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    How to Make Bad Movies Good

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    This is one of RNW's famed "how to" pages. It contains lots of opinions, but may also have just as much vulgarities, gross-out content, satirical humor, and NSFW elements. Also, some of these pages are freakishly long, which pretty much speaks for itself.
    These pages are now considered legacy pages and can no longer be edited by ordinary contributors.

    NOTICE: Please do not add things like "I like/dislike this movie/character/etc, please respect my opinion" to the headers or bullet points, as it is unnecessary and not to mention very redundant. The opinions template is on this page for a reason. Also, only movies that actually exist are allowed on here.


    Version #1

    • Having all the human shoppers look a lot better.
    • Making Mr. Clipboard more funny.
    • Not having Daredevil Dan's miss-mash talking go on and on and on.
    • Remove the creepy baby and replace it with a grocery bag.
    • Make the copyrighted ikes the main stars.
    • Redesign all of the characters so they look like this:
    • Make it more like this!
    • Have it traditionally animated.
      • Don't you mean digitally animated?
        • Actually, it should be animated with Toon Boom, but have the style simulated as traditional animation.
        • You mean cel-shading?
    • Hire YouTubers and well-known voice actors to do the characters' voices in order to save budget.
    • The whole animation isn't stolen.
      • Isn't that a part of the movie being dang-awful?
    • Have it produced by Universal Pictures and Universal Cartoon Studios and release it into theatres in 2003.

    Version #2

    • Have the animation like the original files of the film. Instead of using motion capture, why not computer animation with an exaggerated use of squash and stretch. It would look better for sure!
    • Make Sunshine Goodness an actual cat, that way the film would avoid implications of bestiality.
    • The original files aren't stolen.
    • Fix the script and plot.
    • Have the film distributed by Paramount Pictures, rather than Viva Pictures.
    • Have it released at its intended release date, which is Christmas 2003, or 2002.
    • Try to focus less on innuendos, and use it when necessary.
    • Most of the mascots get screen time, because the whole point of the movie is the product placement.
    • Answer plot holes, like how did some of the products get recalled.
    • Fix the characters' personalities.
    • Get someone other than Larry Kasanoff to direct the film... someone who actually had experience of being a director.

    Godzilla (1998)

    The are many forms to improve the movie

    Option 1:

    • Bring back the original version of the script, with the sadist woman and the jaguar-bat gryphon.

    Option 2:

    • Only make the animated series
    • The show is released during 2002-2003
    • The classic friends and enemies of the classic Godzilla films (Anguirus, Mothra, King Ghidoriah, etc) are guest stars in some episodes.
    • Make a crossover with Kong: The Animated Series as a season finale.

    Option 3:

    • Do NOT hire Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin.
    • Godzilla did not lay eggs.
    • Godzilla uses the atomic breath instead of "Power Breath."
    • Some scenes didn't rip-off of those from Alien and Jurassic Park III.
    • Do not flanderize Godzilla.
    • Make it more like the 1954 film.

    A Talking Cat!?!

    • Have Duffy's mouth move.
    • Have the music be only stock music by Paddy Kingsland and Harry Forbes.
      • However, it wouldn't be a public domain soundtrack played loudly on an electronic keyboard and incessantly repeated.
    • Have Paul Verhoeven direct it.
    • It was released by Walt Disney Pictures in the early 2000s.
      • Or make it a sequel to The Shaggy Dog.

    The Lone Ranger

    • Have The Lone Ranger say "Hi-Yo, silver!" somewhere in the movie.
    • Make Tonto less creepy.

    The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure

    While the whole page isn't bad, this section in particular is so hilariously awful that it's kept for entertainment purposes. Do not edit it out of the article.

    Version 1

    • Replace the main characters with Mumfie, Scarecrow and Pinkey.
    • The celebrities are replaced with Thomas the Tank Engine characters.
    • Scarecrow loses his hat rather than his pants falling.
    • The main characters are smarter than the original ones.
    • The movie lasts half an hour.
    • Make the Movie called "THE WORST BALLOON ADVENTURE EVER!"
    • Make it released in theaters on January 9999.

    Version 2

    • Have the movie be based on a different preschool show that isn't as obscure as My Bedbugs was.
    • Have the movie be about the Oogieloves traveling to different places around the world in a hot air balloon and learning about different cultures, while also finding pieces of a magic puzzle.
    • Improve the writing.
    • Don't have the movie encourage toddlers to get up and mess around inside a theatre full of steps to fall off and steel-framed seats for them to hit their heads.
    • Make the characters less creepy looking.
    • Give the movie better songs.
    • Give the movie a better story that doesn't rip off of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
    • Give the movie better attempts at comedy.
    • Make the characters more interesting.
    • Make some of the scenes less nonsensical and racist.
    • Make some of the scenes less risqué and more kid friendly.
    • Improve the acting.
    • Give the movie a better ending.
    • Don't have the movie steal lines from other media.
    • Make the location names less idiotic and laughable.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III

    Original Version

    • Make the intro take place in the old west and have the train robbery.
    • Make the turtles look better.
    • Make the jokes sound better.

    Different Version

    • Make it what the fans wanted it to be.

    Hulk (2003)

    • Add more action and villains
    • Hulk's dad dies at the beginning of the movie
    • The Hulk have more time on screen, even more than Bruce.
    • The dialogue sounds more active, instead of the characters are making a sort of ASMR
    • Hire Edward Norton for the role of Bruce Banner.
    • Make the monster dogs less scary
    • During the final battle, the Hulk is even bigger and larger than in the real final battle.
    • Hulk wears his iconic ripped pants during his scenes, instead of a generic blueish-purple shorts.
    • Add comedy scenes (or any sort of comic relief).
    • Add pop songs during the battle scenes.
      • That would make it much worse. Imagine if the put "Move Your Feet" from Junior Senior on the final battle.

    Dinosaur Adventure

    • Make Kree the main character.
    • REMOVE PEEK remove peek.
      • You are worst dee-no. You are dee-no scum you are dee-no trash.
        • Maybe replace him with a way less annoying dinosaur.
    • Learn to pronounce Dino.
    • Redub it with well-known voice actors.
    • Have actual time and effort be put into the animation. -_-

    Home Alone 3 & 4

    • Make the Home Alone series stop after 2...
      • No, make 3 and 5 different series, and name Home Alone 4 to Home Alone 3.
    • ...and make Home Alone 5 be known as "Home Alone 3" and also a spin-off sequel.

    Free Birds

    • Replace the Chuck E Cheese's promotions with the Pizza Hut ones.
    • Have the song "Free Birds" be played somewhere in the movie.
    • Give it better humor.
    • Get rid of the political undertones.
    • Not making the people evil.
    • It was revealed to be a dream at the end.

    A Troll at Central Park

    • Switch its ending with Little Shop of Horrors' ending (P.S., Little Shop of Horrors is a good movie).

    ~~Or, if we are doing this the right way...~~

    • Make the movie be about a troll from a fantasy world trying to survive in modern day New York.
    • Improve the characters and make them more likable.
    • Don't have the characters talk so much.
    • Give the movie a better script, story plot, and storytelling.
    • Have Stanley serve a better purpose in the movie.
    • Improve the writing.
    • Don't have Rosie cry so much.
    • Give the magic in the movie a proper explanation.
    • Get rid of the pointless thumb wrestling scene.
    • Get rid of the scene where Gus cries an ocean when he's cursed by Gnorga.
    • Give the movie better songs.
    • Don't make the scene where Stanley runs around Central Park too long.
    • Give the movie a better moral.
    • Improve the dialogue.
    • Make Stanley's attraction to Rosie seem less creepy, unnerving, and sickening.

    The Nut Job


    ~~Or, if we're doing this in Televisionforpeoplewithnailtoez's way~~

    • Make this film about conspiracy theorists since they are big liars and deserve to have their reputation ruined.
    • Replace the badger with the Sniper from TF2.
    • Have the conspiracy theorists and the Sniper switch roles, (Sniper is the main protagonist, and the conspiracy theorists are the main antagonists).
    • Harley Quinn and the Joker make a special appearence and help the Sniper kill the conspiracy theorists halfway through the movie.
      • And after that run Colonel Bleep shorts to pad out the running time.
    • Add a "s" to the end of the film's name.

    ~~Or, if we're doing this in Sophie Failure's way~~

    • Give the movie a better plot.
    • Make the characters more likable and less cliched/annoying/obnoxious.
    • Get rid of all the nut puns and toilet humor.
    • Remove "Gangnam Style" from the movie's soundtrack.
    • Make the movie less mean-spirited and dark.
    • Give the movie a better grasp at the source material to the original short film it was based on.

    Nine Lives (2016)

    • Make Rebecca the cat instead, and she becomes it by consuming a beverage laced with a rare liquid that turns people into animals, with the effects becoming permanent after 24 hours and her parents have to find the person that made the liquid and turn her back to human.
    • Remove that litter box scene.
    • Focus less on potty humor and slapstick.
    • When Rebecca is turned into a cat, her mouth moves.
    • Rename the movie "The CATastrophe".
    • It is released in July 2015.
    • It is entirely animated in CGI.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (The 2014 Michael Bay version)

    • Make the film better. Nuff said.
    • The Turtles aren't giants.
    • Splinter owns the Turtles instead of April.
    • Don't hire Michael Bay.
    • Make it a TV Movie.

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

    • Bring back Rachael Harris, Steve Zahn, and Devon Bostick to reprise their roles as Susan, Frank, and Roderick.
    • Take out Mac Digby, the faux YouTuber.
    • Make Greg Heffley look older.
    • Add more characters such as Chirag, Patty Farrell, Fregley, Holly Hills, and Mr. Jefferson.
    • Remove product placements and references to games and social media websites.
    • Remove the scene where Susan and Frank sing Wannabe and where Greg almost gets run over by a car.
    • Better CGI for the seagulls.
    • Remove the pig.
    • Better jokes and humor.
    • Better acting.
    • Remove the "diaper hands" meme and make this trailer better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxfyJAkQBaE
    • Make the climax less confusing and better to follow.
    • Have the movie do a better job at adapting the book.
    • Don't have the film pander to teenagers who use their phones and other devices a lot.
    • Get rid of the overused toilet and gross-out humor.
    • Don't reuse the background extras so much.
    • Make the logic less confusing.
    • Get rid of all the product placement and unnecessary pop culture references.
    • Don't flanderize the characters.
    • Give the movie better morals.
    • Give the movie a better ending.
    • Don't have the camera always zoom into Greg's face to make the scenes more dramatic.

    Batman & Robin

    • Have the film be animated.
    • Give Mr. Freeze funnier jokes.
    • Lessen focus on visual effects.
    • Add Harley Quinn and have Arleen Sorkin reprise her role as Harley.
      • The fifth Batman film which would have been made if B&R was successful, Batman Unchained, would have had Harley Quinn, and she would have been played by Madonna.
    • Use the voice actors from Batman: TAS.
    • More Moloko music
    • Make it more serious
    • In short, just Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero.

    The Groovenians (Pilot)

    • Switch the animation to hand drawn.
    • Make the primary moral more relatable, explaining that there are more important things than fun and art in certain conditions.
    • Have the first scene take place inside a stage.
    • Don't hire the B52s to sing the opening sequence in order to save budget.
    • Add more logic to the plot.
    • Make Looki look like a normal dog.
    • Wait, what?

    Elf Bowling: The Movie

    • Alter the plot majorly to be more in-line with the game as well as the general story of Santa Claus.
    • Replace the penguins with leopard seals that are separate from Krampus.
    • Modify the characters' designs.
    • Rewrite the "Elves Better Be Happy" song to a catchier, more creative one dubbed "Cooperate, Elves!"
    • Take out unneeded product placements in favor of original, in-universe ones.
    • The Bowling Ball is mentioned as a magical one that doesn't hurt the elves, just tickles them.
    • Introduce all main protagonists in the first and second scenes.
    • Replace Dingle with Krampus.
    • Remove the scene where the elves sing a song just because Santa's butt catches on fire.
      • It just doesn't make sense. Seriously, it's unnecessary.
    • It is produced by Touchstone Pictures.

    Norm of the North

    • WAY less toilet humor.
    • Remove the lemmings.
    • Make Norm funnier.
    • The movie is named "Polar Opposites".
    • Colombia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation produces it.


    • It takes place in 1992.
    • Make it a film where scuba divers discover the Titanic while facing extreme dangers.
    • Call it The Search of the Titanic.
    • Film it in live action.
    • It was produced by 20th Century Fox.

    The Wild (2006)

    • Make the plot more original.
    • Remove the ethnic stereotypes (like German dung beetles, Indian pigeons, and Canadian geese).
    • No crotch gags.
    • Make the personalities of the characters better.
    • Make the wildebeests' goal less creepy, and don't make them want to be carnivores.
      • Seriously, herbivores cannot adjust their digestive system to become carnivores.
    • Take out Ryan's meow and replace it with a child saying "Roar!" (Think the Lion King).
    • Benny and Bridget are just friends instead of Benny having a crush on her.
    • Take out Larry the Snake and replace him with a way less annoying character.
    • There is an explanation on how Ryan learned to roar.
    • Traditionally animate the movie (think Who Framed Roger Rabbit).
    • Recast it with better voice actors and actresses.
    • Rename it to "Zoo Animals Go Wild".
    • Add creative humor.
    • Make Nigel funnier.
    • Remove the scene with the hyrax on the toilet.

