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    How To Make Good Games Bad

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    This is one of RNW's famed "how to" pages. It contains lots of opinions, but may also have just as much vulgarities, gross-out content, satirical humor, and NSFW elements. Also, some of these pages are freakishly long, which pretty much speaks for itself.
    These pages are now considered legacy pages and can no longer be edited by ordinary contributors.

    Five Nights at Freddy's

    • make the fan characters canon
      • all of them
    • the bite of 87 is actually the bite of 83
    • it's all a dream


    • let it be run by tumblr
    • make all the r34 real
    • when they get to the surface everything is DESTROYED BECAUSE WORLD WAR III
    • flowey is a good guy

    Club Penguin

    • It is run by the 12 year old fangirls of Stompin' Bob and Rookie from DeviantArt.
    • Everyone is atleast a clone of Rookie.
    • Remove all the mascots except Rookie and Stompin' Bob.
    • The game is called Club Rookie.
    • Make all the Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu OCs canon.
    • Give it scary vibes.
    • Make it a virus.
    • Include useless "YOU'RE THE (insert number) VISIOR!" ads.
    • In the Puffleberry Mall, give it a theater that shows nothing but marathons of scary logos.
    • The controls are sloppy.


    • Make yellow squares take 10000 hits to destroy, and it will still take that many hits even if you max bulllet damage.
    • Have only 1 dominator in domination.
    • Make arena closer a lv 15 upgrade from tank.
    • Make the arena time to only be 10 seconds before the arena closers come.

    Toontown Online/Rewritten

    • The game is released for the Dreamcast in 1998 for JPN and 1999 for the USA and PAL regions.
      • BONUS: The game shuts down along with Phantasy Star Online in 2003.
    • The toons more closely resemble furries than cartoon animals.
    • Make the Toontorial mandatory.
    • Instead of having gag tracks, make the only two options in battle "Punch" and "Kick".
      • BONUS: There's a 50/50 chance you'll miss.
    • Remove all of the Disney characters.
    • Flippy is constantly high on weed and is a corrupt mayor.
    • The cogs are generic robots, and there is only one boss instead of four, which is just a bigger version of a cog.
    • Make the ToonTasks take even longer.
    • Lil Oldman is a prominent character, and hands out the same ToonTask in each area.
    • In each area, there is at least one ToonTask where you have to reclaim Flippy's secret stash of blow from the Cogs. Once you return it to Flippy, you get to see an animation of him inhaling it UP CLOSE.
    • The areas are changed:
      • Toontown Central is changed to it's beta version.
      • Donald's Dock is an oil-infested and dirty bay, similar to Rusty Bucket Bay.
      • Minnie's Melodyland is filled with toilets, urinals, poop, and pee, and is called Minnie's Bathroomland.
      • Daisy Gardens is an alleyway filled with gang members, and is called Toonz In Da Hood.
      • The Brrrgh is a giant toenail flying in the sky, and is called The Flyin' Toenail
      • Donald's Dreamland is based off of fever dreams, and is renamed YO WH@DDUP M@N I'M LIT @$ F***.
      • The HQs are fused into a generic castle called "Cog Castle".
    • The only words that your toon can say are "B****, you guessed it!", which summons the Bean.

    Panel de pon

    While the whole page isn't bad, this section in particular is so hilariously awful that it is being kept for entertainment purposes. Do not remove it from the article.
    • Remove Lip
      • Make Sans the main character
    • Remove the other Characters
      • Replace them with Shrek Waluigi Vibe check PAC Sanic Kirb Yosh and other meme characters
    • The soundtrack is memes like the MIIIMIMI Song
    • Make Sanatos Thanos
    • make Ugandan Knuckles the final boss
    • Instead of a good ending they all die by the mountain exploding and make Patrick day “and everyone died the end”

    War Robots

    • Change the name to Battlebois XD.
    • The graphics are Baldi's Basics-esque.
    • Get rid of the free rewards that you can get by watching ads.
    • Get rid of the skirmishes.
    • The only mode of gameplay is battle royale.
    • Make it super laggy.
    • There are only 2 maps and their layouts are identical.
    • Each weapon can only hold up to 5 bullets and takes 20 seconds to reload.
    • Get rid of the gold and platinum so that there is only one currency system.
    • Make it really difficult to get silver.
    • All of the robots and weapons have stupid names.
    • An ad pops up after each game.
    • Have it use Roblox sound effects.
    • You can only play one game a day.

