
    • Make Horat's voice sound like a kid.
    • Have Phil voiced by Seth MacFarlane (using his Stewie voice), Jack voiced by Joe Conti (using his Rolf voice), Horat voiced by a then 5-year-old Justin Bieber, Tito/Laura voiced by Ben Minnotte, and Chita voiced by Rihanna (using her Tip voice).

    Teen Titans Go!

    • The theme is sung to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the end credits song is I Got a Feeling by The Black-Eyed Peas.
    • Have an episode dedicated to Pokemon Go.
    • The concept is a la Heil Honey I'm Home and My Mother the Car.
    • Have items similar to Mousketools that are used to solve problems.
    • The show is aimed at toddlers.
    • The animation is similar to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
    • The show is a rip-off of Dora the Explorer.
    • Every episode ends with the Titans going to bed as a sleep-inducing lullaby play.
    • Give the episode "Serious Business" even more toilet humor than it already has.
    • Make the plotlines worse.
    • The characters talk to the audience a la Dora the Explorer.
    • WHAT?
    • Make the theme song Boom Boom by the Black Eyed Peas.
      • And not even a section of it. MAKE IT THE WHOLE SONG.
    • Make Despacito the end credits song.
    • Make the characters even more annoying.
    • Make it animated to look like a low-budget 80's cartoon.
    • Make it a ripoff of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
    • Make the plots go NOWHERE.
    • Make it a low-quality fan-made show.
    • Add constant cursing.
    • Have it constantly hate on the original Teen Titans. OH WAIT IT ALREADY DOES!!!!
    • Give it crossovers with Sanjay and Craig and The Breadwinners.
    • Make it invade the market like Trolls and Frozen.

    Heil Honey, I'm Home!

    • Make it even more insensitive. By this, we mean "make it anti-semitic propaganda, through and through."
    • Have it run for 10 seasons or more.
    • The message it would send is "Jews are bad." This would make the show racist. (jews aren't a race...)
      • I meant to say religious. Oh, I'm so stupid! (hits head)
        • this is sending me


    • The characters have extremely annoying voices.
    • Take out the references to pop culture.
    • Everyone is a robotic Mudkip.

    The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

    • Bubbles acts like a spoiled brat.
    • Buttercup is an expy of Cyndi Lauper (Don't get me wrong, Cyndi Lauper is one of my favorite singers, but making Buttercup an expy of her would ruin her character.)
    • Blossom panics every minute.
    • Dora the Explorer joins the PPG.
    • It is a reboot of The Kindergarten Gals.
    • It airs on Qubo.
    • Add more outdated Internet slang.
    • Constant shoehorned educational value.
    • Have the characters talk to the audience a la Dora the Explorer, especially asking them super easy questions they already know the answers to.
    • Every episode ends with the Girls going to bed as a sleep-inducing lullaby play.
    • Make Professor Utonium an adult baby.

    Butt-Ugly Martians

    • The animation is worse.
    • The theme song is more annoying.
    • Add more horrible jokes.
    • It is made by Filmation in 1988.

    Horrid Henry

    • De-age Henry to 3 years old.
    • Henry is voiced by Bryn McAuley (using her Caillou voice).
    • There is a character called Generic Geno, who has no personality at all.
    • Perfect Peter is de-aged to a newborn who does nothing at all.
    • Add more gross jokes.
    • Whenever Henry is angry about something, his voice is so loud that it makes the viewer's ears bleed.
    • Derek Savage and Ravager Library II direct all the episodes.
    • Whoever was hired to edit Cool Cat Saves The Kids edits all the episodes.
    • Everyone is voiced by Bryn McAuley, despite the show being British.


    • Have it made in the 1970s.
    • Make the cast puppets produced on a low budget.


