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    How to Make Bad Books Good

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    This is one of RNW's famed "how to" pages. It contains lots of opinions, but may also have just as much vulgarities, gross-out content, satirical humor, and NSFW elements. Also, some of these pages are freakishly long, which pretty much speaks for itself.
    These pages are now considered legacy pages and can no longer be edited by ordinary contributors.

    The Compound

    • Make the characters more useful (especially with Eli's mom. Other than being beautiful, she's useless), and add more character development.
    • Eli is less of an controlling bitch.
    • Remove a lot of the parts were Eli is rude to his siblings.
    • Less product placement.

    The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents

    • Give "cat language" a better name. Seriously, "cat language".


    • Remove the plot holes.
    • Not making Bella a Mary Sue.
    • Make Edward a teenage boy without vampire features.
    • Not making the vampires sparkle.

    Fifty Shades

    • Make Anastasia less of a Mary-Sue.
    • Make Christian Grey less creepy and actually care for the well-being of Ana.
    • Make the series less sexist and misogynistic.
    • Have Ana grow a spine and stand up to Christian, telling him that what he's doing to her is wrong.
    • Give the characters more development.
    • Get rid of the romantic subplots. Seriously, abusive relationships weren't meant to be romanticized.

    Junie B. Jones series

    • Better grammar and spelling. I get that she's a little kid, but I have never met kids who spoke like Junie B.
    • Junie B. is more likable.
    • If this book is wanted to be aimed at five year olds, tone down the usage of "hate," "stupid," and "dumb."
    • Not making Junie B. complain constantly, like all kids of her age.
    • Have it teach good morals.
    • Mrs.' name is revealed. In addition, Junie B. doesn't address her teacher as Mrs.

    The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

    • Make the title shorter.
    • Have the author actually do research on autism, to make Chris's characterization accurate and not stereotypical.
    • Make the characters way more believable.
    • Chris doesn't threaten people with the knife.
    • Chris's parents aren't abusive.
    • Less cursing.
    • Get rid of the part where Chris bashes religion.
    • Don't have Chris get into too detail about everything, especially the part when he was peeing.


    • Caitlin is an accurate portrayal of autism, rather than a genderbent Sheldon Cooper.
    • Remove all usage of "Asperger's" and replace them all with just "autism".
    • Don't have the book focus on Caitlin learning about empathy and social cues.
    • Don't make Caitlin talk in a way that Important Stuff is written Like This.
    • Remove the parts that casually make fun of William.

    The Speed of Dark

    • Instead of having the plot be about autism being (almost entirely) eliminated, make it be about Lou trying to stop the development of an autism cure.
    • Neurotypicals aren't called "normal" and autistics aren't called "not normal".
    • Lou stays a realistic character the whole time rather than devolving into a stereotypical portrayal.
    • The other characters aren't flat.
    • Have the last 25% of the book not change in tone and make it pro-cure along with the idea that autistic people can only be happier and more successful if they became neurotypical.
    • Lou, as well as the other autistic adults, don't reject their autism and get to stay autistic at the end of the book (also the autism cure was never developed to begin with).

    Eleanor and Park

    • First of all, give Park an actual Korean name instead of a surname as a first name.
    • Eleanor isn't an annoying bitch.
    • Get rid of the casual racism and race fetishizing (which includes not CONSTANTLY being REMINDED that PARK AND HIS MOM ARE ASIAN EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY APPEAR ON THE GODDAMN PAGE).
    • Make Eleanor's and Park (idk what his name would be renamed to but I'll still call him Park for the sake of this page)'s relationship realistic and not unhealthy.
    • Remove the Anne Frank line as well as the one line that used the r-word.
    • Way less cursing.
    • Beebi and DeNice are renamed and aren't stereotypical black girls.
    • Park's self-hate is treated as a character flaw rather than being his entire character. Also he finally accepts and embraces his Korean heritage near the end of the story.
    • Park's mom isn't a racist stereotype. She also doesn't abandon her culture which means her kids don't grow up being whitewashed.
      • Also don't have her come to America through the military.
    • Add actual references to Korean culture in the book.
    • Kung fu and taekwondo aren't the same thing so stop using them as synonyms for each other. (Also stop misspelling the latter.)
    • Eleanor's siblings also run away from their abusive family at the end.
    • Change the ending.