    Click Critters

    • Use very outdated, low-quality graphics.
    • All of the adoptables are stolen images.
    • Get rid of the bottlecaps.
    • Make it pay-to-play.
    • Fill it with advertisement.
    • The staff act like the Neopets staff.
    • The users act like the Chicken Smoothie users.
    • Get rid of events.
    • Get rid of the legions.
    • Make it that users regularly get banned for stupid reasons.
    • No privacy policy.
    • The website allows spam, cheating, cursing and mature images.
    • The NPCs are all annoying and unlikeable.
    • The forum is a low-IQ wasteland.
    • Have it censor numbers like Roblox.
    • The help guides are very vague and useless.
    • Do not have any customizable background.
    • Adoptables will randomly disappear at times.
    • The "Your Preferences" only has two gender options, and it is stated that the community decided not to have an "Other" option.
      • BONUS: To make matters worse, it says "sex" instead of "gender".
    • Get rid of the monthly adoptables.
    • There are only less than 100 types of adoptables and they all use the same few base body styles.
    • All of the NPCs look like the animals from El Arca.
    • Cherry and Traptop are tokenized and you get constantly reminded that they are lesbians.
    • All of the puzzles are either way too easy or impossible to solve.
      • BONUS: If you win you don't get anything, but if you lose you lose items and adoptables.
    • Make it that spinning the wheel has a chance that you will lose an adoptable.
    • Make Guess the Number range from 1 to 1000000 instead of 1 to 10000.
    • Make Fortune Teller give negative and insulting messages instead of positive ones.
    • Make Lost impossible to solve.
    • Get rid of Click Forest, Puffs, and the Puzzle Piece Exchange.
    • Also get rid of Dirt Digger, Stop and Swap, and Quality Assurance.
    • Get rid of the adoptable and item shops, as well as the Lost and Found.

    Super Mario Maker 2

    • You Can’t Upload A Level.
    • No Course World.
    • You Have To Unlock All The Items Buy Paying 1 Trillion Dollars.
    • The Only Item You Can Build With For Free Is Only Clouds And Coins.
    • You Also Have To Pay 2 Villion Dollars For Unlocking The Other Styles.
    • Speaking Of Game Styles, You Only Have Super Mario Bros. 3.
    • No Luigi Or Course Bot You’re Only Allowed To Make One.
    • No Catchy Music At All.
    • The Game Costs 100$ While The First One And Heck The 3DS One Is Half The Price.
    • Loot Boxes.
    • Speaking Of Loot Boxes, It Is Unlikely To Get An Item Buy Buying 2 loot boxes all you get is coins and a middle finger.
    • More Gambling You Have To Do Slot Machines And Pay 250$ To Unlock A Goomba.
    • No Stage Themes But The Water Theme.
    • You Can’t Create A World
    • You Have To Scan An Amiibo That Costs 66 Millions Of Dollars To Unlock A Freaking Koopa Troopa.
    • People Send Actual Phalluses To You.
    • Also They Can Threat You With Major Things Such As Death.
    • Yet Again, There Names Are Offensive Such A Hitler,Jesus,Allahu Akbar,etc.

    Wii Sports

    • Uncontrollable motion controls.
    • Only 1 sport which is cards yay.
    • You can't play with your friends or your family.
    • Disgusting music 2 seconds loop.
    • The CPUs cheats A lot.
    • Beating Matt in cards rewards you nothing.
    • Horrible graphics.
    • No training mode so you have to suffer with the CPUs cheating.

    Toontown Corporate Clash

    • Boardbots aren't a thing in the game.
    • It makes it onto Steam and you have to pay $9.99.
    • The Lil Oldman has way more tasks.
      • 1st you must take down 50 Lawbot buildings.
      • Then, fight 10 cogs in a invasion.
      • Disable 300 goons in the Sellbot Factory and finally.
      • Give him ALL your gags.
    • Photo Fun is the only minigame.
    • The CLO does not become a boss and the CJ is not retired.
    • Remove the executive type cogs.
    • The playground designs are the same as the Toontown Online section of this page.
    • Remove the unique mini-bosses in each area and replace them with repeated cogs like this:
      • TTC: Level 7 Yesman
      • DD: Level 8 Ambulance Chaser
      • DG: Level 9 Mr. Hollywood
      • MM: Level 10 Loan Shark
      • TBRRGH: Level 9 Money Bags v2.0
      • DDL: Level 12 The Big Cheese v2.0
    • There is a event every 1st of each month and it is called "SUPER DUPER INVASION!!!". The purpose of this event is basically a copy of the Doomsday event from TTR but it happens on every street.
    • Add Zombies for some reason.
    • The extra music in the game are removed.
    • There is subscription for this game, and if you don't have it, you have the following:
      • You can't go anywhere further than Daffodil Gardens.
      • You can only level up to a Level 5 Cold Caller.
      • You can only have Photo Fun as the only minigame.
      • You can only fight Cogs lower than Level 6.
        • BONUS: You can only enter buildings that have only 2 levels.
      • The max level gag is Level 3.
      • And finally, you can only use SpeedChat.
    • The redesigns are the same as the Lawbots without Context page for Lawbots.

    War Thunder

    • Have the insane Wehraboos run the game.
    • Make Russian bias real.
    • The swastikas aren't censored.
    • Make it run on 10 FPS.
    • Get rid of most of the vehicles.
    • Add a battle royale and make it the only gameplay mode available in the game.
    • Make the gameplay extremely unbalanced.
    • Get rid of voice chat.
    • There are only two free planes and they are very weak.
      • The rest of the vehicles can only be obtained with an overpriced subscription.
    • The game is very glitchy and laggy which makes it hard to shoot.
    • No custom skins.


    we should merge this with How To Make Good Video Games Bad
    -- Scary Wallpaper, the Wallpaper (talk) 02:48, 17 October 2021 (UTC)

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