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    How to Make Bad Movies Worse

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    This is one of RNW's famed "how to" pages. It contains lots of opinions, but may also have just as much vulgarities, gross-out content, satirical humor, and NSFW elements. Also, some of these pages are freakishly long, which pretty much speaks for itself.
    These pages are now considered legacy pages and can no longer be edited by ordinary contributors.

    Cool Cat Saves the Kids


    • Cool Cat has a Mr. Bean face.
    • Every 28 seconds a character sneezes or farts.
    • Cool Cat's voice is more annoying!
    • The movie is titled "Mr. Bean Saved the Queen".
    • It actually invades the market like Frozen.
    • Maria and Butch are renamed Becky (aka Becky with the good hair) and Phatboy.
    • Cool Cat is played by none other than our lord and savior Robbie Rotten.


    • The characters are even more annoying.
    • The animation is worse.
    • Make it a child-friendly ripoff of Sausage Party.

    Nine Lives (2016)

    • Make it a sequel to A Talking Cat and also take place in the same universe as Fluke and Oh Heavenly Dog.
    • Include more toilet humor
    • Make it animated in stop motion.
    • It is a rip-off of Flushed Away. 
    • Intense product placement.
    • Like Frozen, it actually invades the market.
    • The cat is a puppet resembling an uglier version of Cool Cat.

    The Wild (2006)

    • More crotch gags.
    • Benny and Bridget have squirrel-giraffe babies at the end.
    • Kazar eats Ryan at the end.
    • More potty humor.
    • Chuck E. Cheese product placement.
    • Ult runs around the sky (Ult didn't exist 2006!)

    Moshi Monsters - The Movie

    • Have Luvli twerk constantly.
    • Intensive advertising.
    • Any scene with a song includes intense strobe lights.
    • Any animation errors are made to hypnotize children.
    • Have the movie teach viewers to be braindead.
    • Make Furi an actual furry.
    • Diavlo is a crappy 3D model of Satan.
    • Like Frozen, have the movie invade the market.
    • Actually, the above instruction would make it better.

    GoAnimate: The Movie

    • Add countless fart jokes.
    • PC Guy is furry.
    • Add product placement of Wendy's.
    • It rips off Kubo and the Two Strings.
    • Add Dora and Caillou as major characters.
    • Include VGCP and UTTP users.
    • One word: Grounded.
    • Make a Pooh's Adventures version which features Sonichu characters as "special guests".

    Trolls franchise

    Both movies

    • The entire script is singing.
    • The animation and special effects are super low quality.
    • The characters' eyes sparkle.
    • Stanley from A Troll in Central Park is a major character.
    • There is constant cursing.
    • There are twerking trolls.
    • One of the trolls has a trollface as their face.
      • That would make it great to my standards - Vic
    • All of the trolls are naked.
    • Add a Justin Bieber troll that gets the most screentime.
    • Add covers for annoying songs.
    • And of course, lots of product placement.


    • It is 2 hours long.
    • Have the plot be a rip off of Frog Kingdom.
    • The animation is Rapsittie Street Kids-esque.
    • Have Poppy be a cliché princess.
    • All of the background trolls look the same.
    • During the scene where Branch throws the guitar into the campfire, make Poppy's hair catch fire.
    • Give the film tons of direct-to-DVD sequels.
    • One word: VORE.
    • Replace all of the music with the most annoying pop songs in existence.
    • Add covers of "Watch Me Whip", "Despacito", "Old Town Road", and "Bad Guy". (Yes, I know that only the first one existed in 2016 but I don't care.)
    • Add a crapload of trolls that are parodies of actual singers and rappers.
    • Add lots of product placement for Walmart, Costco, Pizza Hut, Skittles, Taco Bell, and Yoo-Hoo.
    • The Bergens eat all of the trolls, including Poppy and Branch, at the end of the film.

    Trolls World Tour

    • Rename it Trolls: Endgame.
    • It is 3 hours long.
    • The plot is a word-for-word ripoff of Avengers: Endgame.
      • In addition, there are constant Avengers references.
      • It also partially rips off Arctic Adventure: On Frozen Pond.
    • There are now 10 troll tribes. In addition to funk, country, classical, rock, techno, and pop, there are also 4 more lands with trolls dedicated to rap, nursery, trap remix, and nightcore.
      • The rap trolls are racist stereotypes that curse every sentence.
      • The nursery trolls are shameless ripoffs of children's show characters and also have the same names.
      • The trap remix trolls are MLG-themed…
      • The nightcore trolls are just 2D cutouts drawn in anime.
      • But what about Dubstep and Trance trolls?
      • Nope.
    • Queen Barb and King Thrash are renamed Queen Dora and King Caillou Kayloo, and they come from the nursery tribe instead of the rock tribe.
    • The K-Pop Gang resemble racist Asian stereotypes.
    • The nursery tribe is evil instead of the rock tribe.
    • Add a scene where trolls can be seen playing Fortnite, just like in Avengers: Endgame.
    • Trollzart twerks and constantly tells really disgusting poop and fart jokes (If you know, you know).
    • Tiny Diamond's sings "Gooba" by 6ix9ine instead of his original song. Also, his name is changed to Diamond 2 Electric Boogaloo.
    • At one point, there is a cover of this.
    • This person's videos are part of the movie.
    • Add a scene that is a crappy ripoff of the Shrek karaoke scene except they sing nursery tunes and meme songs.
    • Add a running gag involving a character saying, "everything except rap and country" (since there are rap trolls in this version).
    • One of the classical trolls plays a viola and the rest of the characters make viola jokes each time said troll is on screen.
    • Manny Heffley makes a brief cameo.
    • Fill it with product placement for Raid Shadow Legends and Gardenscapes.
    • The movie ends with the nursery tribe taking over music very briefly before Thanos arrives and snaps the Trolls universe out of existence.