    Rush Revere series

    • It's written by someone besides Rush Limbaugh.
    • Get rid of the "America is the greatest country on Earth" political agenda and just make it purely historical education.
    • Make the art much better.
    • Liberty isn't annoying.
    • Freedom is renamed an isn't a stereotypical Native American.


    • It's more faithful, accurate, and realistic to actual science studies and religion.
    • Al's parents aren't Ted Turner and Jane Fonda.
    • The humor and jokes are more clever and creative.
    • Remove all celebrities from the story.
    • Miki is reverted to her officer suit instead of still being on the hooker costume after the trial.
    • Also remove the introduction parts where they explain the joke.
    • Instead of Wolverine evolving from an otter, he evolves from the animal that inspires his name.
    • Wipe it from Existance


    • Don't make it too long.

    Dork Diaries Series

    • Make Nikki less of a selfish jerk and have her go through some character development so she can become a nicer person.
    • Don't have the books follow the same plot line (Nikki fighting with Mackenzie, getting mad at her little sister, and obsessing over her crush, Brandon)
    • Don't make the characters cliched stereotypes.
    • Don't have the dialogue overuse certain words or phrases like "OMG", "dork", or "SQUEE!"
    • Make Mackenzie a more likeable antagonist and give her a better reason as to why she hates Nikki so much.
    • Get rid of the reference to the Fortnite Dance Challenge videos (and the illustration of some characters dabbing) from the book Birthday Drama.
    • Have the books portray tween and teenage girls in a more realistic and less stereotypical way, as not all of them are girly girls who only care about having a boyfriend, makeup, stylish clothes, gossiping, not being popular or being ones who start the drama.
    • Nikki, Chloe, and Zoey should be less stereotypically girly characters. Have them play sports, try out for clubs, or do some things alongside the tomboy lines.
      • Heck, why don't we add some tomboy characters every now and then?
    • Have Nikki obsess less over Brandon.
    • Speaking of Brandon, why don't we give more depth to his character? We could have him be a better listener to people, not have him make others feel guilty, and portray him as more than Nikki's crush.
    • Get rid of the girls' unhealthy obsession for makeup, clothes, boys, and missing class.
    • Have the series provide more realistic expectations for kids and teenagers by having the characters be respectful to their parents, realize that school is important, and be themselves.
    • Don't have the series encourage bad morals like bullying, talking back to adults and starting drama.
    • Make the jokes better written and more funny.
    • Have less capital, cliche similes and metaphors thrown about.
    • Have the series set a better message for girls.
    • Have the series follow its motto "Let your inner dork shine" (meaning you should accept yourself for who you are and not let anyone change you) by portraying its characters in a more positive light.
    • Don't make the characters in the series one-dimensional, flat, stereotypical, and static, and have them go through character development.
    • Make the series seem less of a Diary of a Wimpy Kid rip-off.

    Tokyo Mew Mew à la Mode

    • Give more focus on the lives of the other Mew Mews instead of only Mew Berry.
    • Make Berry less of a Mary-Sue.
    • Keep the old personalities that the returning characters had in the original manga. For example, have Ichigo keep her status as a strong heroine instead of regressing her to a whiny, useless damsel in distress.
    • Make the villains a little more interesting.
    • Give the story a better plot.
    • Show less gore on one of the pages.

    Battle Bunny

    • Keep the original title "Birthday Bunny".
    • Remove all of the scribblings that cover the pages.

    Love You Forever

    • Don't have the mother act so creepy.
    • Have the mother show her love for her son in a different way other than just cuddling him in her arms all the time, especially when he grows up into an adult.

    The Berenstain Bears and the Bully

    • Have the book teach kids how to stand up to bullies in a better way instead of beating them up.
    • In one of the book's illustrations, get rid of Sister Bear's thought bubble where she is planning cruel and violent revenge against Tuffy.
    • Don't have Sister get off scot-free from her actions.


    • Don't have Pinkalicious be bratty, sneaky, spoiled, greedy, disobedient, or obnoxious.
    • Have Pinkalicious undergo some character development throughout the books and becomes less stubborn than she was in the first book.
    • Have Pinkalicious stand up to the bullies who pick on her for her love of pink in Purplicious.
    • Have the books teach better lessons to children.
    • Have the issues in the stories be resolved.
    • Don't have the books reinforce gender stereotypes.
    • Make the writing less choppy and dull.
    • Give the books better morals.
    • Don't have the books overuse the word "pink".
    • Give the books a better art style.
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