    • Each character is drawn in Jacobyel's art style.
    • Make Corey a generic, gambling gangster from the Mexican drug cartel.
    • Make it so only one of the main characters appear in each episode.
    • Have a bunch of drug-addicted high school dropouts write all the episodes.
    • The editors of Cool Cat Saves The Kids edit all the episodes.
    • Derek Savage directs all the episodes.
    • The characters are not colored, but rather drawn with thick-tipped sharpie pens.
    • The characters don't move their mouths when they speak, but rather move their heads or arms slightly.
    • Scott McCord (using his Yang voice) voices all the characters.
    • Trina is armed and dangerous, as well as being portrayed as a Saturday cartoon villain with a personality that falls flat.
    • At the end of each episode, a moral pops up in Movie Maker style, and it is always either "Everything can be the way you want it", "The complainer is always wrong", "It's okay to talk to and go with strangers", "It's okay to take things without asking", "You will be safe when catching stinging insects with your hands", "Suicide is an option", "Jewish people are the devil's work", "Marijuana is something to rely on if you are upset", "Blame minorities for everything that has gone wrong in your life.", "Don't you demonstrate around the Kajun Ku Klux Klan", "The Bible declares being gay is a sin" and "If someone tells you something is your fault, it really is.", followed by an anti-tobacco PSA.
      • Occasionally, morals that make absolutely no sense will show up. These include "Ice cream is the best food", "Don't upset Adam Sandler", and "Boys are better than girls".
    • Have a controversial episode dedicated to everyone talking about religion.
    • Have items similar to Mousketools that are used to solve problems.
    • One character is seen being violently murdered by Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa in every episode, but the murdered character shows alive and well in subsequent appearances.
    • Mitzi Mozzarella from the Rock-afire Explosion is a main character and she appears in live action scenes as a framing device a la Shining Time Station.

    The Bagel and Becky Show

    • The characters yell 10x more often.
    • Bagel and Becky are humans from the ghetto who swear all the time.
    • The theme song is This Is Your Left.
    • Junko Enoshima is a main character. (y tho)
    • Poor audio quality.
    • Add loads of toilet humor.

    Greeny Phatom

    Original version

    • One character dies every episode.
    • Toilet humor is abundant.
    • Dr. Beanson has a nasal voice.
    • A five-year-old does all the voices.
    • Each episode has at least five musical numbers.
    • Include a narrator who states the obvious, like in Peppa Pig.
    • Add in offensive references to 9/11 and other disasters.
    • Despite all this, the show is rated TV-Y
    • Much more crudely-drawn animation.
    • Santed Sailor drops a gun every 10 seconds in every episode.
    • De-age Little Guy to 6 years old.
    • Very poor microphone quality, sounding like it was done on a telephone.
    • Add a character named Regular Guy, who does nothing at all.
    • Have it made by SD Entertainment, and aired on Treehouse.
    • Make Gree Guy a spoiled 3-year old who has a crush on Little Guy.
    • Each episode has at least three musical numbers.
    • Include rancid morals.
    • Have the characters talk to the audience.
    • Only two voice actors, one male and one female do the voices.

    Rob the Robot

    • The show is a low-budget puppet show.
    • De-age Ema to 1 year old.
    • Have it air on PBS Kids.
    • Each episode has at least four musical numbers.
    • Worse episode titles.
      • WORSER
    • A 3 year-old boy does all the voices (execpt for TK, which is voiced by Nicki Manaj).
    • TK is a demented red robot who has seizures and gets drunk occasionally.
    • Has crossover with Fishtronaut.
    • De-age Orbit to newborn.
    • Add loads of toilet humor
    • The music is Disney-esque, using classical instruments and on some occasions, xylophones.
    • Add loads of Whipcracks from Johnny Test
    • Creepy faces show up every 3 seconds.

    Dick Figures (even thought people like this show)

    • Add a character named Joey the Ass, who does Junk anybody make.
    • Make the show titled "The Oogiesticks"
    • Have it air on Teletoon
    • Have the show rated TV-Y
    • Worse episode titles.

    Shimmer and Shine

    • The animation is in a really low budget.
    • The characters look like they are badly drawn.
    • Add loads of toilet humor.
    • Include a narrator who states the obvious, like in Peppa Pig.
    • Each episode has at least four musical numbers.
    • Dora the Explorer appear and join the Genies in Season 2.
    • De-age Shine to a 1 year old.
    • Add loads of whipcracks from Johnny Test
    • The Miracle Star creators write every episode.
    • Has crossover with The Oogiestcks.
    • Very poor microphone quality, sounding like it was done on a telephone.
    • Make it invade the market like Trolls and Frozen.
    • Some of the episodes have really low budget.
    • The voices only have no expression.
    • Name it “Genie Brains: Market Invasion”
    • Have Dan Schneider write the third season.
    • Have it aired on 4KidsTV throughout the 2000s.

    How to ruin the episodes

    Welcome to Zahramay Falls

    • Make the episode's title worse by renaming it to “Get Out from Shitass Farms!”
    • Joey from the Pencilmation bootleg, Pencil cartoon is a villian who barfs, farts, poops, pees on the farm.
    • Chi-Chi is Joey's buddy who does dumb stuff and he likes peeing on everyone in Shitass Farms.
    • De-age every citizen to newborn.
    • The episode is a 1 hour episode.
    • In the credits, bass-booted arabfunny music play while Shimmer dances like a noob.