    Mars Needs Moms

    • Film it in live action.
    • Give Milo's personality more depth.
    • It takes place in the 1980's.
    • Have Raymond Ochoa play as Milo and Jennifer Aniston play as Mom.
    • Add subtitles to translate the Martians' speech.
    • Put in facts about parental care.
    • Ki is an outgoing, well-meaning Martian who isn't annoying.
    • Modify the morals.

    Twilight Series

    • Remove all the purple prose.
    • Make Bella, Edward, and Jacob all smarter.
    • Have Bella befriend BOTH Edward and Jacob but reject both their advances as she needs no man.
    • Bella becomes a self-made woman and the Ambassador of Vampire-Werewolf-Human relationships, helping turn vampires, werewolves, witches, and fairies into respectable US citizens.
    • After Bella manages to turn vampires, werewolves, witches, and fairies into respectable US citizens, she goes travelling with the Doctor and isn't ever seen again.

    Titanic: The Legend Goes On

    • It is shot in live action.
    • Three words: No anthropomorphic animals.
      • It defeats the realism of a historical film.
    • It reuses props from James Cameron's Titanic (such as the Titanic reconstruction).
    • Make it a kids' matinee film.
    • Remove the broken English.
    • Get rid of the anachronisms, such as the Party Time rap.

    Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie

    • Make the character designs less creepy.
      • In that case, make them cuter.
    • Have it in stop-motion.
    • Not hire Tom Kenny and other people to do the voices in order to save budget.


    • It was made in 2012 or 2014 and it is released in theaters.
    • Taylor Hillridge manages to get the cap off, overdoses, and dies, and the rest of the film is about Lindsay Fordyce and her fellow bullies going through 200 hours of community service.
    • Have the laptop Taylor and her friends use to set up her Clicksters account be a Macbook instead of a laptop with the XBox logo on it (no, seriously, that actually happened in the movie)
    • Taylor's brother doesn't actually change the status on her Clicksters profile. Instead, Lindsay does it by hacking into Taylor's account and keeps it a secret.
    • Make the acting less underwhelming somehow.
    • Remove that "You really are gay, what they're saying about me isn't true" scene.

    Or, if we were doing this RIGHT....

    • Wipe this film from existence. :)
      • That’s…not gonna improve this film.

    Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa

    • It is produced by Warner Bros. Animation. (P.S.: It’s not to be confused with Warner Animation Group, as that company was founded in 2013 whereas Warner Bros. Animation was founded in 1980, so keep that in mind.)
    • Make Great Grandma readable.
    • Recast Todd with a male child actor.
    • Make it many minutes longer (like 2 hours longer) and slightly shorten existing scenes that go on too long so there can be more of a storyline.
    • Use a font other than Comic Sans MS for the credits.
    • Taking out that song that girl with glasses and her dad sing wouldn't hurt either. That song sucked.
    • As for the blonde girl's song, change the lyrics a bit so we aren't left wondering how she apparently believes in Santa even though she just said a few minutes before that he didn't exist.
    • Release it in the year 1995 by Warner Bros. Pictures.
      • CreativePenguin50's suggestion: Have it air on broadcast syndication (mainly CBS and UPN) in December 1996.

    The Christmas Tree (1990 Direct-to-Video Film)

    • It is released in 2000 as a TV special on Nickelodeon.
    • It is made by Klasky-Csupo.
    • Show more emotion to the characters like they did with the black dog Licorice.
    • Fix all of the errors!
    • Recast the child characters with people that are not horrible adult actors, horrible child actors, or aliens posing as children trying to take over the world.
    • Replace the bear that looks like Baloo from The Jungle Book with a random polar bear and name him Sherpa.
    • Make the animation less horrible and wobbly.
    • The moral is less lousy.
    • Include at least a bit of comedy.
    • Fix the somewhat creepy character designs into more friendly ones.

    The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

    • Recast all of the child actors.
    • Make it a Cabbage Patch Kids film.
    • Animate the Garbage Pail/Cabbage Patch Kids with traditional animation (think Who Framed Roger Rabbit).
    • Use a more logical, original, and developed plot.
    • Rewrite all songs to make them seem timeless, catchy, and memorable.
    • No gross-out.
    • It is produced by Universal Pictures.

    Chihuahua: The Movie

    • Have there be a Werewolf-like transformation for Sondra becoming the dog, Bella.
    • Bella's mouth moves.
    • Recast all of the cast except for Anya Benton.
    • Have Walt Disney Pictures release it.
      • And make it part of the A Chihuahua in Beverly Hills series.

    Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

    • Censor all of Justin Bieber's singing.
    • Whenever referring to Justin Bieber, it/its pronouns are used in place of he/him.
    • In the end, Michael Jackson's ghost returns and beats Justin Bieber's @$$
    • Rename the film to “Always Say Never” or “You Can Say Never as Much as You Want”.

    Cool Cat Saves the Kids

    • It was not a compilation movie.
    • There are separate costumes for Cool Cat and his mother.
    • Cool Cat and his mother's mouths move.
      • In addition, have Jim Henson's Puppet Workshop and Jim Henson's Creature Shop collaborate and make the Cool Cat and Cool Cat's Mother costumes!
    • It does more professionally.
      • Yeah. It would look like a theatrical masterpiece instead of a low-budget direct-to-video film.
      • A famous theatrical masterpiece like Frozen
    • Make it a kids' matinee film.
    • Universal Pictures and SMGToons (a children's movie program at Studio Movie Grill theaters) released it and it is a SMGToons film at the aforementioned Studio Movie Grill.
    • To make it more realistic, Daddy Derek is also a cat.
    • Make the anti-bullying and gun safety plots made separately (they each have their own movie).
    • It is renamed "Cool Cat and the Bully" to make it more realistic.
    • Remove the Hollywood Parade and writing contest sub-plots.
    • Make Cool Cat refer movies cars by their correct names (eg. the Delorean rather than the Back to the Future Car).

    Fantastic Four (2015)

    • Make it as a Marvel Cinematic Universe film.
    • Make the Thing wear pants.
    • Make the character designs for Doctor Doom and the Fantastic Four closer to the original comics.
    • Have Stan Lee make a cameo in it.
    • Make Doctor Doom not have superpowers (like in the comics).
    • Change Johnny Storm's skin color white.

    Monster High series

    Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?

    • Make Valentine's personality more interesting.
    • Give Valentine a way more satisfying payback revenge from Draculaura.
    • Make the party planning scene at least more interesting.
    • Make it less cringeworthy.
    • The Eternal Pit of Body Odor is a pit of fire.
    • Make it at least a trifle bit scary.

    Ghouls Rule!


    Sausage Party

    • Try to make actual adult humor, rather than just seeing how many of times you can drop an f-bomb while trying to be edgy.
    • Remove the four-page-long scene. If you've read the script, you know the one.
    • Redesign some of the more... questionable design choices.
      • I mean seriously.
        • Have you seen that hot dog bun?
          • Gives me the jibblies.
            • A-jibbly.
              • Yipes! We should go for a realistic change so it wouldn't be mistaken for a kids' film.
    • Remove the scene with Douche and the juicebox and replace it with a scene where Douche is found by another food product who kidnaps him and brainwashes Douche to work for him. (This scene offended some people.)
    • Douche doesn't die at the end of the film and redeems himself.
    • Not making it racist and anti-religious.

    Edward Scissorhands

    • Make it premiere in theatres in 2006
    • Make The title character less disturbing
    • Make it a comedy
    • It was produced by Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon Movies and DNA Productions (Or Bad Robot)
    • Have a female counterpart of the title character.

    The Night B4 Christmas

    • Evilina is named Emily.
    • Make the animation less wonky.

    The Good Dinosaur

    • Have less sequences with long silence.
    • Remove the hallucination scene. It gave me nightmares!
    • Make the film more comedic.
    • Arlo's character development isn't cliché or bland.
    • Also, give Arlo a less annoying voice actor.
    • Add another character who joins them on their journey who serves as a slapstick character like Bing Bong in their previous film, Inside Out.
      • But why? Oh yeah, to fulfill Mimitchi's obsession with Inside Out.
    • Henry isn't killed off. Had he lived, the plot would still be the same.


    • One sentence: Give us the original British version to North America!
    • It is in stop-motion.
    • Spell Doogal's name as Dougal.

    Pulp Fiction

    • Have more going on.
    • Kill Jimmy instead of Vincent.
    • Don't make Vincent accidentally kill Marvin just to advance the plot.
    • Don't make any of the white chatacters say the N word.
    • The film is a comedy.
    • Decrease the number of F-words, I mean, having some is alright, but do we really need to hear it over and over again?
    • Have the film's plot be around food, as the burger and milkshake scenes are the only good scenes.
    • Make Jules kill Ringo and Yondaleon instead of giving them his money.
    • Make the drug dealer look like Kurt Cobain

    Club Penguin series

    They're TV specials but ey I'm still puttin' em here.

    We Wish You a Merry Walrus

    • Make Jangra less of a controlling bitch.
    • Lorna is still voiced by Cristina Puccelli, Roofhowse is voiced by Justin Long, Jangra is voiced by Grey Griffin, Blizzard is voiced by Bryce Papenbrook and Sydmull is voiced by Sean Ryan Fox.
    • Roofhowse is renamed "Skip", Jangra is renamed "Jayla", Lorna is renamed "Lucelle", Blizzard is renamed "Brawn", and Sydmull is renamed "Sid".
    • Have the stop motion animation look less sickly and the story is less rushed.
    • Never over-do stereotypes.
    • Have the theme of beginning be the instrumental theme of I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.
    • Make Lorna/Lucelle's hyperactive personality not so awkward and forced.
    • Cake and Awesome are renamed "Frosting" and "Icing"

    Halloween Panic!

    • Everyone's costumes are based off 1600's fashion, and the beginning takes place at a halloween dance party.
    • Herbert makes a comeback.
    • Include a sabertooth tiger who teams up with Herbert.
    • Polter-Gus is a purple ghost with a full set of human teeth, with a toothgap.
    • Include a young penguin named Jules who befriends Skip and the gang.
    • Make it spookier, yet still family friendly.
    • When Brawn befriends Polter-Gus, have Polter-Gus completely shut out everyone except Brawn.

    Monster Beach Party


    The Little Mermaid

    This isn't a bad film; this section is really more just about how to make it better. (Well in that case, put it in How To Make Good Movies Better)

    • Make Ariel die in the end like in the original story. Serves her right for not listening to her dad.
    • Make the scene where the chef tries to kill Sebastian more realistic.


    • Change a lot of the troll's names.
    • It is not overly cute and happy.
    • Have a better plot.
    • Remove the pooping cupcake joke and the farting glitter joke and replace it with funny and clever jokes.
    • Poppy actually learns her lesson.

    Pixel's way

    • Everyone has Guy Diamond's voice. :)

    Super Mario Bros. (1993)

    • Make it an animated anime movie.
    • Make the plot way better.
    • It follows the games more.
    • Change the Goomba design (please)
    • Dub Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach! in English and release it to the United States instead.
      • Also, hire some foreign studio to repaint some scenes to have Luigi with the right colors (Green instead of yellow).
      • Also, also, make some dub edits along the way.
    • Make it so that the live-action Super Mario movie becomes just a movie that doesn't have any Super Mario stuff in it, and maybe call it "Dyno-steria (ft. Febritzio and Jerry)‎" or something else?

    Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild

    • Film it in live action like the first two movies.
    • Have a better plot.
    • Make it a theatrical release instead of a direct-to-video one.


    • It is released in 2003 as a video game on PS2, Xbox, Game Boy Advance and GameCube.
      • #Delgo4Smash

    The Emoji Movie

    • Wipe it from existence.

    We're just kidding! :D Here's the actual way to make it good.

    • Jailbreak is less of a Sombra/Wyldstyle ripoff, personality and design wise. Also make her hacking gear green instead of purple
    • The poop emoji and the poop kid are never present in the film. Seriously, I bet they were only there so they could get a big-named VA in the film.
    • The characters are less bland.
    • The plot is less cliched and boring.
    • It was released in theaters in 2015, when emojis were actually relevant.
    • Less shoehorned product placement.
    • Get some company OTHER than Sony to make it.
      • Like Universal Pictures/Illumination? Oh, that would make it worse. Maybe Dreamworks Animation or Warner Animation Group.
    • Textopolis is renamed Textopia (insp. from the Awful Movies Wiki)
    • Replace Crackle (Sony’s own free Netflix-like service) with the actual Netflix.
    • Remove the Just Dance Now scene (as it was offensive to many true Just Dance players)

    Alpha and Omega

    • The wolves look more realistic, like this.
    • It’s not very similar to other movies, such as Balto and Bolt.
    • Rename the male pups to Smokey and Rusty but keep Claudette's name.
    • Way better humor.
    • Rabbit Poo Mountain is renamed Rabbit Mountain.
    • The animation is better.

    Cars franchise

    While the whole page isn't bad, this section in particular is so hilariously awful that it's kept for entertainment purposes. Do not edit it out of the article.

    • Remove every character except for Guido.

    The Smurfs (2011)

    • Make the movie traditionally 2D animated with 3DCG effects on a few of the characters and some of the backgrounds for perspective camera shots.
    • Have the plot focus more on the Smurfs, Gargamel and the human village.
    • Remove Modern-day New York City and Neil Patrick Harris.
    • Eliminate the pop songs, rap songs, pop culture references and toilet humor.
    • Make the film truer to the source material.
    • Have the film produced and distributed by Warner Bros. instead of Sony.
      • And make the opening logos, the WB Shield in white and blue.