    • Make it twice as long.
    • It's just some random, 2D animated ripoff of Ratoullie
    • Give the movie lots of direct-to-DVD sequels.
    • Release it in theaters in 2013.
      • Then why would it even be direct-to-DVD?
    • The CGI is somehow even cheesier. (Pun not intended)
    • Marcel and the female mouse have sex in one scene.
    • Product placement is very prominent.

    Furby Island

    • It's basically a really long ad.
    • Make the Furbys anthropomorphic.
      • BONUS: They are also cannibalistic.
        • EXTRA BONUS: They also eat humans.
    • Make the movie twice as long.
    • Add more songs.
    • Everybody is an annoying, unlikable idiot.
    • Add a bunch of characters that are basically racist stereotypes.
    • Add a lot of sexual innuendos.
    • Make the Furby prank call part of the dialogue.
    • Dr. Conquest blows up the island at the end.

    The Emoji Movie

    • The CGI animation resembles a low budget Windows 95 computer game.
    • Replace Hi-5 with a middle finger emoji named "The Bird" who constantly curses. (yes, he even says the n-word).
    • Poop is a main character, and he gets more screen time than everyone else.
      • In addition, he also talks like a toddler.
        • Also change his personality to make him act just like Bing Bong from that really bad version of Inside Out. Yes, you know exactly what I am talking about.
    • Add product placement for McDonald's, and have the characters sing about it in one scene.
    • Replace "Pen Pineapple Apple Pen" with "It's Everyday Bro".
    • Add a reference to the anti-gay emoji.
    • Add references to Smiley (2012)/Awesome Face.
    • Mel is voiced by Gary Groomes.
    • The jokes are even worse.
    • It is a direct to video movie.
    • Replace Akiko Glitter with Samba de Janeiro dancers from Just Dance 2021
    • Gene and his friends go to Tinder, TikTok, Snapchat and PornHub.
    • Add lots of direct-to-video sequels.
    • The voices are TTS voices.

    Norm of the North

    • The animation looks like The Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa.
    • All the writers of Disaster movie write the movie.
    • Make Norm's voice sound grating from time to time.
    • There's a cover of Watch Me Whip.


    It's made by Dingo Pictures. ACTUALLY, JUST DONT
    • The movie is in very, very, very bad CGI.
    • Add the "Stonks" meme in one scene.
    • The only humans are in flashbacks.
    • In the beginning of the movie, show that the minions worked for Adolf Hitler, Satan, Kim Jong Un, Fidel Castro, and Josef Stalin.
    • This movie takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting that the Minions are created. Then have it be cleared up by some electric-type Pokémon, like a Pikachu or a Voltorb, at the end of the movie.
    • Make the first half of the movie take place in the ice cave.
    • Every 3 seconds, a very creepy face pops up (such as that gyroid rabbit face from Animal Crossing).
    • The minions dance at inappropriate times.
    • The minions actually curse.
    • Have Tom Nook from Animal Crossing be a main character and he just T-Poses, move without any animation and can only yell "FOOT CHEESE!" throughout the whole movie, since he is coded from a render from Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
    • Guido has joined the game.
    • Have the whole plot focus on Bob's pet rat. He also gets killed by Tom Nook at the end.
    • During the wedding scene Tom Nook meets K.K Slider and they kiss 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times just to tease us.
    • Replace the music with nursery tunes and the Animal Crossing New Leaf theme.
    • Make the deaths graphic.
    • It was produced by a group of 40-year-old Facebook moms.
    • The movie is direct-to-video and has a lot of direct-to-video sequels.
    • Two words: ANIMAL CROSSING.

    Racing Stripes

    • The movie is animated in cheesy CGI.
    • Tucker is very hard on Stripes and wants him to be a winner.
      • He also insults Stripes' racing skills.
    • Stripes loses the Kentucky Open after Trenton’s Pride cheats by making him trip at the finish line. He also does not get any comeuppances whatsoever.
    • Tucker denies that Trenton’s Pride cheated and beats Stripes as a result of him losing the race.
    • The flies get more screen time than Stripes or any of the animals.
    • No alternate ending.
    • Lightning smokes weed.
    • Sir Trenton brutally beats and kills Sandy after kidnapping her.
    • All of the animals are anthropomorphic.
    • Scuzz is voiced by Rob Schneider.
    • Tucker is voiced by Gary Groomes.
    • Franny is voiced by Tara Reid.
    • Sandy and Stripes do not make up for their argument and end up hating each other as a result.
    • The Trenton line listens to nursery rhymes instead of Mozart.
    • No humans.

    The Rapsittie Kids: Believe in Santa

    • It was poorly drawn in MS Paint.
    • Make it three times as long.
    • Every five seconds, a character either poops, pees, burps, farts, vomits, picks their nose, sniffs their armpits, or scratches their butthole.
    • All of the audio is distorted (think of the grandma).
    • All of the voice actors are obscure people.

    The Christmas Tree

    • The style of the movie is in crappy MS Paint.
    • The characters swear.
      • Their voices are also extremely annoying.
    • The children, Judy, and Mrs. Mavilda look even creepier!
    • Mrs. Mavilda is an extremely heavy drinker and graphically beats the children.
      • She also kills Licorice with a gun.
    • Lily is brutally killed and eaten by the bear in an extremely gory manner.
    • Mrs. Hopewell is chopped down and used for firewood at the end of the film.
    • Santa never appears.