    Spirit: Riding Free

    • Make it more unfaithful to the movie.
    • The horses talk in very annoying voices.
    • Make it a preschool show.
    • In addition, make the characters talk to the audience a la Dora the Explorer, especially asking them super easy questions they already know the answers to.
    • Make this show take place in the modern day.
    • The show's romanticization of colonialism is significantly increased to the point where it distracts the viewers.
    • Let anyone besides DreamWorks handle this show.
    • Make it live action.
    • The animals are animated with poor CGI while the humans are animated in poor motion capture. The PALs, however, are portrayed by live-action child actresses. They are also green screened into scenes (extremely noticeably, too... you can even see the green screen lines).
    • The PALs and their horses are princesses and princes and they learn stupid lessons about royalty in every episode.
      • In addition to lessons about royalty, they are frequently taught racist ideologies (this ties into the increased romanticization of colonialism).
    • There are sections of the show where the audience has to get up and dance when a tiara is shown on screen, and you sit down when a jewel is shown.
    • Items similar to Mousketools are often used to solve problems.
    • Spirit never returns to his herd.
    • The Spirit in this show is the same one as in the original movie.
    • The theme song is sung to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."
    • Spirit is even weaker than he was before.


    • Let literally anyone besides Schneider's Bakery make it.
    • Jade is the main character instead of Tori.

    Make it Pop

    • Sun-Hi is played by a random-ass white girl, yet we're still expected to believe she's Asian. Also, she dresses even more weirdly and it makes you further question who the poor soul tasked with choosing her wardrobe was. Whoever it is they have no idea how to make decent outfits. Seriously, she's supposed to be a teenager, right, but she dresses like a little child. Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself...
    • Oli London appears in EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE.
    • Give it a crossover with this page's version of The Thundermans, which becomes massively overplayed on the airwaves to the point where even fans get sick and tired of it.
    • Let it run for 100000000000 seasons and it becomes more popular than Spongebob and Henry Danger combined.
    • Like Frozen, it invades the market to the point of over-oversaturation.
    • *Thinks about Make it Pop and bangs my head against the wall until i get a concussion*
    • The show is ran by teenage Koreaboo girls... and Nick Cannon.
    • Each episode has 10 musical numbers, all of which are crappy covers of actual K-pop songs.
    • Bad morals everywhere.

    Pig Goat Banana Cricket

    While the whole page isn't bad, this section in particular is so hilariously awful that it is being kept for entertainment purposes. Do not remove it from the article.
    • Change the show's name to Piggy Goaty Banany Cricky.
    • Make it TV-MA-DSLV.
    • It airs on Adult Swim at 3AM.
    • The directors of Big Mouth, Heil Honey I'm Home! and the worst Family Guy episodes write the episode plots.
    • The theme song is an earrape version of 'Smoke Weed Everyday" by Snoop Dogg, and the ending credits song is "Gooba" by 6ix9ine.
    • The background music for the show is either “Squidward Nose”, “Dame tu Cosita”, “Friday”, “It’s Everyday Bro”, “Baby Shark”, “Soul Train” or a mix of all of them.
    • Make it super low budget.
    • Rename the main characters to Piggy, Goaty, Banany, and Cricky. (Hence the show's new name.)
    • Make the animation 3D instead of 2D. In addition, it is very choppy and blurry.
    • Sometimes, the audio gets distorted so you can't understand what the characters are saying (think of the great-grandma from The Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa).
    • Make all of the characters even more annoying and unlikeable than they already are.
    • Make the protagonists be hobos who throw trash everywhere.
    • Add constant cursing and offensive humor.
    • Have items similar to Mousketools that are used to solve problems.
    • Make it super edgy. (Or just read this entire section.)
    • The characters talk to the viewer in a Dora the Explorer-esque manner.
    • Fill the show with drug references.
    • Speaking of which, the main characters use drugs and drug usage is glorified in every episode.
    • Pig Piggy looks and acts like George Pig from Peppa Pig.
    • Pig, Goat, Banana, and Cricket Piggy, Goaty, Banany, and Cricky worship Satan and try to indoctrinate the viewer into Satanism.
    • Thomas Jefferson is replaced with this dude. In addition, he deals cocaine to the other characters, and he appears in EVERY FUCKING EPISODE.
    • Bob is racist and says the N-word.
    • Boopelite is a slum that is overrun with satanic activity.
    • Each episode is filled with product placement for TikTok, NordVPN, GardenScapes, and Raid Shadow Legends and have the characters sing songs about it.
    • Smooty's is a drug store.
    • All of the characters are voiced by a 50-year-old man who sounds like a heavy smoker.
    • Replace the President of the Planet with Donald Trump.
    • Speaking of the drug references: the Skunkataurs are super obvious references to skunk weed.
    • Every ten seconds, a character either poops, pees, burps, farts, vomits, picks their nose, sniffs their armpits, or scratches their butthole.
    • One character dies each episode.
    • The show gets a 90-minute crossover with The Nutshack, Family Guy, South Park, Beavis and Butthead, Drawn Together, Panty and Stocking, Rick and Morty, Big Mouth, Pooh's Adventures, Greeny Phatom, Hazbin Hotel, The Problem Solverz and Heil Honey I'm Home, all in the same episode.
    • Additionally, all season finales will have crossover with not only the shows said above, but also bad versions of TV Shows/RNW shows.
    • Replace Filthy the Foot with Submarine Man. In addition, make him a recurring character.
    • The credits scroll too fast to be read. In addition, it shows Pig, Goat, Banana, and Cricket Piggy, Goaty, Banany, and Cricky twerking.
    • Each episode ends with a post-credits scenes where Pig, Goat, Banana, and Cricket Piggy, Goaty, Banany, and Cricky spin a Wheel of Morality, except all of the messages are things such as "Drugs are cool", "Bullying is fun", "Suicide is an option", "When people say it's your fault, it really is", "Jet fuel can't melt steel beams", "Hitler did nothing wrong", "Screw Jesus and praise The Beatles", "Ave Satanas", "Boys are better than girls", and other edgy and offensive messages.