    The Smurfs 2

    • Like the good version of the first film, make it 2D animated with CGI effects on a few characters and some backgrounds for perspective camera shots.
    • Have the plot focus more on the Smurfs, Gargamel, the Naughties and the human village.
    • Remove Modern-day New York City, Modern-day Paris and Neil Patrick Harris.
    • Remove the pop songs, rap songs, pop culture references and potty humor.
    • Make the film truer to the source material.
    • Have the film made by Warner Bros. instead of Sony.
      • And make the opening logos, the WB shield is white and blue.

    Chicken Little

    • The characters are not jerks towards Chicken Little and his friends, except for the bullies.
    • The plot involves fairy tale characters in a school preparing to get into a story, while one of the teachers is planning an evil plot to take over the Fairy Tale Kingdom and become the focus of all of the stories, so Jack (from Jack and The Beanstalk), Mary (from Mary Had a Little Lamb), and Chicken Little try to stop him.
    • Chicken Little is the tritagonist instead of the protagonist, and Jack is the protagonist instead, with Mary being the deuteragonist.
    • Abby Mallard is changed to a male, is made a background character, and is called Ugly Duckling, while Runt is split into the 3 Little Pigs, who are all construction workers, with one fat, one short, and one tall.
    • Chicken Little's dad does not appear at all.
    • Jack's love interest is Jill, but the love is not stilted or shoehorned in.
    • Jack is adventurous and brave, Mary is the comic relief that likes to bring her animals to school, and Chicken Little is cowardly, but smart.
    • The movie is a comedy similar to Emperor's New Groove, but also an adventure similar to Mulan.
    • Replace the pop songs with original songs.
    • Foxy Loxy is, like Abby/Ugly Duckling, a male character who is part of an alliance of fairy tale villains, and Fish Out of Water doesn't appear at all.

    The Polar Express

    • Film it in live action.
      • Or otherwise, animate it in much better CGI.

    Peter Rabbit

    • Not making it a Smurfs ripoff.
      • No, it isn't
    • It was entirely CGI-animated.
    • No pop-culture songs.

    Disaster Movie

    • Remove ANY inch of it mocking anything that was popular around the film's release and make it MORE like Scary Movie.
    • Make the Rabid Chipmunks look more like The Alvin Show or 1983 version of Alvin, Simon, and Theodore instead of the 2007-2015 versions of them. Example: The one who wears an orange shirt with a yellow "C" on it wears a cap, similar to how Alvin usually wears a cap.

    Add the Rabidettes(or the evil versions of the chipettes) and the leads name is Desiree


    • Remove Adam Sandler.
    • Hire another actor to play Sam Brenner.
    • No product placement.
    • Remove the scene where Q-Bert pees after he sees Donkey Kong.
    • Make Sam, Eddie, and Ludlow as likeable as their teen versions.
    • Make Lady Lisa a pixelated character, since she is a video game character.
    • The crane was pixelated when it grabs Frogger.
    • Remove the Q-Bert children.
    • Make the Pac-Man poster set in New York City instead of San Francisco and have reduce Pac-Man's size to how big he was in the film rather than being gigantic and eating the latter in one bite.
    • Make the video game characters expies to save budget.
    • Give it all least, credit to the original creator of the short (or make him the director of the film).


    • No. You can't improve G-Force. This movie is completely beyond redemption. It's the spawn of all evil, and if you've seen this movie, you need to go visit your local church NOW. Nothing good can be produced out of this movie whatsoever, not even in a so bad it's good way. This movie is worse than Battlefield Earth, Plan 9 From Outer Space, Freddy Got Fingered, and every Video Brinquedo and Dingo Pictures mockbuster COMBINED. Trying to improve it will only make it ten times worse. Not even Stuart Little can compare to the evilness of G-Force. Watching it is torture and believe me when I say that. It is impossible to make G-Force good. TL;DR - Trying to make G-Force good will only make it worse.

    Just kidding! Here's how to really improve this movie:

    • Make the characters, like the Guinea Pigs, the Fly, and the Cockroaches, less annoying.
    • It was entirely animated in CGI.
    • Make the humor better.

    Racing Stripes

    • It's animated traditionally.
    • Buzz, Scuzz, and Goose are less annoying.
    • The alternate ending is the real ending instead.
    • Ruffshodd has a better role other than making stupid quotes and parroting Pride's words.
      • Also, change his name to something less stupid.
    • Lightning and the other animals contribute to the plot a little more.
    • During the scene where Sandy gets kidnapped, Sir Trenton's gang of horses are closed off more so that it's not as easy for them to escape (see this picture), and Sandy and Stripes have some reaction and back up to the edge of the river where they don't have room to run.
      • I get that this would be hard to do with real horses but see bullet one.
    • Sandy gets kidnapped by Sir Trenton and forces her out by pulling on her mane instead of willingly walking with him and the horses.
    • Sir Trenton and his horses trap Sandy in an abandoned shed instead of her stable, and it makes more sense.
    • Stripes is assisted by the flies during training, and then doesn't get help during the big race. I get that it's supposed to be a "Use the Force, Luke" moment, but that's cheating.
    • Stop calling a horse's rear end a flank.

    The Lorax

    • Make the songs better.
    • Make it less political.
    • Don't let us see the Onceler at the end because it ruins the plot.
    • Release it in 2006.
    • It's produced by Imagine (with collaboration of Ambiln) and distributed by Universal Pictures
    • Instead of a light-hearted comedy film, have the movie be a dark and interesting tale with a good message like the original book and Friz Freleng special.
    • Get rid of the pointless subplot involving Ted's attempts to impress Audrey.
    • Get rid of Aloysius O'Hare, who is a pointless villain.
    • Give the movie a better message.
    • Don't make the forest animals obnoxious Minion-like comic reliefs.
    • Make the characters less bland and cliched.
    • Make the Onceler a mysterious and foreboding man instead of a loud, obnoxious pretty boy.
    • Don't make the Lorax a pointless comic relief.
    • Get rid of the unnecessary pop culture references.

    Captain Marvel

    • Better actors.
    • Better plot.

    Son of The Mask

    • It's entirely CGI-animated
    • The villains from the animated series team-up to invoke Loki to destroy the world.
    • The baby doesn't appear.
    • The gods of Asgard helps The Mask to save the world.
    • The Mask it's like an updated version from The Genie of Disney's Aladdin.
    • There's a sh*tload of pop culture references that if someone wants to rewatch the film, it's only for find every reference (á la Wreck it Ralph or Ready Player One).
    • There's a dance party ending, where the mask dances U Can't Touch This from MC Hammer.
    • It's made by Warner Animation Group and Amblin and distributed by Warner Bros. in 2017.


    • Remove Ratatouille from existence.
    • It is made by Disney and Pixar as part of the Ratatouille universe.
    • Retitle it "Ratatouille 2: Remy's Restaurant Out of Business."

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    • Have the film be animated.
    • Have Steven Blum voice Wolverine.
    • Deadpool is like in the comics or in his future films.
      • Put the post-credits scene from Deadpool 2 (where Negasonic Teenage Warhead and her girlfriend Yukio repair Cable's time-traveling device for Wade and the former uses it to save the lives of Vanessa and X-Force member Peter, and kills both Deadpool and actor Ryan Reynolds while he is considering starring in the film Green Lantern.) instead of the actual post-credits scene (where Stryker is detained for questioning by MPs in connection with the death of General Munson, whom Stryker murdered to protect his experiment and Deadpool is shown to have survived his decapitation.).

    The Little Panda Fighter

    Option 1:

    • Make it an adult parody of Kung-Fu Panda (not a porn parody, just in a Family Guy/South Park Level).
    • It's an internet short.
    • It has references to other Dreamworks films, like Shrek, Madagascar, and Bee Movie.
    • Looks like the MAD parody of Kung-Fu Panda 2.
    • It's made by some freelancer animator on YouTube.

    Option 2:

    • Remove the cameos of Yogi Bear and the Care Bears.
    • Don't hire 4kids voice actors for the English dub to save budget.
    • Make it less of a rip-off of Kung Fu Panda.

    Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas is You

    • Much better animation.
    • Much better plot.
    • Mariah actually looks like she is 1/4 black like her siblings.
    • Mariah isn't an annoying brat.
    • Don't have that stupid song everywhere.

    Strange Magic

    • Better script and storyline.
    • More cartoony designs for the characters.
    • Lots of marketing and merchandise.
    • Add comedy scenes or some kind of humor.
    • Get rid of the pointless love cliches.
    • Make the movie more original and not have it rip off other movies.
    • Give the musical numbers more original songs instead of pop-rock covers of existing songs.
    • Improve the voice acting.
    • Give the movie some quiet moments.


    • Make it 100% animated in 3DCGI.
    • The humans' designs are like The Lorax or the humans in The Secret Life of Pets.
    • Hire another actor rather than Russell Brand to voice E.B.


    • Make it a TV show and rename it to, "The Egg-cellent Adventures of Chuck Norris and the Crew"
    • Let 9-Story Entertainment take care of the animation duties.
      • Speaking of which, it is animated with Toon Boom Harmony.
    • It is produced by Nelvana and air it on Disney Channel in 2013.
    • Fix the plot a bit.

    Warcraft (2016)

    • Only make it the beginning of a Blizzard Cinematic Universe, that includes: the 2 sequels of Warcraft, 2 films of Starcraft, a Diablo trilogy, and Heroes of the Storm an Avengers-like team.

    Cats (2019)

    • The animals look like normal animals (think of the CGI Lion King).
    • Get rid of the dialogue.
    • The cats' designs are the same as in the musical.

    Where the Dead Go to Die

    • Fucking destroy every single copy of this hellspawn and lock up its creator for the rest of his life.

    Dreams Come True: A Mule Mom's Story

    • Describe the embryo transfer better, i.e., no mentions of smoke and mirrors, fairy dust, gobbledygook, none of that. (Even if reproduction and embryo transfers are a sensitive subject...)
    • Flo starts off as an adult and is the one to come to the stable and become a hero instead. In addition, it is briefly explained that she is a donkey/horse hybrid.
    • Show Flo longing for a baby, i.e., spending time with foals to show her nurturing side instead of saying "She is depressed. She needs to have a baby. This will fix things!"
    • Make the film longer.
    • Make the story clearer.
    • Velcro is renamed "Vera."
    • Don't make Flo's entire dialogue singing.
    • The golden pheasant actually looks like a golden pheasant.
    • Give the other farm animals names. For example:
      • The golden pheasant is named "Phoenix."
      • The hens are named "Annie" and "Beth"
      • The black rabbits are named "Ryan" and "Jack." (Yes, I am aware that there is a donkey character named Jack in the movie, but he, along with Elizabeth, are both taken out in this version.)
    • Give everyone more development, for example:
      • Tuffy has less of a lazy and sarcastic personality so he's not too similar to Garfield. He would serve as Flo's mentor and encourage her to have a foal of her own.
      • Ryan and Jack would serve as comic relief characters.
      • Phoenix often believes he is a fighter and spends lots of time practicing on fighting skills.
      • Cowboy is a very brave dog who is very protective of the animals.
      • The Gypsy King has a much bigger role, as he falls in love with Flo.
    • Removed the scenes that were traced from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron to avoid lawsuits from DreamWorks.

    Go!Animate the Movie

    • Make it a film said to be released in 2013 like it actually is, and not 2006 when Go!Animate was non-existent.
    • Professionally animate it in CGI a la Bolt.
    • Retitle it "Eric and Victor".
    • Or in this case, have Rough Draft Korea handle the animation and make it livelier.
    • Replace the Adventure Time toy with a Hasbro "Whac A Mole" toy.
    • No references to grounded videos. PLEASE!

    Leo the Lion

    • Produce it by Blue Sky Studios.
    • Make Uncle Lope look more like Gazelle from Zootopia than Dwayne Johnson after plastic surgery.
      • In it, Uncle Lope has been "rescued" from a zoo to throw shade at anti-zoo people
    • Leo is forced to be a vegan against his will by the workers at the PETA rescue center.
    • Remove the elephion babies.
    • It is made to throw shade at PETA.
    • Change Leo's name.