    The Angry Birds Movie

    • It was made in 2040.
    • It was animated by Video Brinquedo.
    • The violence is graphic and gory.
    • The Mighty Eagle's pee scene lasts 10 minutes.
    • Guido is in it.
    • Add a Norm of the North reference.
    • The movie ends with the pigs eating all of the eggs.


    • The animation looks like this.
    • It's not DreamWorks.
    • It's direct-to-video and has a lot of direct-to-video sequels.
    • Angelo and Tito Lopez are drug dealers.
    • At the end of the movie, Turbo wakes up and realizes it was a dream.

    Strawinsky and the Mysterious House

    • The Church of Scientology made it as a propaganda movie.
    • It is anti-Christian.
    • Add more songs.
    • Make it over 2 hours long.
    • The Globglogabgalab eats everybody at the end.

    Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

    • Change the name to Bieber Fever.
    • It's not even a biography.
    • The whole movie is literally just Justin Bieber singing.
    • Add extremely cheesy effects.


    • It is directed by Harvey Weinstein.
    • Make the animation look like The Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa.
    • Make the rabbits and chicks anthropomorphic.
    • "I Want Candy" is replaced with "Gucci Gang".
    • Add even more plot filler.
    • Add sexual innuendo.


    • The movie is made by PETA instead of Disney.
    • The animation looks like Leo the Lion.
    • Hurley is voiced by Adam Sandler.
    • The animals are anthropomorphic.
    • The G-Force were humans who were cursed to be guinea pigs.
    • The flies and cockroaches get the most screen time.
    • Add extremely corny dialogue.
    • The world blows up at the end.

    Sharkboy and Lavagirl

    • It is in Foodfight!-esque CGI.
    • Sharkboy is an anthropomorphic shark and Lavagirl is a ripoff of Te Kā from Moana.
    • Add more songs.
    • The dream song lasts for 5 minutes.
    • Add toilet humor.
    • The jokes are offensive.
    • Add a useless character that doesn't do anything except dance and T-pose in the background.
    • The movie ends with Planet Drool exploding.

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    • It wasn't made by DC and was instead created by a Chinese bootleg company.
    • Because it is made by a Chinese bootleg company, these characters make appearances:
    • There is no plot whatsoever.
    • The sets are extremely low-budget and there are no special effects being used.
    • Add loads of green screen.
    • The dialogue is extremely stupid.
    • All of the canon characters act nothing like their original personalities.
    • Add even more political and religious discussion.
    • Neither Batman nor Superman act like their original personalities at all.
    • Make all of the characters even more annoying.

    The Bee Movie

    • It was made by Jetlag Productions.
    • Get rid of Jerry Seinfeld.
    • Mention the fact that drones are the only male bees Irl so the fact that there are so many male bees is inaccurate because drone bees don't pollinate flowers.
    • Make all of the characters extremely annoying.
    • Vanessa marries Barry and has sex with him in one scene.
    • The bees lose in court.
    • Adam dies after having his stinger pulled out.
    • Have the drag queen bee appear as a character.
    • Show bees die.
    • The jokes are even worse.
    • Get rid of the meme content.
    • Get rid of the end so it ends with Barry creating a global disaster because there are no more bees or flowers.

    The Nut Job

    • Make the animation look like a cross between Teen Titans Go!, Foodfight!, The Nutshack and Funny Pets.
    • Replace the nuts with bombs.
    • Add even more toilet humor.
      • BONUS: It is also even more disgusting. Like something Guido would like.
    • Add cursing.
    • Add even more plot filler.
    • Add PETA jokes.
    • Show the dogs eating the other animals.
      • BONUS: It's graphic.
    • The dog whistle is on earrape.
    • Make it direct-to-video and make a lot of direct-to-video sequels.


    • Make Pac-Man a real guy in a suit.
      • So, there would be a giant yellow man running about the city? That would be hilarious!
    • Remove the plot and make the film 110 minutes of nothing but "waka waka waka waka" from Pac-Man as everyone else does random stuff said below.
    • Pac-Man gets sniped by a midget
    • All the video game characters aren't pixelated. Not just Lady Lisa.
    • Ren & Stimpy are riding Pac-Man. Oh wait, that would be amazing-
    • Have the Arcaders be named the Anti-Arcaders, and their mission is to kill games so nobody could play them, but they get killed.
    • Add in references to Custer's Revenge and Conker's Bad Fur Day.

    The Lion King 1 1/2

    • Instead of having it as official Disney, make it a poor-quality fanmade movie.
    • Don't make the characters go to a cinema and watch some random video.
    • Make it a low-quality Flash animation.
    • Have only one voice actor.
    • It completely contradicted the original.
    • The jokes are even worse.
    • Add inappropriate things that don't belong in Disney.

    Furry Vengeance

    • Make it a crappy Madagascar rip-off.
    • It was filmed on a shaky, 144p camera with distorted audio.
    • Replace the animals with actual furries.
    • Make the special effects even worse.
    • Add even more inappropriate content.
    • Add even more stereotypical content.
    • Replace the music with an even worse soundtrack.
    • It glorifies animal cruelty.


    • Make it a crappy rip-off of The Secret Life of Pets franchise.
    • The animation looks like a low-budget 90's cartoon.
    • Beethoven talks.
    • Smother it with fart jokes.
    • No plot.
    • Give it lots of direct-to-video sequels.

    Captain Marvel

    • Make it a poor-quality fanmade film.
    • It was done in Foodfight!-esque CGI.
    • The plot is even more confusing and convoluted.
    • Carol is even more unlikeable.

