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    How To Make Good Web Series Bad

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    This is one of RNW's famed "how to" pages. It contains lots of opinions, but may also have just as much vulgarities, gross-out content, satirical humor, and NSFW elements. Also, some of these pages are freakishly long, which pretty much speaks for itself.
    These pages are now considered legacy pages and can no longer be edited by ordinary contributors.

    PLS fix any grammatical mistake if you find one!


    Madness Combat

    • Remove all the blood, gore and fighting.
    • Make the A.A.H.W win every episode.
    • De-age the main characters into 5 year olds.
    • Instead of Deimos smoking ciggaretes he smokes crack.
    • Tricky dies in his first appearance and does not come back.
    • Jesus/Jebus is actually Jesus and not a former scientist.
    • Only grunts appear.
    • Make everyone use toy weapons instead of real ones.
    • Make all of the weapons never get redesigns. (Wich will look weird in later episodes.)
    • Make all the weapons get redesigns each episode.
      • Or even worse, EACH SCENE!
        • OR EACH FRAME!!!!
    • Make Tricky Madness 2 play in the background constantly for no reason at all.
    • Make all characters be more powerful than Tricky, Jesus, Hank, and Auditor combined.
      • And they all have faces and anime hair.
    • Instead of fighting, Deimos just sits in the corner, rolling around and saying weird shit.
      • Wich is how crack addicts act like or something like that.
      • Also, he has big cartoony "terrified" eyes when this happens for some reason.
    • Tricky, instead of being a super-powerful maniac, he is addicted to meth and sex and every 2 seconds he barfs on the floor. Then he wipes the barf on his hands by wiping them on his as**ole. Also rename him to Tiky and make him cookie-obsessed (if you get it, good for you).
    • Everything has vibrant neon colors.
    • Make the protagonists (and Tricky) even more overpowered.
    • Every 2 seconds the mustached star from the non-canon episodes covers the whole screen and screams.
    • You have to see tricky banbangboogerblat for 2 hours before watching an episode.
    • It takes 3 or 4 centuries for each episode to come out.
    • The story makes even less sense.
    • Everyone is a furry.
    • Hank is a male prostitute.
    • The audio quality is terrible.
    • All of the background music is lazy repetitive dubstep music.
    • Everyone has voices.
    • Sanford makes fart jokes every time he gets the chance to.
    • Everyone is a transsexual otherkin that hates white straight men. (Nothing against transexuals, i'm taking about thos insane people on Tumblr)
    • Add more!

    How to ruin the episodes!

    • Madness Inundation is instead called "Jeb goes pee pee" Wich is about Jesus vomiting lots of blood out of his eyes while a bunch of people in the background dab in a really unsynchronized way.
    • Madness Consternation is about hank teaching the viewers about stranger danger, after the episode ends a bunch of screamers appear.


    • Make it reuse jokes ALL THE TIME.
    • Make all scenes hybrids of scenes from other episodes.
      • Wich will result in hybrids of hybrids!
    • Add more!

    The Annoying Orange

    • Orange is even more annoying.


    • Everyone is voiced by Emma and Sally Taylor-Isherwood.
    • Replace Tord and Tom with two baskets of eggplants.

    Spooky Month

    • Obviously, make Skid and Pump lovers just to please the squeakers.
    • The kids die every episode, but come back to life in the next. Monster kills them for good in the last episodeheywaitasec-
    • Monster from Friday Night Funkin' is in it, and make him Lila's spouse. Wait....
    • The voice acting is incredibly obnoxious.
    • Remove the "real endings" on Newgrounds.

    My Pride

    • It doesn't follow the original DeviantArt story at all.
    • Nothing keeps her original name Hobblestep.
    • Make everyone homophobic stereotypes.
      • On top of that, rename it to "That Gay Lion Show". (is that too far?)
    • It's a complete ripoff of The Lion King.
    • Feather's sisters' deaths are shown onscreen.
    • Ghost doesn't appear.
    • Feather actually dies in Episode 10.
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