    The Banana Splits Movie

    Version 1

    • Make it a PG rated musical comedy movie instead of an R rated horror comedy one.
    • The Banana Splits are humans in costumes instead of animatronics.
      • Fleegle, Bingo and Drooper aren't flanderized, making them remain as silly slapstick animals, like Snorky.
      • Snorky didn't run Mitch over with a Banana Buggy.
      • Fleegle is light greenish-brown and wears shoes.
      • Bingo had as much black hair he had in the shows and is barefoot.
      • Drooper had normal-sized eyes.
      • Snorky had human-like eyes instead of beaded ones.
    • The entire film feels like a TV show instead of a Five Nights at Freddy's rip-off.
    • Hire Bill Farmer, Frank Welker, and Carlos Alazraqui to reprise the role as The Splits. Despite this, Eric Bauza will still play the announcer for the TV series.
    • The Splits are friendly to people instead of killing them.
      • Bingo hugs Andy instead of kidnapping him.
      • Sal the Security Guard isn't decapitated.
      • Drooper gives Stevie a real lollipop instead of shoving a prop lollipop down Stevie's throat.
      • Fleegle actually does the saw magic trick by putting Thadd and Poppy on each half of the saw box and sawing it into halves instead of brutally sawing him in half.
      • Drooper spends a lot of time with Jonathan at the fire pit instead of burning his face.
      • Fleegle gives Jonathan a blue key instead of stabbing him on the back with it.
      • Drooper teaches Rebecca how to build instead of smashing her with the hammer.
      • Fleegle and Drooper tickle Andy instead of tearing his limbs.
      • Bingo teaches Doug how to drum instead of poking his eyes with the drumsticks.
      • Drooper wouldn't try to choke Beth.
      • The Splits wouldn't try to kidnap children.
    • Dick Dastardly and Muttley appeared as antagonists of the film.
      • Muttley instead runs Mitch over with the Mean Machine (rather than the Banana Buggy).
    • Make Harley, Zoe, Austin and Parker side characters.
    • The Splits are more consistent in movements, meaning they move like normal people instead of athletic ones nor cheap toy robots from dollar stores.
    • The human male characters are portrayed as nice boyfriends/husbands instead of cheaters and unlikeable twits.
    • Hooty is an animatronic owl and is Dastardly's invention.
    • The poster and DVD covers were set outside of Taft Studios and Bingo holds a clapboard instead of an axe while Drooper didn't have sharp teeth.
    • Give the film a better tagline instead of "Tra La La Terror."
    • Replace Karl with fictionalized versions of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.
    • Remove the plot holes. Examples:
      • Bingo return to the stage few seconds later after hugging Andy instead of kidnapping him and being on stage the same period of time.
      • The doors to Andy's room are closed and locked by Andy himself instead of the doors themselves.
      • Mitch doesn't give a phone to Paige nor pulling out when leaving Taft Studios, since there will be no cellphones in the film.
      • Bingo, Drooper, and Snorky never roar if things aren't silly enough.
    • Better special FX for fire.
    • Remove all the violence and gore.
    • It doesn't end on a cliffhanger.
    • It's more like the 70s than modern days.
      • Replace the HDTVS and cellphones with analog TVs and analog telephones. (As I already said)
        • Characters never use Instagram in the film, since Instagram comes out in 2010 and not in the 70s.
    • It started a Hanna-Barbera Cinematic Universe.

    Version 2

    • Rewrite it as an actual FNAF film instead of the Banana Splits one.
    • Retitle it "Five Nights at Freddy: The Movie."
    • Replace Fleegle with Freddy Fazbear.
    • Replace Bingo with Bonnie.
    • Replace Drooper with Chica.
    • Replace Snorky with Foxy.
    • Replace Hooty with Springtrap.
    • Replace the Williams Family with the Afton Family.
    • Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and Springtrap are actually portrayed by animatronics.
    • Give the film a charm Conker had.
    • Better special effects for fire.
    • Bingo/Bonnie actually uses an axe while Drooper/Chica actually uses sharp teeth in the film.

    Alvin and the Chipmunks 2007-2015

    • Hire another male actor to play Dave instead of Jason Lee.
    • Redesign the Chipmunks and Chipettes to look more human-like and more identical to the 80s artwork (like ALVINNN and the Chipmunks)
    • Make Alvin wear the cap entirely throughout the films, not just the end of the first film.
    • It actually explains how Janette gets her glasses from, like how Simon got glasses from the toy Santa.
    • Make Alvin's eyes blue instead of amber.
      • Why? I'm curious.
        • Because, in the 1980s TV series, Alvin's eyes are blue.
    • All the films are more reminiscent the original cartoons and novelty records from the 50s-60s. It would also have less references to modern-day culture.
      • Also, the end credits for the first film only feature the records from the 50s-60s.
    • Have Miss Beatrice Miller appear throughout the sequels.
    • In addition to removing the more "modern" references, the 2000-2010s pop songs, product placement, potty humor, modern pop culture references and adult humor all share the same fate. Here are some examples:
      • Alvin says "Boo" to Dave instead of farting on him.
      • Simon actually eats raisins instead of poop.
      • Remove the SpongeBob clips.
      • Remove Chris Classic, Digger the NASCAR Gopher and Redfoo.
      • Replace the alcoholic drinks with various kinds of soda. So as not to insert product placement into the film, it is just called "soda" as opposed to "Coke" or "Pepsi". In other scenes, root beer and ginger ale are present.
    • Hire Ross Badgasarian, Jr. and Janice Karmen to reprise the role as the Chipmunks and Chipettes, not just their singing.
    • Make the "Witch Doctor" song more like the 1961 version instead of the rapping one.
    • Make the new version of "Christmas Don't Be Late" more 60s like.
    • Have the tetralogy made by Universal instead of 20th Century Fox/Studios.
    • The Chipmunks actually wear beach holiday attire in Chipwrecked.
    • The red car the Chipmunks ride on actually appears in The Road Chip.
    • The Chipmunks' heads on the sequels' posters aren't recycled from the first film's poster.
    • The Chipettes wear one-piece swimsuits instead of bikinis.
    • Remove Simon's "Simone" persona.
    • Make Zoe a better villain in Chipwrecked.
    • Ian Hawke appeared in The Road Chip.
    • Make Agent James Suggs a better villain in The Road Chip.
      • Also, hire another actor than Tony Hale to play Agent Suggs.
    • Not hiring Kaley Cuoco.
    • Give the Chipettes a lot more screen time in The Road Chip.
    • Remove the song "Pizza Toots" or change it to something more appropriate.
    • The Tetralogy was rated G, not just Chipwrecked.

    2012 (2009)

    • Have the film be made as an adult animated film by Paul Tibbit.
    • Have the film set in August instead of December since there's no snow, no Christmas stuff and no Santa.
    • Better character personalities.
    • It is actually made as a sci-fi comedy film instead of the disaster film.
    • Make it more like our real world.
    • No inconsistencies or contradictions in the films
    • Make some of the secondary characters more like primary protagonists.
    • Jackson was stronger as a protagonist.
    • Make the characters less annoying.
    • Just a plenty of characters.
    • Improve the voice acting.
    • Well-written script.
    • Better plot.
    • It never insults the nations.
    • In the trailers, it gives impression that the film will be science-fiction.
    • The posters show the characters in the ship.
    • Remove the product placement.
    • Let there be a sequel/spin-off TV series, 2013.
    • Shorten the length of the film.


    • Keep the original title "The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle."
    • It is made by 20th Century Fox/Studios instead of Universal.
    • Hire another actor than Robert Downey Jr. to play Dolittle.
      • Speaking of which, hire the Welsh actor to play Dolittle.
    • Add in clever animal puns instead of adult jokes.
      • Cut out the scene where Dolittle pulls things, like a bagpipe, from the Dragon's butt.
    • Better plot.
    • The sound mixing is even better.
    • Improve the characters.
    • It was directed by Brad Bird.
    • Make the dragonfly more realistic.
    • The pellet removed from Kevin the Squirrel has blood.
    • The British English is actually correct.
    • They actually visit Buckingham Palace.

    The Last Airbender

    • It is made as a CGI animated film.
    • Do not whitewash the characters.
    • The words are actually pronounced correctly. Example: Aang was pronounced "Aing", not "Ong". Sokka was pronounced "Sock-Ah", not "Soak-Ah". Iroh was pronounced "Eye-Row", not "Ear-Oh".
    • The film doesn't try to cram the Season 1 episodes into one plot.
    • The voice acting is better.
    • The bending is even better.

    The live-action Scooby-Doo films

    • Add in Dick Dastardly, Muttley, Dee Dee Skyes, Penelope, Captain Caveman, Jabberjaw, Blue Falcon, Dynomutt, and The Banana Splits.
    • The CGI designs for Scooby and Scrappy in the films look cartoony and look identical to the Hanna-Barbera artwork. (Along with Muttley, Captain Caveman, Jabberjaw, and Dynomutt.)
    • Remove the demons and the Daemon Ritus.
    • Make the first film more like the cartoons.
    • Scooby and Shaggy are less stupid.
    • Daphne's outfit remains faithful to her cartoon counterpart's.
    • Dastardly and Muttley are antagonists of the first film instead of Scrappy.
    • Never make the live-action prequel films.
    • Hire another actress to play Heather instead of Alicia Silverstone.
    • Remove all the adult humor and pop-culture references. Example:
      • Scrappy spills juice on Daphne instead of peeing on her.
      • The Tasmanian Devil is replaced with the frog-headed Scooby from the original cartoon.

    The Cat in the Hat (2003)

    • Make it a 2D animated film.
    • Remove all the adult humor.
    • Make it more like the book.
    • Hire another male actor than Mike Myers to play the Cat.
    • The Cat, Thing 1 and Thing 2 aren't creepy.
    • Remove Larry Quinn from the film.

    Disney Sequels

    The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars

    • Hire Jon Lovitz to reprise the role as the Radio.
    • It actually explained how Robbie got into the bubble in the first place.
    • Make the Microwave less stupid.
    • The Supreme Commander isn't weak as an antagonist.
    • Make the "Floating" song less annoying.
    • Wittgenstein is actually seen again.
    • Better animation.
    • No animation errors.
    • Make it more like the books.

    Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World

    • Belle, the Beast, and Lumiere aren't flanderized.
    • Everything magical actually happened like the first two.
    • Belle didn't wear a yellow dress on the 2003 DVD cover.
    • Better animation.
    • Better facial expressions.
    • The film was set in more locations than the Beast's castle.
    • Lumiere didn't hit a chandelier.
    • It isn't made with the episodes of an unproduced TV show.
    • No more filler or padding.
    • Lumiere had more than two funny lines.
    • Make a little darker.
    • Better voice acting for Mrs. Potts.

    The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

    • Make the new characters less like rip offs of the characters from the original.
    • Keep the character's personalities they had in the original.
    • Flounder actually has his wife.
    • Make Melody's baby shower scene less a rip-off of Princess Aurora's.
    • Improve the dialogue.
    • No plot holes.
    • Better animation.
    • Improve the writing.
    • Keep the "Gonna Get My Wish" scene.
    • Give Flounder the better adult design.
    • Hire another actor to play Prince Eric instead of Rob Paulsen.
    • Make Melody's undergarments yellow like in the posters and cases.

    Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

    • The characters actually have the dreams come true, hence the subtitle.
    • Better plot.
    • Give Anastasia more development.
    • Improve the story.
    • It isn't made with the episodes of an unproduced TV show, Cinderella Stories.
    • It actually has more impact.

    Atlantis: Milo's Return

    • It was actually set in Atlantis.
    • It isn't made with episodes of an unproduced TV show, Team Atlantis.
    • Retitle it "Atlantis: Tides of Chaos."
    • Do not flanderize the characters.

    The Jungle Book 2

    • Make the plot less like the first film.

    The Lion King 1 1/2

    Mulan 2

    • Mushu is less a self-centered jerk.
    • Make it as exciting as the first film.
    • Give it more action scenes rather than just two.
    • Remove Shang's fake-out death scene.
    • Have Shan Yu return.
    • Remove the reprise of "A Girl Worth Fighting For".
    • Give the songs "Lesson Number One" and "Like Other Girls" better lyrics.
    • Give the Matchmaker a bigger role in the film and have her accompany Mulan and the others on their journey.
    • The main characters move realistically.
    • Better facial expressions.
    • Don't flanderize the characters.
    • Don't have Shang be afraid of small animals.
    • Give Ting-Ting, Su, and Mei better characterization.
    • Make Lord Qin a better antagonist.
    • Don't have Mulan repeat the line "My duty is to my heart" so many times.
    • Improve the writing.
    • Have the film follow its main premise and not juggle too many subplots at once.
    • Have the movie teach a better lesson.
    • Make it more historically accurate.
    • Get rid of the plot holes.

    Kronk's New Groove

    • Tone down the adult humor.
    • Do not flanderize Kronk.
    • Make Kuzco the main character.
    • Retitle it "The Emperor's New Adventures."

    The Fox and The Hound 2

    • Have the film set after the events of the first film.
    • Dinky, Boomer, Big Mama, and Squeaks actually appeared.
    • Amos Slade isn't a comic relief and is villainous.
    • Cash isn't arrogant.
    • Olivia looks nothing like Pippi.
    • The scenes interact very well.
    • Tod and Copper aren't separated.

    Bambi 2

    • Make it an actual follow-up instead of a midquel.
      • SIDENOTE: The midquel still exists, but it retains its original title "Bambi and the Great Prince of the Forest", which would be released in 2010 (?).
    • It focuses on Bambi and his children, Geno and Gurri.

    The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning

    • Better plot.
    • Improve the songs.
    • Marina behaves less like Yzma.
    • Make it a sequel to The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea.
    • Keep the original title, "The Little Mermaid III"

    Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

    • Have the movie do a better job at retelling Christmas stories.
    • Give the movie three or four stories to tell instead of five.
    • Make the motivations for each story connect with each other.
    • Improve the CGI animation, or have the movie be 2D animated instead.
    • Improve the writing for both the dialogue and the song lyrics.
    • Replace Mona with Roxanne.
    • Give the movie better humor.
    • Make the segments less boring and mean-spirited.
    • Give the movie a better moral.
    • Don't fill the movie to the brim with generic commercialism.
    • Give the segments better messages.
    • Make the characters more likable and less out-of-character.
    • The songs/score are released on CD and music streaming services, including "Share This Day".

    Disney Remakes

    101 Dalmatians (1996)

    • Have the film set in the 50s instead of present day.
    • Roger is not a video game designer.
    • Remove all the adult humor.
    • Roger's last name is "Radcliffe", not "Dearly"
    • The animals actually talk.