    Chicken Little

    • The plot is confusing and stupid
    • Have the morals ham-fisted.
    • The dialogue doesn't even make sense either.
    • Mr. Woolensworth is voice by Gary Groomes.
    • The blue alien cop is voiced by Rob Schneider.
    • Tina the Yellow Alien is voiced by Tara Reid.
    • Melvin the Red Alien is voiced by Adam Sandler.
    • Kirby the Orange Alien is voiced by Jeff Garcia.
    • The animation is made with Adobe Flash, it's so cheap-looking and bland.
    • Have it air on Nickelodeon.
    • The ending is just... WEIRD, with the song I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly playing in the background, and Chicken Little gets sucked into a black-hole and so does everybody else and they get turned into KFC and eaten by Nikocado.
      • Wait, what?

    The Lorax (2012 version)

    • It was told from O'Hare's perspective.
    • Make it more political.
    • Make it live-action with low budget SFX.
    • Make it nothing like the book.
    • It was directed by Bo Welch, who made the live action Cat in the Hat.
    • The whole film is sung-through.
    • Get rid of the "let it die let it die let it shrivel up and die" and "You greedy dirtbag!" parts.
    • The movie ends with the whole world dying.

    Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas is You

    • Make it a Video Brinquendo rip-off of All Dogs Go to Heaven called Little Puppy.
    • Give it Rapsittie Street Kids vibes.
    • All of the characters are dumb and annoying.
    • Mariah's parents are abusive.
    • Grandma Lucy is whitewashed.
    • Mariah Carey voices all of the characters. Yes, even the males.
    • Have the titular song play 10 times in the movie.
    • The movie ends with Mariah not getting the dog.

    Dreams Come True: A Mule Mom's Story

    • Flo suffers a miscarriage or has a stillborn foal at the end of the film.
    • The animals all hate Flo.
    • Cal manages to kill everyone in the chicken coop and later Flo at the end.

    Felix the Cat: The Movie

    Freddy Got Fingered

    • The PG rated edit doesn't exist.
    • Remove the Daddy would you like some sausage? scene.
    • It's way more graphic than it already is.
    • It's also far more erotic, and there a lot of uncensored pornographic scenes.
    • Gord would shoot the baby's cord instead of chewing on it. Then, he'd then eat the baby on screen, and it's very graphic.
    • Whenever Gord finds any animal, he plays with their genitals. Yes, even pets!
      • Oh, and whenever he finds a dead animal, he plays with them, and even eats them before spitting them and throwing them!
    • In the mental hospital, the kids are watching an erotic film (porn) instead of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The background music in that scene is also a rap song with tons of swearing and racial slurs (including the n-word). In fact, one of the kids there is singing along with that song very loudly.
    • When Gord met a girlfriend, he stabs her in her chest instead.

    Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure

    • Wilbur the Pig has more hair.
    • Fern is more like a tooth-chipped hick.
    • Add pop-culture songs.
    • Nellie, Joy, and Aranea are perverts.
    • Add adult jokes.
    • Templeton the Rat, Gwen the Goose, Farmer Zuckerman, Fern and Cardigan get eaten by Farley the Fox.

    Alice in Wonderland (2010)

    • Alice is a pervert.
    • Mad Hatter killed White Rabbit.
    • The Jabberwocky eats Absolem (the caterpillar).

    Beauty and the Beast (2017)

    • The anthropomorphic objects are just humans in costumes.
    • Add Ladybug and Cat Noir in the remake.
    • Remove "Be Our Guest" and "Tale as Old as Time".
    • The Beast looks even more a lot like Faun.

    Dumbo (2019)

    • Dumbo talks.
    • Blood and gore are added.
    • More adult jokes.
    • Poor CGI.
    • Remove "Baby Mine".
    • Rename Pink Elephants to "P!nk Elephants".
      • Also, redesign them to look more like P!nk.
      • Let them sing "Trouble".
    • Medici got sent to the Indian jungle at the end.

    Aladdin (2019)

    • Remove "One Jump Ahead", "Friend Like Me" and "Prince Ali"
    • Abu turns into a giant instead of Iago.
    • Abu, The Cave of Wonders and Rajah are voiced by Alan Tudyk.
    • Genie stabs Jafar.
    • Dalia kills Jasmine.

    The Lion King (2019)

    • Make the CGI similar to Video Brinquedo
    • Timon and Pumbaa get eaten by the stampede of wildebeests.
    • Remove "I Just Can't Wait to be King", "Be Prepared", "Hakuna Matata" and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight".
    • Add in other Disney songs than "Be Our Guest".
    • Shenzi is renamed "Fartzi" and is voiced by Karen Bernstein. (Using her Maggie from Little People voice)
    • Everyone is voiced by Susan Roman (using her Sarah Lynn and Eddie from Little People voice), Caroly Larson (using her Sonya Lee voice), Julie Lemieux (using her Michael from Little People voice), Rob Smith (using his Freddie the Frog from Little People voice), and Phil Craig (using his Narrator from Little People voice)
    • During the ending scene, Rafiki tosses out a lion cub, like he did in outtakes in the 1994 Lion King.

    Mulan (2020)

    • Remove Cri-Kee from the remake.
    • The Phoenix in the film is either replaced with the Mogwai or the Gremlin.
    • Bori Khan stabs Fa Zhou.
    • Xian Lang was now a human bird mutant who looks like either Tuca or Bertie.

    Pan (2015)

    • Peter does not fly.
    • Kill Tinkerbell.
    • Bryan Mills kills Peter.
    • Blackbeard stabs Tiger Lily.

    Ice Age series

    In General

    • Give everyone boyfriends/girlfriends, not just Diego and Sid.

    Continental Drift

    • Robo-Chef stomps on Granny.
    • Replace "We Are" with a shitty rap song.
    • Sid often swears.
    • Manny sings a sh*tty death metal song instead of "The Candy Man."
    • Replace "Chasing the Sun" with a shitty dubstep song.
    • Gutt kills Scrat and Scratte.
    • Gutt's name's NOT RICK!!!!!!!