    • Make the theme song last 10 hours straight.
    • Make the puns even worse.
    • Make Kelly's name Girl Hamdon.
    • Make the animation even worse.
    • Add more uncomfortable episodes like SheZow throwing out.
    • Make the power of the series even more inconsistent, like SheZow being unable to defeat a Giant Robot while a random tea seller defeat him in one punch.

    Squirrel and Hedgehog

    • Have it go against every country, state and territory that exists in this planet.
    • The show is also very offensive in different ways, with characters making fun of other depending not only their country, but also by their religion and gender.
    • It is animated in Vídeo Brinquedo esque CGI, and the characters are very poorly modelled.
    • It lasts for 100,000 seasons and consistently ends on a cliffhanger.
    • Along with that, after 2012, where the show (in general) is potentially cancelled, it is turned into a web series from a different country.
    • Each episode ranges from 1-10 hours.

    Ojamajo Doremi

    • Doremi is a whiny brat who always exclaims she’s the most unlucky girl in the world
    • The age rating is M
    • Pop is a crybaby who cries a lot for no apparent reason
      • BONUS: Pop randomly urinates and shits herself
    • Doremi constantly breaks the 4th wall
    • Fill it with fetish scenes
    • Doremi needs Mousketools because she’s a whiny brat
    • Hazuki is a Nazi who supports Hitler
    • Aiko is a Karen

    Planet Sheen

    Version 1

    • Make it have the same problems as this one!
    • Steve Urkel gets involved!
    • Sheen's catchphrases are now "Smile, Zeenu, say Chuck E. Cheese!", "All hail Bibleman!", "You heard him, dipshit.", and "Fuck off!"
      • So Phil, is it?
        • *EXPLODES*
    • It is rated TV-MA-DLSV.

    Version 2

    • Goddard is a main character instead of Sheen.
    • Sheen is now an alien named Gangy.
    • Make it more annoying.
    • Chock-Chock was Goddard's love interest.
    • More adult humor.
    • It was titled "Planet Goddard".

    Scaredy Squirrel

    • More adult jokes bumping the rating up to TV-14.
    • Instead of being based very loosely on the books, there are no connections to the books whatsoever.
    • Scaredy is dumbed down. A lot.

    The Wacky World of Tex Avery

    • Make Tex ride on other animals than the goat, but not the horse.
    • Blood and gore.
    • More adult jokes.
    • Make the theme song more annoying. (Add in farting and burping sounds)

    Spider-Man (2017)

    • Have both Peter and Gwen be voiced by Tom Kenny using his SpongeBob voice.
    • Make Mary Jane a weed addict.
    • Have Bart Simpson kill Norman Osborn.
    • Make Harry a chubby blond.
    • Have it be co-produced by Nickelodeon Productions and aired on Nicktoons.
    • Replace Anya with a ridiculously tall black girl named Tanya who has a crush on Harry.
    • Have the show last 20 seasons, with a Tanya x Harry moment at the end of every season 20 episode.
      • Make each season have 100 episodes.
    • Make Captain America a stupid short redhead named Kaptin Amearika.
    • Replace all of Miles' dialogue random archived recordings of Nancy Cartwright as Bart Simpson.
    • Make every episode 92 to 99 minutes.
    • Make Gwen a dumb blonde.
    • Change Adrian Toomes' name to Andrew Toombie.
    • Make "Old Town Road" the theme song for seasons 10 to 20.