    102 Dalmatians

    • The film is entirely 2D animated.
    • The animals actually talk.
    • Have the film set in the 1950s.
    • Pongo, Perdita, Roger, Anita, Jasper and Horace appear.

    Alice in Wonderland (2010)

    • Have the film 2D animated and not live-action.
    • Retitle it "Alice's Return to Wonderland".
    • Tim Burton is not involved with it.

    The Jungle Book (2016)

    • The elephants actually talk.
    • Kaa isn't genderswapped.
    • The vultures appeared.

    Beauty and the Beast (2017)

    • The Beast looks nothing like Faun.
    • The argument scene lasts 30 seconds.
    • Remove Maestro Cadenza (the harpsichord servant) and Monsieur Toilette (the toilet servant).
    • Hire Eric Bauza to play as the male servants, but not as humans. (Except Chip)
    • LeFou is more like a comic relief.
    • Gaston stabs the Beast instead of shooting him twice.
    • When the Beast died, the servants are still alive.

    Dumbo (2019) (version 1)

    • The animals talk. (Except Dumbo)
    • Remove the new human characters.
    • The Pink Elephants on Parade scene is longer, more colorful, has lyrics, and is a dream sequence.
    • More animals, like storks and crows (including Jim Crow), appear.
    • Add in more songs than "Baby Mine" and "Pink Elephants on Parade"
    • Better voice acting.
    • Make the "Baby Mine" scene longer.
    • The dogs and horses are CGI instead of live action.
    • "When I See an Elephant Fly" as added.
    • Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo aren't sent to Indian jungles at the end.

    Dumbo (2019) (version 2)

    • Make it more faithful to the original movie in the first half, with it being more divided on the animals.
    • Expand on the characters more.
    • All the dogs and horses are also CG. Don't ask.
    • The animals don't talk, but they are still able to communicate in some way (think the 101 Dalmatians remake, but not this article's version).
    • Timothy and his babies have a bigger role, and the crows are added (they have jewelry and scraps of fabric on them because they steal).
    • "When I See an Elephant Fly" is added and sung by a barbershop quartet, the song becomes a hit on the radio, and in one scene, the crows try to invade a performance, but are constantly shooed off.
    • Add a scene where one of the storks from the briefly shown flock spends the night in Mrs. Jumbo's train car (he's slightly injured and/or tired).
    • The Baby Mine scene is longer.
    • The Pink Elephants on Parade scene is also longer, is a dream sequence, and has more colors (It also has lyrics).
    • The acting is better (seriously, I've seen kids act better than that in the 80's/90's).
    • The circus shuts down entirely at the end due to poor sales (people in 1919 only wanted circuses with animals, nobody cared about that back then).
    • However, Dreamland is rebuilt, and Holt and Max are the new CEO's.

    Aladdin (2019)

    • Remove Dalia, Anders, and Hakim from the plot.
    • Replace the Roc Iago scene with the snake scene.
    • Iago remains as a snarky loudmouth instead of being changed to an ordinary parrot.
    • Hire Gilbert Gottfried to reprise the role as Iago before his death in 2022, rather than Alan Tudyk.
    • Starting in the scene where the Genie turns Aladdin into the prince, Abu stays as an elephant until the climax.
    • The drowning scene was set at night.

    The Lion King (2019) (version 1)

    • The CGI design style for the Lion King characters look more identical to the 1994 artwork.
    • Have them actually emote.
    • The "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" sequence is actually multi-colored.
    • "Be Prepared" has smoke and fire and is a full song.
    • Replace "Be Our Guest" with a Hawaiian Song.
    • Banzai and Ed remained named instead of being renamed as "Azizi" and "Kamari."
    • The Hyenas are funnier like in the original.
    • Scar isn't bland as a villain
    • "Be Prepared" isn't scapped during production and is a full song.
    • Rafiki's acting isn't boring.
    • More live action shots were shown.
    • More other actors from the original than James Earl Jones return.
    • Never have a girl boss fight between Shenzi and Nala.

    The Lion King (2019) (version 2)

    • Don't make it in the first place!
    • OK, fine, or rather....
    • First off, the obvious: 👏🏻ACTUALLY👏🏻HAVE👏🏻THEM👏🏻EMOTE👏🏻 (Realistic my ass! I saw a news article once where there was a lion who scared a photographer, and he actually smiled afterward. Prove your point.).
    • "Be Prepared" was never scrapped during production, and it's the full song.
    • The hyenas are more humorous, like in the original.
    • As "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" progresses, the environment gets more and more colourful.
    • Either have Jeremy Irons reprise as Scar or recast Mufasa to be played by Morgan Freeman (seriously that was only for the sheer nostalgia value).
    • Scar's not that bland of a villian.
    • Rafiki's acting isn't so boring.
    • "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" actually takes place in the evening. Also, the chants from the original are present.
    • The "Be Our Guest" bit doesn't exist. It's replaced with a completely different thing.... again. Something more realistic.
    • Don't have the "girl boss fight" between Shenzi & Nala.
    • Add characters from The Lion King 2, such as Zira & Nuka (maybe).

    Lady and the Tramp (2019)

    • Replace Devon, Rex, Chance and Dame with Si, Am, Boris and Toughy.
    • Replace "What a Shame" with the Siamese cat song.
    • Make Si and Am no longer racist.
    • Jock remained named.

    Mulan (2020)

    • Mulan isn't flanderized.
    • Mulan never uses magic powers.
    • Replace the Phoenix with Mushu.
      • Hire Eddie Murphy to reprise the role as him.
      • Not having this film released in China, because of the said country's negative reception of Mushu.
    • Replace Xian Lang with Hayabusa the Falcon.
    • Keep Li Shang instead of replacing him with Chen Honghui and Commander Tung.
    • Replace Hua Xiu with Grandmother Fa.
    • Replace Bori Khan with Shan Yu.
    • Other than "Reflection", more songs have lyrics, making a remake a musical.
    • The film is rated G.
    • The movie isn't filmed in Xinjiang near internment camps and the end credits do not mention members of the Xinjiang Government.


    • It is made as a G-rated animated film.

    Dark Phoenix

    • Make the film part of the MCU since Disney owns 20th Century Fox/Studios.
      • This means move the opening title sequence to the end as a first part of the end credits.
        • Replace the 2002 Marvel logo with the 2016 one.
          • As a result, the logo is moved in place of the opening title sequence.
          • Also, remove the TSG logo.
    • Add in Stan Lee as a cameo.

    SpongeBob in Tehran

    • It is made in United States as a TV movie by Nickelodeon.
    • Sandy Cheeks actually appears in this film.
    • The food scenes are shortened.
    • Better animation.
    • Improve the acting.
    • The film is actually completed.
    • Retitle it "SpongeBob's Adventures in Ice Cream Land."

    The Swarm

    • It was produced as an animated film.
    • Improve the special FX for the bees.
    • Let there be a remake.

    Freddy Got Fingered

    • It feels like the extended version of the PG rated cut.
    • Cut out the inappropriate scenes, such as where Gord plays with the p*nises of a horse and an elephant.
    • During the baby scene, the baby is simply cared and has its cord cut off, not being flung around and has its cord CHEWED OFF! It was done by a real doctor instead of Gord.
    • Retitle it "The Silly Adventures of Gord" or "Gord's Silly and Nonsensical Adventures"
    • Give Fred more screen time and make him Gord's brother.
    • The children in the mental hospital watch something kid-friendly instead of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
    • When Gord met a girlfriend, he didn't whack her legs.


    • Not making the Cars and Planes rip-offs.
    • The sound mixing is quieter.
    • The soundtrack isn't stolen from Monsters, Inc.

    Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure

    • Don't connect it to Charlotte's Web.
    • Wilbur the Pig doesn't have a hairdo.
    • He also isn't planned to be slaughtered.
    • Remove the tomato scene.
    • Fern isn't a hick.
    • Retitle it "Wilbur and the Quest for Cardigan" since Charlotte died at the end of the original story.
    • The white lambs who taunt Cardigan actually learned a lesson and get their comeuppances.
    • Fix the character designs.

    Pan (2015)

    Version 1

    • Replace the Peter Pan characters with the Little People ones.
    • Make Blackbeard the main antagonist.
    • Blackbeard doesn't kidnap children.
      • He instead kidnaps Lucky (Sarah Lynn's dog).
    • Make it fully stop-motion animated
    • Make Peter/Michael less annoying.
    • Hire Karen Bernstein, Tony Daniels, Susan Roman, Rob Smith, Caroly Larson and Julie Lemieux to reprise the role as the Little People characters.
    • Hire Phil Craig to narrate the film.
    • Retitle it "The Little People Movie".
    • It is set in Discovery City instead of Neverland.
    • This film makes more perfect sense.
    • No plot holes.
    • Replace the cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" with a parody of "This is the Way."
    • Better humor.
    • It is made by Universal and Egmont instead of Warner Bros.

    Version 2

    • Have a Native American actress be cast as Tiger Lily.
    • Make Peter Pan a better and more likable protagonist.
    • Give it a better grasp on the source material.
    • Give the movie a better plot.
    • Give it better special effects.
    • Get rid of the fictionalized Blackbeard.
    • Improve the acting.
    • Get rid of the romantic subplot between James Hook and Tiger Lily.
    • Get rid of the cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit."
    • Give it better humor.
    • Get rid of the plot holes.

    Space Jam: A New Legacy

    • Please keep Kath Soucie as Lola Bunny, but do not replace her with Zendaya.
    • Eric Bauza reprises his role as Speedy Gonzales instead of Gabriel Iglesias.
    • Add in the Cartoon Network characters as cameos.
    • Have the actual Looney Tunes humor in the film.
    • No product placement.
    • Remove the pop songs.
    • The animated characters kept their 2D animated look.
    • It doesn't try to be so "hip with the kids".
    • The Pepé Le Pew controversy never happened, and his scene is retained.
    • Make it so that Phil Lord and Chris Miller were in charge of the film instead of Malcolm D. Lee.

    Teen Titans Go! See Space Jam

    • Replace the TTG Teen Titans with the 2003 Teen Titans.
    • Improve the way they animated the Nerdlucks.
    • Hire someone else to voice the Nerdlucks instead of John DiMicco and Fred Tatasciore.
    • Improve the designs for the Mean Titans so they won't look like Rabbids.
    • This show isn't a clip film.
    • Release it in 2006 instead of 2021.
    • Retitle it "Titan Jam."

    Care Bears CGI films by Nelvana


    • Do not flanderize the Care Bears
    • Improve the voice acting.
    • The Care Bear cousins appear in the film as well.
    • The Care Bears actually activate their Tummy Symbols.
    • Improve the animation or make the film 2D animated.
    • Make more films focusing on other Care Bears, like Share, Tenderheart, Bedtime, Grumpy, and Cheer.

    Care Bears: Journey to Joke-A-Lot

    • Bedtime, Champ, Friend, Good Luck, Laugh-A-Lot and Love-A-Lot join Tenderheart, Grumpy, Cheer, Share, and Wish on the journey to find Funshine.
    • Make Mr. Basil Funnybone a better villain.
      • Nicholas, an antagonist from the 1985 film, works with Mr. Funnybone.
    • Joke-A-Lot, as well as its residents, Gig and Mr. Funnybone return in its sequel, Big Wish Movie.
    • The Care Bears do their Care Bear Stare at Mr. Funnybone during the final battle.
    • Kim and Jason, the human children from the 1985 classic, join Funshine.

    The Care Bears' Big Wish Movie

    • Bring back Joke-A-Lot.
      • Also, bring back Princess Gig and Mr. Funnybone.
    • Add in No Heart, Beastly and Shreeky as the main antagonists.
    • Too Loud, Me, and Messy are actually made into plush toys.

    Bratz: The Movie

    • Make it an animated film, as it was originally going to be, but no executive meddling.
    • Make it more like the toys.
    • The characters run their own magazines in the film.
    • Add in Kirstee, Kaycee and Burdine as antagonists.
    • Make Meredith a minor protagonist and Yasmin's new friend.

    Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny

    • The film actually has ice cream.
    • Improve the acting.
    • Improve the dialogue.
    • Better writing.
    • Better special effects.
    • Give it a real ending.
    • The Bunny is less creepy.

    The live-action Fairly OddParents films

    Version 1

    • This film never uses its Fairly OddParents license.
    • Replace the Fairly OddParents characters, like Cosmo and Wanda, with original characters for the film, like Snabbit (a snail rabbit), Ladybee (a ladybug bee), and Swirrel (a swan squirrel).
    • Retitle these films "Grow Up, Little Fairy", "The Very Fairy Christmas" and "It's Summertime with the Fairies".

    Version 2

    • Make them fully animated rather than live action.
    • Make them stay faithful to the cartoon.
    • Improve the animation.
    • Have A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner! released in theaters on March 30, 2012, and made by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies.
      • Retitle it "The Fairly OddParents Movie".
        • Bring back Cosmo’s voice in his first two seasons tone.
        • Make it a series finale.
          • Wipe the last two seasons featuring Sparky and Chloe out of existence.
    • Make the characters remain their ages from the original series instead of aging them up.
    • Rewrite the story.
    • Make Hugh J. Magnate a better villain.
    • Make the characters like Vicky or Jorgen von Strangle resemble their cartoon counterparts.
    • Replace Tootie with Trixie Tang as Timmy's love interest. (And also give her more depth, perhaps?)
    • Make Cosmo, Wanda and Poof disguise themselves in public.
    • Make the voice cast from the cartoon return, especially Tara Strong as Timmy.
    • Remove the girlfriends for Chester and A.J.
    • Make A Fairly Odd Christmas and A Fairly Odd Summer TV specials.
      • Have them aired in 2011 as part of Season 8.
        • The Christmas special airs on November 12, 2011.
        • Retitle the summer special "Summertime with the Fairies".
          • Have it and the Season 7 episode "Farm Pit" aired on July 9, 2011.
            • Remove Marty and Mitzie.
    • Make Tootie a background character.
      • Also, Tootie can be seen with Chester, which possibly makes them an official couple.