    Collision Course

    • Remove the Geotopians, except Brooke.
      • Replace them with ugly-looking aliens.
    • Crash and Eddie ride on a spaceship.
    • Diego, Shira, Peaches, Ellie, and Manny get killed by a meteor at the end.
    • Brooke kills Sid.
    • Gavin, Rodger and Gertie carve Bronwyn the Pumpkin.
    • Three words: Neil deSid Sloth

    The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

    • Buck is voiced by a different actor instead of Simon Pegg.
    • Remove Manny, Sid and Diego.
    • The animation is even worse.
    • Make Orson the knock-off of Swiper the Fox.
    • In the dream sequence, the possums floss instead of dabbing.

    The Live-Action Scooby-Doo films

    • Scooby-Doo is an antagonist of the first movie instead of Scrappy-Doo.
    • Even more adult humor.
    • Have them directed by Michael Bay.
    • The CGI is even worse.
    • The Tasmanian Devil is replaced with Eric Cartman.
    • The Pterodactyl Ghost eats Daphne.
    • Hyun-seok (Samba de Janeiro P1 from Just Dance 2021) made a cameo in a second movie.

    Filipino Batman and Robin

    • Catwoman is actually a cat furry.
    • Robin's "R" is a Hi Point logo (upside-down Vestron V) and not a Regal Films logo.
    • Add in more Marvel characters, like Hulk. Not just Spider-Man.
    • Penguin's name is "Bong-guin".
    • Joker kills Robin.
    • More swearing.
    • The costumes are even worse.
    • Add in Batham. (a pig version of Batman)

    Duck, Duck, Goose

    • You think that Chi and Chao sounding like adults is bad? How about making them sound like the elderly!
    • More hashtag references!
    • Banzou eats the ducklings at the end.
    • Peng does not redeem himself.

    Bernard Bear: Agent 008

    • Worse animation.
    • Worse action scenes.
    • Worse adult jokes.

    Digimon: The Movie

    • Worse jokes.
    • Worse animation.
    • The "Digi Rap" song is more cringy.
    • The Angela Anaconda short is 10 times creepier.
    • You can find the lookalikes of all the Digimon on the cover, not just a Terriermon lookalike.


    • Have Dab-Dab the Duck actually dab.
    • Kevin the Squirrel dies.
    • The jokes are even worse.
    • Jip the Dog is voiced by Rob Schneider.
    • Barry the Tiger eats Dolittle.
    • The film ends with Queen Victoria dying.

    The Banana Splits Movie

    Version 1

    • Hire Michael Bay to direct it instead of Danishka Esterhazy.
    • The dialogue is even worse.
    • The plot holes are even worse.
    • The Banana Splits are photorealistic CGI animated robot animals that look nothing like their Hanna-Barbera and 2008 counterparts.
      • Snorky has a lot worse qualities other than running over Mitch.
        • He talks and is voiced by Eric Bauza (using his Digger the NASCAR Gopher voice)
        • He breathes fire out of his trunk.
        • He snorts cocaine and black tar heroin.
        • He instead burns Stevie's corpse.
      • Fleegle was completely torn after he kills Jonathan.
        • Adam Sandler voices Fleegle instead of Bauza.
        • Fleegle is tan instead of brown.
      • Bingo uses a golden axe to chop people.
        • Jake Paul voices Bingo instead of Bauza.
        • Bingo had no black hair.
      • Drooper uses sharp teeth to eat corpses and bite people.
        • Rob Schneider voices Drooper by using his Norm the Polar Bear voice instead of Bauza.
        • Drooper had realistic eyes and he has a scar on his eyelid.
        • He wears shoes.
    • The Splits just shoot people instead of murdering them in their own ways, except Bingo, which he chops people with an axe.
      • Speaking of which, Fleegle still saws Thadd in half, but this time, with a banana-shaped chainsaw instead of the usual saw.
    • The Splits shoot the rest of the studio members and destroy a city near Taft Studios.
    • They sing covers of pop culture songs.
      • They also sing explicit songs, like "Panda", "It's Everyday Bro" and "We Reposted in the Wrong Neighborhood"
    • Remove "Tra La La Song" or have it heard only once in the film.
    • Remove the "Silly Stevie. Smoking's bad for your health" line.
    • The Splits had their minions, The Banana Bots, which are robots that resemble sentient bananas.
    • The Splits mutate workers that they shot, chopped or sawed into zombies.
    • They also create the mutant monsters that are human/dog/gorilla/lion/elephant hybrids.
    • The Splits turn Taft Studios into a holocaust, called The Bananasplitsocaust.
    • Whitewash Poppy.
    • Hooty was instead the only one that wasn't with them anymore.
      • Hooty's sidekicks are the drunk duck named Bella and an ugly weed-smoking ostrich named Tammy.
      • Hooty had their own army, the Robot Owls of Ga-Fool.
      • Hooty shoots the Splits with the acorn bombs.
    • The film is set in 2049.
    • It feels like The Terminator instead of Five Nights at Freddy's.
    • The special effects for fire are even worse.
    • The poster and DVD covers were either set in the rooftop of Taft Studios or the semi-destructed city with the Splits wearing tuxedos, except Bingo, which still wears an armor.

    Version 2

    • Make it an erotic/pornographic film instead of the horror one.
    • The Banana Splits are humans in CGI fur suits instead of animatronics. (Think of Cats (2019))
    • Drooper rapes Stevie instead of shoving a lollipop in his throat.
    • Fleegle is played by Russel Brand. (Using his E.B. voice)
    • Bingo is played by Matt Berry. (Using his Poseidon voice)
    • Drooper is played by Jeff Bennet. (Using his Dorkus Aurelius voice)
    • Snorky is played by Sue Rose. (Using her Angela Anaconda voice)
    • The Splits have sex with people instead of murdering them, as the result, people are pregnant.
    • It feels like Fifty Shades of Grey instead of FNAF.