    Loonatics Unleashed

    • Keep the show running and have it stay the way it is now.
    • Make Tech and Rev hate each other for no reason.
    • Replace Stoney the Stone with a alcoholic tiger named Kail.
    • Make it an Netfilx Original.
    • Have every new Faunus character be an crappy Lexi Bunny clone for some reason.
    • Make every season have the "Never Gonna Give You Up" video as an opening sequence.
    • Make the animation even worse then it was before.
    • Make the writers of The Loud House write the show.

    Chuck's Choice

    • Get rid of Misha.
    • The entire show is broadcast in smell-o-vision, which means that whenever there's a gross-out joke, the viewer will smell the fart/BO that accompanies it.


    • Have people from Dingo Pictures animate it, and repeatedly zoom in random things and use the "wah-wah-woh" sound effect.
    • Make Weiss and Blake hate each other for no reason a la Volume 1.
    • Make every adult character an alcoholic.
    • Make Legoshi from BEASTARS eat everyone except the girls and a few convenient characters.
    • Make it an FX Original.
    • Have every new Faunus character be an overweight Blake clone for some reason.
    • Make every season have the "Never Gonna Give You Up" video as an opening sequence.
    • Make the CGI even worse then it was before.
    • Make the animation even worse then it was before.
    • Make the writers of The Loud House write the show.
    • Replace the fanart at the end with random R34 drawings of Kali Belladonna.
    • Write even worse origin stories.
    • Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely write Volume 1, and the writers of Steven Universe write Volume 2.

    The Buzz on Maggie

    • Have Maggie be a Mary sue that everyone loves
    • If anyone breaks the rule that they have to love Maggie, they get violently killed
    • It ends with everyone suddenly dying

    Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years

    • All the designs are ugly.
    • Retitle it "Kamp Showbiz: Spongey Cheese's Under Years."
    • Replace Nobby and Narlene with ugly bullfrogs that smoke weed.

    Fraidy Cat (1975)

    • Fraidy is an offensive stereotype with the personality of Jeffy.
    • The animation is even worse.
    • The ancestors are jerks toward everyone.
    • Add in some potty humor.

    The Day My Butt Went Psycho

    • Make Zack the antagonist.
    • The background music is dubstep instead of farting sounds.
    • The animation is horrible.
    • More offensive toilet humor.
    • No connections to the books whatsoever.

    The Patrick Star Show

    • Replace Grandma Tentacles with the yellow octopus named Grandward Tentacles.
    • Make it unfaithful to SpongeBob.
    • Replace Squidina with Sam.
    • Add in more potty humor.
    • Retitle it "The Showbiz Star."

    Family Guy (Season 8-present)

    • Give the Brian/Stewie hybrid babies more screen time.
    • Retitle "Seahorse Seashell Party" to "F*ck You Quahog."
    • "Stewie is Enciente" is renamed to "Olivia is Enciente."
    • Jeff Fecalman is a serial killer known for stabbing people instead of the domestic abuser.
      • Jeff is voiced by Logan Paul instead of Ralph Garman.
    • Make sequels to "Vestigial Peter" called "Vestigial Lois," "Vestigial Chris," "Vestigial Meg," "Vestigial Stewie," and "Vestigial Brian."
      • Name Lois, Chris, Meg, Stewie, and Brian's vestigial twins Chipette, Chippie, Chiptron, Chewie, and Chipmunk.
    • Pip's full name is even worse, which means it contains profane words and maybe something like “CHZSHSJNFUSJANFIKWN”.

    ALVINNN!!!! And the Chipmunks

    • Make it more like the live-action films from 2007-2015.
    • The theme song is "How We Roll" from the 2007 film.
    • Rename "Spoiler-Itis" to "Simone-Itis."

    Powerpuff Girls Z

    • Retitle it "The Kindergarten Gals Z."
    • Poochi looks like a Boots the Monkey ripoff.
    • Jojo Jr. from the live-action PPG script appeared as a sidekick to Mojo Jojo.
    • Add in Allegro the Panda.
    • Ken Utonium is redesigned as a panda and the son of Allegro.

    Total DramaRama

    Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island

    Little Princess School

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