    The Curse of La Llorona

    • Release it in its own theater instead of the Pokemon: Detective Pikachu one.
    • It doesn't rely too much on jumpscares.
    • It didn't open with a woman drowning her child.
    • The film isn't part of the Conjuring Universe.

    Tom & Jerry (2021)

    • Give Tom and Jerry more screen time.
    • Remove all the trap music and replace them with jazz music.
    • Make the film be 100% entirely animated.

    Woody Woodpecker (2017)

    • This film is entirely CGI animated.
    • It is released in theaters in the United States.
    • Woody's personality isn't flanderized.
    • More Walter Lantz characters, like Wanda Woodpecker, Wally Walrus, Andy Panda, and Chilly Willy, appear in this film.

    Thomas and the Magic Railroad

    • Give Thomas and his friends more screen time.
    • Remove all the live-action scenes.
    • Add in more Thomas the Tank Engine characters.

    The Land Before Time sequels

    • Wipe them from existence. Seriously, continuing the franchise after Judith Barsi's death is just unacceptable and disrespectful.

    All Dogs Go to Heaven 2

    • It is set in 1940 (the year after when the first film took place) instead of present day.
    • Improve the animation with these lighting and shadows.

    Kim Possible (2019)

    • Make it a fully traditionally animated theatrical film by Walt Disney Animation Studios.
    • Have the film stay faithful to the cartoon.
    • The characters' personalities are not changed.
      • For example, Kim is less spoiled and focused on her popularity in school. Instead, she's more like a badass spy as well as a caring and loving friend.
    • The film focuses more on Kim doing spy-related missions rather than her high school popularity.
    • Keep the original designs.
    • Improve the dialogue.
    • Have the original cast from the TV series reprise their roles, including Christy Carlson Romano as Kim Possible and Will Friedle as Ron.
    • Remove Athena.
    • Change Kim's sports profession from soccer to cheerleading, like in the series proper.
    • Keep the references to modern culture at a minimum.
    • Remove the scene with Rufus being a stolen lab rat.
    • Give Rufus more focus in the film.
    • Don't make Kim do so many unnecessary flips and backflips.
    • Improve the marketing.
    • Bring back Monique.
    • Remove the pointless scene of Athena and Kim bouncing around their room dancing to Poppy Blu's music.
    • Better jokes.

    Artemis Fowl (2020)

    • It is made as a CGI animated film, and it was the Disney animated canon film.
    • The characters aren't whitewashed.
    • Holly Short is a main protagonist.
    • Artemis is a main antagonist of the film.
    • Hire another actor than Nonso Anozie to play Domovoi Butler.
    • Have the film keep its 2019 release.

    The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

    • Either make it CGI animated film or a traditionally animated film and make it the Disney animated canon film.
    • The Nutcracker is main character, like Clara.
    • Hire other actors to play The Nutcracker and Drosselmeyer instead of African American ones.
    • Mother Ginger and Mouse King are antagonists of the film.
    • The Sugar Plum Fairy is friendly instead of being an antagonist.
      • The Sugar Plum Fairy has a normal-pitched voice instead of the high-pitched one.

    Home (2015)

    • Make Oh a better protagonist and Captain Smek a better villain.
    • Make it LESS childish.
    • Get rid of the gross-out and toilet humor.
    • Have the film stay faithful to the source material.
    • Get rid of the songs that play inappropriate.
    • The scene where Tip and Oh reading newspapers (like in one of the posters) is actually shown in the film.
    • Improve the alien languages.
    • Make the other boov more likable.
    • Make the film decide who the main villain is.

    The Cats & Dogs film series


    • Improve the humor.
    • Fix the plot.
    • The dogs are actually well trained.

    Cats & Dogs (2001)

    • The writers done more research on relationships with cats and dogs.
      • This means remove the backstory involving Egyptian times.
    • Hire another actor to play Mr. Brody.

    Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore (2010)

    • Remove the cat litter scene.
    • Hire Tobey Maguire and Alec Baldwin to reprise the roles as Lou and Butch.
    • More characters from the first film return.
    • Better soundtrack.
    • Remove the pop songs.
    • Remove the "Keyboard Cat" meme from the film's end credits.

    Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite! (2020)

    • Better animation.
    • Rename F.A.R.T. to something else.
    • Make Gwen the Cat the antagonist.
    • The characters from the previous films, like Lou and Butch, return.
    • Improve the soundtrack.
    • Better direction.


    • Don't have the film be about sexualizing underage girls.
    • Get rid of the scene where Amy steals her uncle's phone and posts a nude photo.
    • Get rid of the scene where Amy stabs a student with a pencil.
    • Give the film a better message.
    • Improve the acting.
    • The girls actually dance more appropriately instead of twerking.
    • Improve the characterization and make it less sexist.
    • Make the cinematography less ugly and disgusting.
    • Get rid of the scene where Amy and her friends do duck lips.
    • Don't make the film an anti-Muslim propaganda.
    • Get rid of the scene where one of the characters uses a flat iron instead of a hair dryer.
    • Improve the dialogue.


    • Give the film a more accurate portrayal of autism instead of an exaggerated one.
    • Have the titular character be played by an actor who actually has autism.
    • Have the titular character be called "Melody" instead of "Music".
    • Have the movie's title be "Music to My Ears".
    • Don't depict the characters in blackface.
    • Have the film focus more on the titular character instead of only Zu and Ebo.
    • Have Zu be portrayed by a male actor.
    • Don't have the musical numbers happen at inconvenient times and make them feel less like drug trips.
    • Give the film a better story.
    • Improve the acting.
    • Improve the characterization.
    • Make Sia's cameo in the film less random.
    • Don't have the movie encourage the ableist concept of performing restraints on stressed or overwhelmed individuals with ASD.
    • Make the musical sequences actually help advance the plot.
    • Improve the cinematography.
    • Get rid of all the sensory overload, such as the loud noises and excessive strobe effects.
    • Get rid of the restraint scenes.
    • Give the film a better soundtrack.

    We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story

    • Make the characters more likable and give them some development.
    • Improve the script.
    • Get rid of all the close-ups of the characters' eyes.
    • Make Rex and the other dinosaurs the main characters of the film.
    • Give the scenes better quality.
    • Give the dinosaurs a better reason to go forward in time rather than just to make kids happy.
    • Have the film imply that kids like dinosaurs because they can be big and scary, not cute and cuddly Barney rip-offs.
    • Give the dinosaurs more realistic designs.
    • Improve the animation errors.
    • Get rid of the product placement.
    • Don't have the film use the typical "the power of love can solve everything" cliché in the climax.


    • Improve the voice acting.
    • Make the characters more likable and effective. For example:
      • Make Thumbelina a better female protagonist by portraying her as stronger, smarter, more active, and able to stand up for herself.
      • Make Prince Cornelius less of a bland "prince charming" archetype love interest who only exists just to be Thumbelina's love interest.
    • Don't reuse the animation in some scenes.
    • Give the film better songs.
    • Get rid of the mentions of Romeo and Juliet.
    • Have the film follow the original story correctly.
    • Get rid of all the plot holes.
    • Don't have Thumbelina happily dance to the villains' songs.
    • Give the film better pacing and less filler.
    • Make Mrs. Toad actually look like a toad.
    • Get rid of all the instances where Thumbelina's skirt goes up and down from above her waist and therefore exposing her bare legs in the process.
    • Make the film feel like less of a Disney rip-off.
    • Give the film better humor.
    • Make the film seem less dark and depressing.
    • Improve the dialogue.
    • Give the film better morals.

    Felix the Cat: The Movie

    • Make the animation less stilted and jumpy.
    • Make the plot less confusing.
    • Have Princess Oriana be portrayed as kind and sweet instead of showing a meaner and darker side.
    • Have the film focus more on Felix.
    • Make the music less forgettable and unnecessary.
    • It remains faithful to the original Felix the Cat cartoons.
    • Get rid of the inappropriate moment where a baby fox tries to urinate on Felix's magic bag.
    • Get rid of the sadistic scene where Felix is both laughing and making faces at dead bodies.
    • Improve the sound mixing.
    • Have the film explain the origin of Felix's magic bag.
    • Give the film a better climax.
    • Get rid of the CGI version of Felix's head that appears at the beginning of the movie and the credits.
    • Improve the lip-syncing.
    • Give the film a better American dub.
    • Give Felix better dialogue.
    • Make Princess Oriana a strong, independent woman instead of a damsel in distress.


    • Give the film a better plot that follows the Scooby-Doo formula more closely.
    • Make Blue Falcon more likable and less annoying.
    • Have Matthew Lillard, Kate Micucci, Frank Welker, and Grey DeLisle-Griffin reprise their roles as Shaggy, Velma, Fred, and Daphne instead of replacing them with celebrity voice actors.
    • Get rid of all the unnecessary and dated pop culture references, modern teen slang, and product placements.
    • Give the film more original scenes instead of copying ones from other films.
    • Give the film better crossover scenes.
    • Make the story less generic and cliche.
    • Make the characters more accurate to their original shows.
    • Make the film less fast-paced.
    • Make the conflict between Shaggy and Scooby-Doo seem less forced, mean-spirited, and childish.
    • Give the film better jokes and humor.


    • Improve the acting.
    • Give the film a better premise.
    • Improve the writing.
    • Make some of the background objects feel less out of place.
    • Give the film better humor.
    • Give the characters better development.
    • Improve the designs for the cartoon characters.
    • Make Craig a more likable character and less of a jerk.
    • Make the characters more likable and less stereotypical.
    • Make the scenes less boring.
    • Improve the editing.
    • Improve the dialogue.
    • Give the climax a better resolution.
    • Get rid of the plot holes.
    • Make the cartoon characters more original and not rip-offs of other characters.

    My Little Pony: The Princess Promenade

    • Give the movie a better storyline.
    • Zipee is the main breezie, like Tiddlywink and Tra La La.
    • Make the characters more tolerable.
    • Don't have the musical numbers be spread out everywhere. This includes "Flowers and Friendship" and "Feelin' Good."
    • Spike the Dragon is more likable, and he says that princesses actually do things.
    • Improve the dialogue.
    • Have the movie convey its message of treating others as equals in a better way.

    Cinderella (2021)

    • Have the movie's message be delivered in a better way.
    • Give the movie more original songs instead of covers of existing songs.
    • Have a better actor portray Cinderella instead of Camila Cabello.
    • Give the movie better comedy.
    • Make some of the characters more likable and have them serve a main purpose to the plot.
    • Give Ella and the Prince's relationship better chemistry.
    • Improve the special effects and computer animation. This includes the mice.
    • Improve the set and costumes.
    • Improve the dialogue.
    • Make the characters less bland.

    It's the Girl in the Red Truck, Charlie Brown

    • Have Charlie Brown actually be portrayed as the main role in the film.
    • Have the movie do a better job at mixing animation and live-action footage.
    • Have the Girl in the Red Truck be portrayed by a better actor.
    • Don't make the film feel like a watered-down version of Beauty and the Beast.
    • Have the movie focus less on Spike and the girl's relationship.
    • Get rid of the scene where Spike gets hunted down by coyote hunters.

    Ferngully 2: The Magical Rescue

    • Make the animation seem less cheap.
    • Give the movie a more original story.
    • Have the voice actors from the first movie reprise their roles.
    • Give the movie better songs.
    • Give the film better pacing.
    • Have the film focus more on Crysta instead of Pips.
    • Make the Lead Poacher a better villain.
    • Give the film some call-back to the first one.
    • Don't make the film a rip-off to The Rescuers Down Under.
    • Have Crysta punish the poachers by shrinking them down like she did to Zak in the first film.
    • Give the movie better emotional moments.
    • Don't have it kill the Ferngully franchise.

    The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue

    • Have the film stay true to the original's serious tone, storytelling, and complexity and make it less sappy.
    • Give the film better animation.
    • Don't flanderize Timmy Brisby.
    • Give more focus to Mrs. Brisby.
      • And maybe give her a new voice actress since her OG voice actress passed away at some point.
    • Give the movie a better soundtrack and songs.
    • Improve the dialogue.
    • Get rid of the plot twist where Martin becomes the villain.
    • Give the film better continuity to the original.
    • Have Timmy do heroic work alongside Jenny.
    • Have the film feel like an actual sequel to The Secret of NIMH.
    • Make the film an adaptation of "Rasco and the Rats of NIMH", just like how the original was an adaptation of "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH".

    Rugrats Go Wild

    • Make the comedy less immature and not revolve around toilet and gross-out jokes.
    • Make some of the scenes more appropriate.
    • Have another actor voice Spike instead of Bruce Willis.
    • Get rid of all the pop culture references.
    • Don't have Angelica sing.
    • Have the songs actually fit in with the plot.
    • Make some of the moments less mean-spirited.
    • Don't have the adults blame Stu for getting them stuck on the island.
    • Turn it into a TV movie, like it originally was.