    Alvin and The Chipmunks films from 2007-2015

    RNW Alvin.png
    • Have the films entirely animated in terrible CGI similar to Video Brinquedo.
    • The Chipmunks and Chipettes are photorealistic CGI animated chipmunks.
    • Like Miss Beatrice Miller, Dave Seville didn't appear in these films at all.
    • More adult humor.
    • The Chipettes appear in the first film.
    • The films are directed by Adam Sandler.
    • Similar to how Alvin never wears the cap throughout the films, except in the first film's ending:
      • Simon and Janette don't wear glasses.
        • His Simone persona doesn't wear glasses also.
      • Theodore wears an outfit similar to Skate Lad's.
      • Brittany doesn't have a hairdo.
      • Elanor's hair and outfit have a color scheme reminiscent of Rope Girl's.
    • More gore!
    • Kaley Cuoco voices all the Chipettes in The Road Chip. Not just Elanor.
    • More shoehorned product placement.
    • All of the Chipmunks and Chipettes got bitten by a spider and develop amnesia, not just Simon.
      • Alvin becomes Alanna
      • Theodore becomes Theodora.
      • Brittany becomes Benjamin
      • Janette becomes Jackson
      • Elanor becomes Ernest
      • Toby becomes Tabatha
      • Zoey becomes Zack
    • Instead of SpongeBob, the Chipmunks watch Family Guy and Robot Chicken.
    • Instead of Ian telling the squirrels to sing "Deck the Halls", the paramedics take Ian to the hospital in the post credit scene of the first film.
    • Zoey, Toby and Miles are chipmunks.
      • Miles wears an outfit similar to Captain Crandall's.
    • Claire Wilson and Alvin get married at the end of The Road Chip and later have their own chipmunk-human hybrid babies, called the chiphumans or huemunks.
      • Why not the Chipmans? It rolls off the tongue much better (to me, anyway).

    Fantasy Island (2020)

    • Hire Michael Bay to direct it.
    • Make it little-to-nothing like the show.
    • Tattoo kills Mr. Roarke at the end.

    The Last Airbender

    • Retitle it "Avatar," so this film is sued by 20th Century Studios.
    • The words are butchered in an even worse way. They pronounce Aang like "Ah-ee-in-gee".
      • Or to go with the bad version of the original show, Ching-Chong will be pronounced as “Chee-Aing Choo-Unk”.
    • The characters are played by white actors donning yellowface and appropriating traditional Asian attire.
    • It is not made by Paramount.
    • The CGI is even worse.
    • No action scenes.

    The Magic Riddle

    • Most of the scenes are just random.
    • The Pig Song is 10 minutes long.
    • The Widow eats Cindy at the end.

    Space Jam: A New Legacy

    • Zendaya voices all Looney Tunes characters, not just Lola Bunny.
    • Remove all the Warner Bros. cameos (Especially, Rick, Morty, the Warners, Lion-O, and Snarf).
    • Daffy Duck is removed instead of Pepe Le Pew. This means that the cancel culture involves Daffy instead of Pepe.
    • Replace LeBron James with Proto from the Protegent commercial.
    • LeBron/Proto flosses instead of dabbing.
    • Porky sings death metal instead of a rap song.
    • The CGI is similar to that of Video Brinquedo.

    Care Bears CGI Films by Nelvana


    • The animation is even worse.
    • The Care Bears are murderous.
    • The Care Bears are voiced by Eric Bauza (using his Drooper the Lion voice), Bob Joles (using his Nesmith voice), Harrison Chad (using his Boots the Monkey and Cardigan the Lamb voice), Nicholas Cage (using his Dr. Tenma voice) and Spencer Breslin (using his Captain Crandall voice)

    Care Bears: Journey to Joke-A-Lot

    • Funshine murders Princess Gig at the end.
    • Rename Joke-A-Lot to Stupid Bob's Town.
    • Retitle it "Care Bears Go to Stupid Bob's Town."
    • Replace the Joke-A-Lot residents, apart from Funnybone and Gig, with characters from Blue's Room, like Dress-Up Chest, Sprinkles, Frederica, Moona, Roary, Boogie Woogie, and Silly Seat.

    The Care Bears' Big Wish Movie

    • Wish murders Messy, Too Loud, and Me at the end.
    • Retitle it "Care Bears Find and Kill God."
    • Replace the Big Wish with God from South Park.
    • think about things coach ((from just dance 2022)) appeared in this flim
      • the only thing he said is “ I will make my appearance at moonrise.”

    Bratz: The Movie

    • The Bratz girls (apart from Yasmin) are absent.
    • Meredith is more psychopathic and is a Terminator-like robot.
    • The font for the credits is even worse.

    Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny

    • The bunny likes smoking weed.
    • The writing, acting, and music is even worse.
    • The Giant eats Jack at the end of the Jack and the Beanstalk segment.
    • Santa got ran over by the reindeer.


