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    How To Make Scary Logos Scarier (Or Not Scary Logos Scary)

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    This is one of RNW's famed "how to" pages. It contains lots of opinions, but may also have just as much vulgarities, gross-out content, satirical humor, and NSFW elements. Also, some of these pages are freakishly long, which pretty much speaks for itself.
    These pages are now considered legacy pages and can no longer be edited by ordinary contributors.

    Inspired by the How To Make Good/Bad Shows Good/Bad/Better/Worse pages, but for scary logos. This time, you don't need to say if the logo is scary in the first place or not, just how to make it scary/scarier. Feel free to add whatever logos you want.

    Please do not add headings with no points. Think of at least one point before adding it.


    • The mask is in even more uncanny valley CGI and has more shadows.
    • It cuts to the mask zooming in without the ball bouncing on the line.
    • There is a significantly long black screen before the logo starts.
    • The music is creepier and louder.
    • There is a Russian guy saying mysterious things you don't understand in an echoey voice.
    • The logo is from 1987, when VID was first launched, instead of 1990.
    • The mask has its face and roar from the "ВИD of Doom" screamer video, only 10 times worse.

    Authority Films Ltd.

    • Have the fist made in 3D.
    • Somehow, the fists literally jumps out of the screen and punches you in the face.
    • There is blood dripping out of the screen once the fist punches through.


    • Put it on earrape.
    • Give it a negative colour scheme.
    • The THX logo is covered in blood and organs.

    Dave Hood Entertainment

    • Again, the logo's on earrape.
    • Have the logo, and sound, last for 25 minutes (well that would make it boring).

    Viacom V of Doom

    • The V actually hits your face.
    • The later variants are just the BND of Doom.
    • Instead of being in shades of blue, it's in shades of red.

    Viva Films

    • Give it negative colours.
    • It has heavy film deterioration in all of the variants.

    Morris Video (1984-1990s)

    • The film is deteriorated.
    • The color scheme is comprised of dark shades of red and orange.
    • The voice that says "MORRIS VIDEO" is extremely loud (loud enough to make your speakers crack and maybe break) and distorted.
    • The synth instrumentals are also distorted.

    Hikon Film Video Distribution (1981-1982)

    • Instead of it being set on a purple sky background with someone's eye zooming in closer to the viewer, it contains actual footage of a guy getting his eyeball cut out of his socket with a rusty scalpel.
    • The "A HIKON FILM!!!" variant is extremely loud and echoes.

    Murghan Enterprise

    • There is a very loud announcer which speaks in Hindi and echoes.

    Klasky Csupo

    • Splaat is even uglier.
    • Splaat's voice is deeper and echoes.
    • The music is very distorted.
    • The logo is in a dark red background instead of a purple background.
    • Pass on Splaat's scarier changes to the "RoboSplaat!" webseries.

    National Arts

    • The logo is very disoriented.
    • Lightning strikes throughout the WHOLE LOGO, not just the start. And that happens in the closing variant as well!
    • The announcer's singing is very loud and echoes.
    • Blood-curdling screams are heard.
    • At the end of the closing variant, an angry screaming face quickly zooms in towards the viewer and there is creepy-looking red text saying "THE END" in Hindi while the face stays. The screen then cuts to black as a very loud blood curdling scream is heard.

    Screen Gems S from Hell

    • The logo is very disoriented.
    • The logo is tinted black and dark red.
    • The music is played in organ and in C minor, and it also echoes.
    • A scary announcer voice is heard saying "Screen Gems", and it is also loud and echoes.

    Ear Booker Productions

    • The screaming is disoriented and loud.
    • The logo is tinted red.
    • The flashing is even faster.
    • The zooming of the text is even faster and somehow hitting the viewer in the face.

    Team Happy Rainbow Panda Bears

    • Add in the scary creatures, like Xenomorphs and Demogorgons. Also, have them eat the panda's corpse.
    • Add in creepy organ music.

    Bryanston Pictures

    • The logo is red.
    • Make the sound effects scarier.
    • "PRESENTS" is covered in blood.

    Horror Factory

    • The screaming of a creature is in earrape.
    • The creature looks even creepier!
    • The logo is tinted in red.

    Oz Film Company

    • The logo is still.
    • The Ozma head has a HUGE angry screaming face and stares straight into the viewer, plus her eyes are black.
    • Kyomi’s Lullaby is heard playing in the background.

    Zespół Filmowy X

    • Make the X red and bigger than usual.
    • The bang is louder and a scream is heard after that.

    Gorgon Video

    • The Gorgon is even scarier.
    • The logo is tinted in red.
    • Blood curling screams are heard throughout the logo.

    Ismail Productions

    • The horse is covered in blood.
    • The distorted version of Tili Tili Bom (the same song used in the final stage of Mr. Incredible becoming uncanny) plays, and it’s in earrape.
    • The while logo appears very abruptly.
    • It’s tinted an extremely dark red.

    Boje Buck

    • The rabbit looks even scarier.
      • It is looking directly into the viewer's eyes instead of at an angle.
    • The background has a black and red color scheme.
      • Other variants contain an extremely disturbing background, at an environment covered in blood or fire.
    • The snake corpse in the rabbit's mouth is bleeding.
    • The logo is covered in blood.
    • There is ominous music playing throughout the logo.
    • The fading in to the rabbit's face is replaced with an abrupt cut to the face.

    DiC Kid in Bed

    • The kid is dead.
    • The "deek" voiceover echoes.


    • The eyes bleed, and they are at the very center of the screen.
      • The logo is still.

    A Rainbow Release

    • The logo is darker.
    • The man has an angry screaming face.
      • His eyes are white.

    Asymmetrical Productions

    • There is flashing all throughout the logo, and it is faster.
    • The voice is deeper and louder.
    • There are eyes staring at the viewer's soul along with the mouth.
    • The logo is even darker.

    Slaughterhouse Entertainment

    • The logo is covered in blood and organs.
    • The logo spins and zooms in even longer and faster.
    • The scream is in earrape.
      • It's also the scream of a little girl instead of a woman.
    • The logo is darker.
    • The music is even more ominous.

    Prabhat Film Company

    Qubo Shutdown (Creepypasta version)

    • The music is stolen from all Nintendo 64 games.
    • The characters mutate into ugly monsters instead of getting killed off by a gunshot.
    • The background is black instead of red.
    • The phone number is "F*ck You" by Cee Lo Green.
    • Make it real, and not a hoax.

    Sinister Cinema


    Idea: How to make scary PSAs/PIFs scarier
    -- Mr. Cheese 01:15, 5 April 2022 (UTC)

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