    Beverly Hills Chihuahua

    • Don't have the scenes serve as filler.
    • Get rid of all the lazy and poorly written cliche.
    • Give the movie a better plot.
    • Have the movie be animated instead of live action.
    • Give the movie better CGI and visual effects.
    • Make the characters less stereotypical.
    • Don't include the Spanish language so much.
    • Improve the acting.
    • Make the characters less annoying.
    • Improve the soundtrack.
    • Get rid of the song "Chihuahua".
    • Get rid of the product placement.

    The Swan Princess CGI Films

    • Give the films the same charm and charisma as the first three.
    • Get rid of all the anachronism themes.
    • Give the movies better CGI animation, or just have them animated using traditional 2D hand-drawn animation like the first three were.
    • Don't flanderize the characters.
    • Give the films better and more original plot points instead of rehashing ones from the previous films.
    • Get rid of the pop culture references.
    • Give them better soundtracks that actually fit the era.
    • Improve the writing.

    The Swan Princess Christmas

    • Give the film a better final battle.
    • Give the film better jokes and humor.
    • Get rid of all the padding.
    • Improve the sound effects.
    • Don't have the movie use so many cliches.

    The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale

    • Give Alise some characterization and don't make her a Mary Sue.
    • Have the Forbidden Arts remain a kind of magic one could learn instead of somehow becoming a sentient being.
    • Give the movie a better plot.
    • Make the humor less disgusting.
    • Get rid of the plot holes.
    • Improve the scene editing.
    • Improve the voice acting.

    The Swan Princess: Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today!

    • Have the film be more related to pirates.
    • Have Odette play a more major role.

    The Swan Princess: Kingdom of Music

    • Make the music performances less trippy.
    • Give the movie a proper finale instead of ending it on a cliffhanger.
    • Make Li and Mei Li a European prince and princess instead of the Asian ones, because the films are set during the low-fantasy-themed medieval times, and Asians didn't extend their culture to other countries during medieval Europe.
      • Also, rename Li and Mei to something else.


    • Have the film be about Agnes, Edith, and Margo and what their lives were like before they were adopted by Gru.
    • Instead of being evolutionary species that existed since the beginning of time, the Minions should be experiments created by Gru and Dr. Nefario, just like it was suggested in the first film.
    • Give the film a better portrayal of Gru's backstory.
    • Rename the film "Despicable Me: Humble Beginnings".
    • Don't flanderize the Minions.
    • The Minions' language is actually translated.
    • Give the film better attempts at humor.
    • Make the film less violent and mean-spirited.
    • Get rid of Scarlett Overkill.
    • Don't have the Minions sing a random musical number every 15 or so minutes.
    • Make the film more historically accurate.
    • Make the Minions' origin story a short film instead of a full-length one.

    Digimon: The Movie

    • Make the third segment more canonical.
    • Improve the comedy.
    • The three segments are well tied together.
    • Retitle it "The Many Digimon Adventures" since it has three segments.
    • No animation errors. Example: After MetalGarurumon attacks Diaboromon, Tentomon and Patamon are actually shown again during the rest of the second segment. Despite this, Patamon can still appear in the third segment.
    • Improve the editing.
    • Replace "Digi Rap" with the original Digimon theme song.
    • Get rid of that Terriermon lookalike besides Davis in the box art.
    • Also, on the box art, add in Tai, Kari, Sora, Joe, Matt, Izzy, T.K., Mimi, and the season 1 Digimon.
    • Do not flanderize the characters.
    • Not having the songs pop up randomly.
    • Remove the Angela Anaconda short.
    • Not letting Cherubimon de-age DigiDestined into toddlers.
    • Make these scenes less disturbing.
    • Make the actual Kokomon shown on-screen.
      • Make Lopmon shown on-screen as well.
    • Do not call Kokomon's evolutions "Kokomon."

    Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

    • It was made as a 2D animated remake of the 1971 film.
      • This means remove Tom, Jerry, Spike, Droopy, and Tuffy.
    • Improve the character designs.
    • Improve the pacing.
    • Make the facial expressions less creepy.
    • Better humor.
    • Better plot.
    • The songs aren't butchered.
    • Improve the animation for the tunnel scene.
    • Make the scenes build up better.
    • Improve the blueberry scene.
    • Mr. Slugworth never steals "I Want It Now."

    Playing With Fire

    • Improve the jokes and humor.
    • Improve the acting.
    • Have the movie explain how the children's parents went missing and have them reunite at the end of the movie.
    • Have Zoey be played by an actual three-year-old, give her actual words to speak, don't have her scream and yell, and don't put her in diapers.
    • Give the film a better plot.
    • Get rid of the references to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, because neither Paramount nor Nickelodeon has the rights to the show.
    • Give the film better running gags.
    • Don't have Keegan-Michael Key be shoved into the scene every five minutes.
    • Improve the special effects.
    • Don't have the characters floss and do other Fortnite dances at the end of the movie.
    • Get rid of the infamous feminist preach.
    • Make the story less cliched.
    • Get rid of the reference to Backdraft.

    The Fred Trilogy

    Fred: The Movie

    • Give the movie a better story than isn't so cliche.
    • Make the film less mean-spirited.
    • Make the characters more likable and less stereotypical.
    • Have the movie be about Fred going on a road trip across the United States, like Lucas Cruikshank originally intended.
    • Give the film better jokes and humor.
    • Get rid of all the pointless filler.
    • Have the movie indicate that Fred is fantasizing about something.
    • Have Fred's fantasies about Judy be less nonsensical.
    • Have the movie be less racist towards Chinese and Mexican people.
    • Don't have the movie constantly talk down its audience.
    • Give the film a better message.
    • Improve the acting.
    • Make the editing seem less cheap.
    • Give Kevin a better YouTube name.

    Fred 2ː Night of the Living Fred

    • Don't have the movie be a generic "horror prank" movie.
    • Improve the directing and writing.
    • Make the plot less idiotic.
    • Make the imagery less disturbing.
    • Get rid of all the embarrassing pop culture references.
    • Get rid of the overused toilet humor.
    • Get rid of the scene where Fred confronts his music teacher in a school auditorium and his theory turns out to be correct and everyone including his mom, cheers for him, just turned out to be another one of his pointless imagination sequences
    • Give the movie a better ending.

    Fred 3ː Camp Fred

    • Give the movie a better plot.
    • Make the characters more likable and less annoying.
    • Give the movie better musical numbers.
    • Improve the writing, directing, and jokes.
    • Give the camp that Fred goes to a better name that doesn't sound so disgusting.
    • Make the dream sequences less weird and gross.
    • Make the music more original and less boring.

    A Loud House Christmas

    • Make it an animated movie instead of a live-action one.
      • Or alternatively, recast every live-action actor (except for Lori's and Leni's).
    • Make it more like the show.
    • Geo the Hamster actually appears in the movie.
    • Improve the acting.
    • Better CGI for the snow.
    • Better humor.
    • Not making the movie mean-spirited.

    Someday You'll Find Her, Charlie Brown

    • Don't have Charlie Brown act so creepy.
    • Make Linus more likable and less annoying.
    • Make the plot less messy and annoying.
    • Improve the voice acting.
    • Make the special less harsh towards friends.
    • Give the parts with Snoopy and Woodstock purpose to the special instead of just using them for filler.
    • Give the special a better ending.
    • Give the special a better plot.
    • Improve the dialogue and don't have it be so repetitive.

    Clifford the Big Red Dog (2021)

    • Give the movie a better grasp on the source material.
    • Give Clifford better visual effects. Example: Make his design more identical to Norman Birdwell's artwork, since Clifford is a Vizsla.
    • Make Emily look more like she did in the series.
    • Give the movie a better tone.
    • Make the characters more likable.
    • Don't have it try to be hip with the kids.
    • Give the movie better humor.
    • Get rid of the scenes where swear words, like a British swear word, "Bollocks," are casually dropped.
    • Get rid of Zac Tieran, who is a pointless villain.
    • Get rid of Uncle Casey, since Emily only lives with her parents.
    • Make the film less cliche and predictable.
    • Get rid of the product placement for Bodega.

    The King and I (1999)

    • Give the movie a better grasp on the source material and have it stay true to the original stage musical and live-action film.
    • Make the movie more historically accurate.
    • Make the characters more interesting and likable.
    • Improve the writing.
    • Improve the animation.
    • Make the songs coordinate with the animation.
    • Don't have the musical numbers be spread out everywhere.
    • Have the film actually focus on the main characters.
    • Get rid of all the boring and pointless slapstick.
    • Get rid of all the side plots.

    Sherlock Gnomes

    • Don't have the returning characters from Gnomeo and Juliet act out-of-character.
    • Have the movie come out two years after the first one instead of waiting for seven years to release it.
    • Have Disney and Touchstone Pictures be involved in the movie instead of Paramount and MGM.
    • Give the movie better humor.
    • Get rid of all the pop culture references.
    • Don't have Juliet dab in her main character poster.
    • Get rid of the unnecessary posters that parody other movies that came out in 2017.
    • Give the film a better concept.
    • Have someone else voice Sherlock Gnomes instead of Johnny Depp.
    • Bring back some of the characters from the original movie, or at least have them make cameos.
    • Give the film a better message.
    • Get rid of Irene's scene.
    • Have Gnomeo and Juliet serve a better purpose to the story.
    • Improve the directing.
    • Improve the dialogue.
    • Make Moriarty a better villain.

    Quest for Camelot

    • Improve the writing.
    • Don't make the film seem like a Disney rip-off.
    • Make the characters less bland and have them contribute more value to the movie.
    • Give the movie better songs.
    • Don't have the songs play at inappropriate times.
    • Improve the animation.
    • Improve the dialogue.

    Enemy Mine

    • Improve the backgrounds.
    • Improve the music.
    • Better writing.
    • Better dialogue

    Astro Boy (2009)

    • Make it a 2D animated film in Japan, so the characters won't look uncanny.
    • Remove the RFF (Sparx, Robotsky and Mike), who are pointless comic reliefs.
    • Bring back the characters, like Uran, Cobalt, and Chi-Tan.
    • Add in other Osamu Tezuka characters, like Kimba, as cameos.
    • Improve the humor. Example: Get rid of the "What? I got machine guns... in my butt?" line.
    • Make it more faithful to the manga.
    • Keep Astro's heart energy core, but do not replace it with the glowing blue one.
    • Get rid of President Stone, who is a rash, ridiculous, and unlikeable antagonist.
    • Make the film set in the futuristic 2000s.
    • Tobio actually dies in the car crash instead of being disintegrated by the Peacekeeper.
    • It wasn't Imagi's last film.
    • In the English dub, hire Candi Milo to reprise her role as Astro.

    Shark Tale

    • Make it less a Finding Nemo rip-off.

    Ice Age series

    Continental Drift

    • Remove the cover of "The Candy Man"
    • Remove all the adult humor.
    • Make "We Are" less like the 2010s pop song.
    • Change Sid's family's personalities.
    • Remove the pop songs.
    • Not looking like making Scrat the antagonist than Gutt.
    • Shira and Flynn aren't vegetarians.
    • Remove the Brat Pack, except Ethan.

    Collision Course

    • Remove Gavin, Roger, and Gertie.
    • Not overusing the purplish filter.
    • Improve the humor. Example: Scrat's nipples aren't turned into acorns.
    • Scrat fails to get the acorn at the end.
    • Change "My Superstar" to something else so the song won't sound like the 2010s pop song.

    The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

    • Hire Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Queen Latifah, Sean William Scott, and Josh Peck to reprise the roles as Manny, Sid, Diego, Ellie, Crash, and Eddie.
    • Improve the animation or let Blue Sky Studios stay open.
    • Remove the marshmallows.
    • Make the dream sequence not trying to be "hip with the kids." Example: Never let Crash or Eddie dab.
    • Bring back Scrat, Eggbert, Shelly and Yoko.
    • Make Orson the better antagonist.
    • Redesign Orson as something else instead of the Protoceratops, since he has a brain.
    • Not having Crash and Eddie destroy the herd's habitat or disobey Ellie.
    • Make the move focus more on Buck than Crash and Eddie.

    My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas

    • Improve the animation.
    • Improve the plot.
    • It never reuses animation from A Charming Birthday.
    • Not having too much filler.
    • Minty is never clumsy and actually calls out for breaking the "Here Comes Christmas" candy cane.
    • Remove the plot hole.
    • Make the voice acting less annoying.
    • Improve the songs.

    The Amazing Wiplala/Help! I Shrunk the Family

    • Johannes is actually shrunk in the poster, like in the actual movie.
    • Wiplala shrinks the family in poster, like in the actual movie.
    • Make it more like the book. Examples:
      • It was set in the 50s than modern days.
      • Make Blom a writer, and never mention about a mother.
      • They are actually locked in the restaurant, like in the book.
      • They are once again tinkered by two old ladies, like in the book.
      • Hollidee's statue is unveiled by a minister, like in the book.
    • Improve the acting.
    • Make the color palettes bright.
    • Improve the scenes.
    • Better editing.
    • Make the characters likeable.
    • The kids actually act like real children.
    • Better plot.


    • Make it a CGI animated film by Warner Animation Group instead of the live-action one.
      • Also, make the disasters in the film sentient.
    • Hire someone else to direct the film instead of Dean Devlin.
    • Give Hannah more screen time.
    • Improve the humor.
    • The escape satellite scene didn't rip-off Gravity and Life.
    • Release it in 2016.
      • Never release a trailer for this during the release of War for the Planet of the Apes.
    • Jake and Hannah actually survive a tsunami or a tornado in the film.
    • Egypt is actually frozen in the film.