    STAB logo.png

    Version 1

    • Replace all the Hanna-Barbera characters with the poorly drawn ones with poorly written names.
      • Also, replace Scooby-Doo with a black and white cat named "Stabby Cat"
      • Shaggy - Supershag (a stereotypical gluttonous bum.)
      • Velma - Balma (a loud-mouthed nerdy jerk.)
      • Daphne - Daffi (a damsel in distress and a butt-monkey who got kidnapped several times.)
      • Fred - Fried (an unlikeable twit who doesn't care about catching ghosts.)
      • Blue Falcon - Falcopunch (a more annoying, aggravating moron with Jar Jar Binks' personality.)
      • Dynomutt - Dienomot (an unfunny, self-centered jerk*ss who threatens to steal some Scooby Snacks/Bloody Snacks.)
      • Dee Dee Skyes - Dedeskis (a boring housewife who doesn't care about fighting evil.)
      • Captain Caveman - Cavemin (a worst offender who threatens to murder Dee Dee Skyes/Dedeskis.)
      • Jabberjaw - Jaberjowl (a gluttonous jerk who eats the entire band he's in.)
      • The Banana Splits - Banana Sits (the murderous animatronics who did not want their show to get cancelled.)
      • Dick Dastardly - Dic Daster Lee (a weak antagonist with Stanley Practice's personality.)
      • Muttley - Muttle-E (another weak antagonist, but this time with Stewie Griffin's personality.)
    • Retitle it "STAB!"
      • A drop of blood is a dot of an exclamation point instead of a Scooby tag.
    • Scooby-Doo/Stabby Cat murders people.
    • Have it made by Universal and Blumhouse.
    • Replace Scooby Snacks with Bloody Snacks.
    • Add in The Stuff as a cameo.
    • Add in the 9/11 jokes.
    • Replace the Mystery Machine with a demonic version of Herbie, called "Hermie."
    • The film ends with Scooby/Stabby murdering Shaggy/Supershag.
    • The film is rated "R".
    • While Stabby is still voiced by Frank Welker (would use the Azrael voice instead of the Scooby one), everyone is voiced by Seth Rogen (using the Frank Wienerton voice), Jonah Hill (using the Carl the Sausage voice), Eric Bauza (using the Bingo the Gorilla voice), Nick Kroll (using the Douche voice), Alanna Ubach (using the El Tigre voice), Jeff Garcia (using the Sheen Estevez voice), Susan Roman (using the Sarah Lynn voice) and Rob Paulsen (using the Carl Wheezer and Doppy Doppweiler voice).
    • More swearing and adult humor.
    • Add in the Mr. Pickles theme song.
    • Add in the "It's Not So Hard to Be a Pig" song from Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure.
    • Shnookums and Meat make a cameo as background characters.

    Version 2

    • The CGI is similar to Video Brinquedo.
    • Retitle it "Scoobtember 11th."
    • Add in the 9/11 jokes.
    • Scooby-Doo is voiced by a celebrity instead of Frank Welker.
    • The scenes rip-off those from Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure.
    • Add in a dimwitted, stereotypical green rat, named Rattly.

    Clifford the Big Red Dog (2021)

    • Replace Clifford with Clifford Daniels who got cursed to be a giant red dog.
    • Allegro the Panda is Zac Tieran's sidekick.
    • The CGI is even worse.
    • Barney makes a cameo.
    • The British swear word, "Bollocks," is spoken throughout the film, not in just one scene.
    • Replace Emily with Angelica Pickles.
    • Clifford/Clifford Daniels and Emily/Angelica watch Tim and Eric.
    • More shoehorned product placement.


    • Make the mobile app's powers deadlier than they are.
    • The mobile app possesses a victim after the time stuck zero instead of murdering them.

    Teen Titans Go! See Space Jam

    • Make it help promote Clifford the Big Red Dog (2021) instead of Space Jam: A New Legacy.
    • The way they animated the Nerdlucks is even worse.
    • The designs for Nerdlucks as the Mean Titans look like Banana Splits animatronics instead of Rabbids.
    • Robin drinks nuclear waste instead of the 25-year-old water, and he turns into the giant basketball monster after that.
    • Ralph Garman (using his Jeff Fecalman voice) voices the Nerdlucks.

    Free Birds

    • Add in Peter Piper Pizza promotions.
    • Reggie becomes Myles Standish's sidekick after the death of Chief Broadbeak.
    • The movie ends with Jake getting slaughtered.

    The Little Mermaid (GoodTimes)

    • Release the film in 2022.
    • Vink is voiced by Zendaya (Using her Lola voice).
    • Add in the scene where Lena and Vink watch I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson.
    • Cassandra the Sea Witch somehow marries Stefan, and Lena ended up becoming sea foam at the end.
      • She turns into human and gets on land.

    Sausage Party

    • Douche kills all the sentient food products, including Frank, at the end of the film.
    • The film looks like a crappy MS Paint video.
    • The characters constantly drop the N-word along with the f-bomb.
    • The characters' voice actors are extremely annoying.
    • The 4-page-long scene is 1 hour long.
    • The film is 10x gorier and shows much more uncensored sex scenes.

    A Loud House Christmas

    • Lincoln is a very offensive jerk towards Clyde.
    • All of the Louds' pets only appear on the poster, not just Geo.
    • Lori and Leni are played by different actresses.
    • The film's logo is made out of feces instead of gingerbread.
    • Lincoln curses every sentence.
    • The CGI for snow is even worse.
    • Rename it to "The Lit Af Louds: Merry F**king Christmas!"

    All Dogs Go to Heaven 2

    • Replace Charlie and Itchy with two different dogs as friends to David.
    • Add in Barney as Carface's sidekick.

    Woody Woodpecker (2017)

    • Woody is a live-action human in an animatronic costume instead of a CGI animated character.
    • Woody is voiced by Will Forte (using his Shaggy voice).
    • Remove Lance Walters.
    • Not releasing it in theaters in all countries, not just USA.

    My Little Pony G3 Films

    My Little Pony: The Princess Promenade

    • Spike is very offensive and curses every sentence.
    • "Friendship and Flowers" is just "Friendship and Flowers" over and over again.
    • Tiddlywink constantly farts and Tra La La dabs.
    • Wysteria murders Pinkie Pie at the end.