    Arthur's Missing Pal

    • Make it the 2D animated film.
    • Hire more actors from the show to reprise their roles.
    • The actors would be casted as real names instead of pseudonyms.
    • Make the "PAAAAAALLLLL!!!!" line less annoying.
    • Improve the comedy.
    • Change the tagline to something else.

    Happily N'Ever After

    • Improve the writing.
    • Give the movie a better story.
    • Give the movie better CGI animation.
    • Give the movie better comedy.
    • Make the characters more interesting and likable.
    • Improve the voice acting and dialogue.
    • Make some of the moments less disturbing.
    • Improve the character models.
    • Give the movie better timing.
    • Make the chain of events more interesting.
    • Make the movie less mean-spirited.
    • Get rid of the plot holes.
    • Give the movie a more inspired and optimistic title.

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2021)

    • Give it more subtlety with the source material.
    • Don't have Roderick bring up the Cheese Touch in the beginning of the movie.
    • Give it a longer runtime.
    • Have the movie be 2D animated instead of CGI.
    • Make Greg and Rowley more interesting and charming characters.
    • Give some of the minor characters more screen time.
    • Don't remove or replace some of the characters from the book.
    • Don't dumb everyone down from their book counterparts.
    • Don't have the characters be forced to become too relatable.
    • Give the movie a real, meaningful message.
    • Give the movie better comedy.
    • Improve the voice acting.

    Middle Schoolː The Worst Year of My Life

    • Have the movie be more faithful to the original book.
    • Get rid of the plot revolving around Principal Dwight and his status as the school principal.
    • Don't have the movie's elements feel so forced.
    • Have the characters be played by actors who don't look too old for their roles.
    • Have Rafe actually break rules like he did in the book.

    The Witches (2020)

    • Have the Grand High Witch be played by a different actor who doesn't portray the character in an over-the-top manner and can pull off a better accent, such as Cate Blanchett, Joanna Lumley, Meryl Streep or Kathryn Hahn.
    • Give the film a better narrator instead of Chris Rock.
    • Don't have the actors ham it up so much or phone in their performances.
    • Give the movie better CGI
    • Give the movie a better attempt at worldbuilding.
    • Give the characters some development.
    • Give the movie the same creativity and heart that the 1990 film had.
    • Make the Grand High Witch's true appearance exactly how it's described in the book.


    • Have Marmaduke keep the personality he had in the original comic strip.
    • Make the plot less predictable.
    • Give the movie better humor that doesn't consist of mostly gross-out and toilet jokes.
    • Make the characters (especially the dogs) less stereotypical.
    • Make the CGI effects more realistic.
    • Have the characters be played by better actors.
    • Have Sarah actually do something that contributes to the plot.
    • Get rid of the product placement.
    • Have the movie be directed by someone else instead of Tom Dey.
    • Get rid of the drug jokes.
    • Have more animals from the comic strip appear in the movie.
    • Make Chupadogra's backstory less dark.
    • Get rid of the pop culture references.
    • Give the movie better dog-related puns.


    • Padak and all the other fish return to the ocean at the end of the film.
    • Padak befriends the clownfish in the tank instead of going into a rampage and eating them.
    • The flatfish redeems himself.
    • Remove all the graphic scenes and the swearing in the subtitles. (Padak called the flatfish a bastard upon seeing Spotty dead in one scene.)
    • Give the film international dubs.

    Kermit's Swamp Years

    • Improve the humor.
    • Get rid of the pop culture references.
    • Remove all the cameos.
    • Give the film a better plot.
    • Make Dr. Krassman's plan less disturbing.
    • Give the swamp more screen time.
    • Make Croaker and Goggles less annoying.
    • Improve the soundtrack.
    • Better special effects, especially for Horace D'Fly.
    • Hire other actors to play Joey and Dr. Krassman instead of Drew Haggard and John Hostetter.

    The Little Lion King 3D

    • Make the film less a Lion King rip-off.
    • The poachers kidnap Sinbad's mother instead of the zoo.
    • Make the plot focus more on Sinbad rescuing his mother from the poachers.
    • Make Sinbad, Uncle Elephant and Kelly less the knock-offs of Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon.
    • Redo the ending.
    • Rename Sinbad to something else.
    • Remove all the bloody violence.
    • Improve the animation.

    Pinocchio: A True Story

    • Make it feel more like the real Pinocchio story.
      • Or change the movie's title to "Buratinoː The Russian Pinocchio" since the movie was based on the Russian version of the story.
    • Pinocchio actually lies and his nose actually grows.
    • Remove Tibbles.
    • Make it less a generic love story.
    • Give it a better plot.
    • Remove all the instances of the breakup trope.
    • Give the characters more chemistry.
    • Improve the animation.
    • Improve the voice acting.
    • Hire another actor to voice Pinocchio/Buratino instead of Pauly Shore.
    • Improve the song in the film's climax, and have it rhyme.
    • Improve the writing.
    • Remove the TMNT reference.
    • Give Brionne and his goons more purpose.

    Escape From Tomorrow

    • Make it a kid-friendly film instead.
    • It was actually made by Disney instead.
    • Make the film actually have more to do with Mickey Mouse.
    • The film is actually filmed in color.
    • Change the genre to musical comedy.
    • Change the poster, so it won't show Mickey's arm with drops of blood.
    • Improve the humor.

    Cinderella (GoodTimes)

    • Make it less a Disney rip-off.
    • Give it a better plot.
    • Make the tone more appealing.
    • Improve the animation.
    • Improve the soundtrack.
    • Never make fun of Cinderella.
    • Make the moment at the beginning less disturbing.
    • Make the jokes well-executed.

    The Little Mermaid (GoodTimes)

    • Let’s get to the obvious: Fix up the animation!
    • Make it less a Disney rip-off.
    • Make Vink the Dolphin less annoying.
    • We actually get to see Cassandra the Sea Witch’s consequence for her actions, like when she gets arrested or something.

    The Garfield CGI Films

    • Improve the CGI animation, or have the films be done in 2D animation.
    • Don't dumb down the characters.
    • Don't have Garfield (or the other animal characters like Arlene and Nermal) move his mouth when he's talking.
    • Improve the character designs.
    • Give the films better humor.
    • Make a series adaption based on the setting of the films.

    Garfield Gets Real

    • Make the movie's title less confusing.
    • Don't have the film be so short.
    • Don't have the main plot start so early into the film.
    • Have the real world be in live-action instead of CGI animation like Garfield's world.
    • Don't have the film use a fan-made comic containing Jon threatening to rape Garfield in the background.
    • Don't have the film end with a dance party.
    • Have Garfield actually go to the real life world.

    Garfield's Fun Fest

    • Have Garfield and Arlene have an on-off relationship like they do in the comics.
    • Give the movie a better plot.
    • Get rid of the far-fetched fairy tale subplot.
    • Have Shecky serve a better purpose in the film other than just appearing in a filler scene.
    • Don't have the movie rely on pop culture references.
    • Give the movie a better plot twist.
    • Have Doc Boy and Liz make appearances.

    Garfield's Pet Force

    • Have the film remain true to the original Pet Force novels.
    • Give the film a better plot that's actually based on the Pet Force novels.
    • Make the plot more realistic.
    • Give the film more action scenes.
    • Make the climax less generic.
    • Have Garfield become The Caped Avenger in the film.


    • Get rid of the pointless plot twists.
    • Improve the acting.
    • Improve the dialogue.
    • Give the movie more impressive themes.
    • Have the movie remain true to the graphic novel it was based on.
    • Give the movie better screenplay.
    • Get rid of the poster where a character has a skin getting peeled off to show the bones.

    Strawinsky and the Mysterious House

    • Give the movie the better morals.
    • Give it the better plot.
    • Improve the animation
    • Improve the character designs.
    • Make the characters actually get introduced with proper introduction.
    • Make the Globglogabgalab's appearance is less uncanny.
    • Give the movie better songs and singing voices.
    • Strawinsky's friends aren't frozen in place reading the books.
    • The main characters don't state the obvious constantly.
    • Improve the acting.
    • Improve the lip-syncing.
    • Improve the camera movements
    • Not having "Enchanted" being used by one of the main characters at the beginning.
    • The narrator states more accurate information.
    • Make the part when Strawinsky's friends scream for help less disturbing.

    Ali Baba & the Gold Raiders

    • Make it less a Disney Aladdin rip-off.
    • Improve the animation, so it doesn't look like it's from the Philips CDI game.
    • Improve the dialogue
    • Make the art style on the cover more like that from the movie.
    • Give the characters more personalities.
    • The same short animation isn't actually looped over at least a minute.
    • Get rid of the anachronisms.
    • Remove the Batman logo from the clothing used by one of the characters.
    • Get rid of the movie's own trailer before the actual movie.
    • Give the film a better plot.
    • Not making the characters guilty.
    • Get rid of the sound effects that are out of place.
    • Improve the lip syncing.
    • Make the action scene more fluent.
    • Remove the animation errors.
    • Give the movie proper ending.

    Ella Bella Bingo

    • Give the movie a better plot.
    • Give the movie better humor.
    • Have the script be written better.
    • Make some of the scenes feel less like filler.
    • Improve the animation.
    • Don't have the comic relief be portrayed by chickens.

    Masters of the Universe

    • Give the movie a better story.
    • Give the characters better costumes.
    • Give the movie better special effects.
    • Give He-Man more meaningful dialogue and focus.
    • Give the movie better sets.
    • Have a different actor play He-Man instead of Dolph Lundgren.
    • Change the movie's title to "He-Man and the Masters of the Universeː The Movie".
    • Give the movie a better grasp on the source material.

    Marmaduke (2022)

    • Make the writing less bland and cliched.
    • Give the movie connection the the original comic.
    • Give the movie better humor that does not consist of mostly dog puns or toilet humor.
    • Make the characters more likable and interesting and don't flanderize them.
    • Give the show better CGI animation, or have it be 2D animated instead.
    • Give the characters better designs that look more like their original counterparts.
    • Give the movie better dialogue that isn't so childish or crappy.
    • Improve the voice acting.
    • Give the intro and ending credits better animation.


    Silly Dick Dastardly. Smoking's bad for your health.
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    Elena Scissorhands!?
    -- Fiona Rocks (talk) 01:09, 25 June 2021 (UTC)

    OK now folks are just stealing my ideas from the "Version 2" entries for Dumbo and TLK and plastering them onto the V1 entries. At first, I found it funny, but the V1's are now basically the V2's with minor differences. Keep in mind I don't want them removed or combined, but at least have the V1's stray at least a little further from the V2's than they currently are. The different versions for Foodfight! and the Fairly OddMovies showed at least an ounce of originality and were different enough to be considered versions 1 and 2. It's also defacing my own creativity by making people think, whomever stole the ideas and I, share ALL those opinions at once; they're MY ideas not to be taken beyond the maximum that they can be shared at in these types of pages (in my case 3). In the words of Chop Chop Master Onion: "If I'm not a star, it's NO fun for me!". Just venting a rant here, folks. No real harm intended. My apologies
    -- BP The Clown (talk) 00:36, 12 October 2021 (UTC)

    • Pirates: [singing] This is the way to mine the gold
    • Mine the gold, mine the gold
    • This is the way to mine the gold
    • In help with Pirate Blackbeard.

    - From the first better version of Pan.

    • [Simon finds the box of raisins and eats them]
    • Dave: Congratulations, Simon. You found the box of raisins.

    - From the better version of the live-action Alvin films.

    • Funshine: Care Bears countdown! Four, three, two, one! Stare!
    • Mr. Funnybone: Stop! Please! Give me back my jewels!

    - From the better version of Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-Lot
    -- Fiona Rocks (talk) 15:35, 23 November 2021 (UTC)

    I've never heard of "Music" until reading this article again, and I gotta say woooooow. They just had to exaggerate the portrayal of Autism, all in the hopes of money, pity, and making my people look bad.

    What I'm most pissed off about is that they used and flatout ENCOURAGED the restraining technique, one of the many outdated and ineffective methods used in asylums that are, for some reason, still being used today in Special Ed schools and facilities. I'm no stranger to such torture, as in the last 2 buildings I was in before graduation used these painful methods. They also dragged me by the armpits to rooms used for punishing bad kids that misbehaved (basically a solitary confinement-type room where we were just forced to sit there and do nothing for an hour. Not a good method) and dug their sharp-ass nails into my skin; and they just laughed and said they were "helping" me into there, rather than forcing like it actually was. Not only that, but they ALSO ridiculed me for my anxiety and need for more help than my classmates and would yell at me any chance they could.

    I'd really wish there was actual appropriate support for us rather than just this hate group Autism $peaks that's keen on looking for a "cure" for our infraction, perpetuating stereotypes and only the negative parts of Autism, and are only in it for the cabbage. Now that I see this entry, I know not to watch or recommend the movie itself to anyone. Wish Hell upon me, everyone.
    -- BP The Clown (talk) 05:19, 30 January 2022 (UTC)

    BP the Clown, can you please tell an admin to block the user, 2601:980:8280:4430:F188:5A28:1E11:C43E.
    -- Fiona Rocks (talk) 22:45, 16 March 2022 (UTC)

    Looks solemnly @ mai ableist pony plusie
    -- L0LR24W2 (talk) 03:00, 2 April 2022 (UTC)

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