    My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas

    • Minty shoots the "Here Comes Christmas" candy cane and throws tantrums.
    • Minty got a lump of coal for Christmas.
    • Minty got arrested and got locked in the Christmas-themed prison by Krampus. She also got executed for ruining Christmas.


    • All the boov look extremely ugly and creepy, and they are naked.
    • Oh curses every sentence.
    • Tip is rude to everyone.
      • She is also voiced by Fatima Ptacek with her Dora voice.
    • Lucy/My mom dies.
    • The animation looks like Rapsittie Street Kids.
    • The film is 3 hours as long.
    • The film is filled with even more annoying songs, like Despacito and Gucci Gang (Yes, the film was released in 2015 but I don't care.)
    • 9/11 jokes.
    • The humans and boov never get along.
    • The film ends with the entire planet being destroyed by Gorg.

    Ghostbusters (2016)

    • Make Patty unfunny and a bully to the other Ghostbusters.
    • Make the tape recorded at the hotel not only play a fart sound, but it also plays the sound of a baby crying.
    • There's a long argument in the scene where it is decided that New York City should not know about the Ghostbusters.
    • There's a lot of unfunny pop culture refrences added.
    • Instead of Erin comparing the mayor of New York City to the mayor from Jaws, she compares the mayor to the people who didn't believe The Boy Who Cried Wolf.
    • Make Kevin stupider.
    • Make the ghost attack on New York City a ripoff of the whole entire sequence where the Audrey 2 plants attacked New York City in the original ending of Little Shop of Horrors.
    • Make Rowan unfunny in the climax of the film when he possesses Kevin and make Rowan's final form be Barney the Dinosaur.
    • Have Patty's father beat her up after realizing his hearse was sucked up in the portal.

    The Swan Princess CGI Movies

    • The CGI is even worse.
    • Give them references to Video Brinquedo.
    • The soundtrack is even worse.
    • The writing is even worse.

    The Swan Princess Christmas

    • The final battle is even worse.
    • Add in more gross out jokes.
    • Even worse sounds.

    The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale

    • Alise is a serial killer with Fleegle, Bingo, and Drooper's horror film personalities.
    • The plot is similar to South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.
    • Make the humor more disgusting.
    • The plot holes are even worse.
    • The scene editing is worse.
    • The characters are voiced by Ralph Garman (using his Jeff Fecalman voice), Ben Jones (using his Alfie voice), Candi Milo (using her Princess Oom voice), Fred Tatasciore (using his Nerdluck voice), and Scott Menville (using his Shaggy and Robin voices).

    The Swan Princess: Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today!

    • The film has nothing to do with pirates
    • Odette is absent.

    The Swan Princess: Kingdom of Music

    • Make the music performances even more trippy.
    • Li and Mei Li are racist Chinese stereotypes.

    Music (2021)

    • Give the film a more portrayal of a more exaggerated autism.
    • Music Gamble is played by a drunk actor who has ADD.
    • All the Gamble family members are named Music.
    • Have the movie's title be "The Musics".
    • Depict the characters in yellowface instead.
    • Zu and Ebo get a LOT more screentime than Music.
    • Zu is played by a child actor.
    • Make the musical numbers happen at more inconvenient times and make them feel even more like drug trips.
    • Give the film a worse story.
    • Make Sia's cameo in the film even more random.
    • Make the movie encourage the even more ableist concept of even more performing restraints on stressed or even more overwhelmed individuals with ASD.
    • Make the musical sequences never help advance the plot.
    • Add in the Electric Soldier Porygon red/blue strobe lights.
    • The restraint scenes are 4-page long.
    • The soundtrack is even worse.

    Kermit's Swamp Years

    • Add in more disgusting humor
    • Add in references to horror films.
    • The Garbage Pail Kids make a cameo.
    • The plot is even worse.
    • Dr. Krassman has a plot to turn Kermit's swamp into the slaughterhouse.
    • Give the swamp less screen time.
    • Make Croaker and Goggles more annoying.
    • The soundtrack is even worse.
    • The special effects are even worse. This includes Horace D'Fly.
    • Joey and Dr. Krassman are played by Jasen Lee and Adam Sandler.


    • A kid uses an oven instead of flat iron.
    • The girls did other cringeworthy moves than twerks.
    • Amy shoots a student instead of stabbing it with a pencil.
    • Amy saws Yasmin with a chainsaw instead of pushing her into a river.
    • Amy seduces everyone.
    • Amy flosses at the security guards instead of twerking at them.
    • The scenes are even gorier and they are completely uncensored.
    • All the characters are racist.


    Coming soon

    Quest for Camelot

    Coming soon

    The King and I

    Coming soon

    A Troll at Central Park

    Coming soon

    Pinocchio: A True Story

    • Tibbles gets more screen time than anyone else.

    We’re Back! A Dinosaur's Story

    Air Buddies


    In The Banana Splits Movie

    • Hooty: Things Have Gotten a LOT worse since you left Taft studios. Or should I say "Bananasplitsocaust."

    In the Alvin films from 2007-2015

    • Alvin: [notices Pestilence Pony, Famine Pony, War Pony and Death Pony] Look at all those apocalypse ponies.
    • Theodore: Chi-ka!
    • Simon: No, Death Pony. Don't kill the family.
    • "I love you, Apocalypse Pony."
    • Simon: I'm going to eat all off your poop, because they're raisins.
    • Janette: Stop, Simon. Please, no!

    -- Fiona Rocks (talk) 03:06, 24 February 2022 (UTC)

    >Robin drinks nuclear waste instead of the 25-year-old water.

    But what would that turn him into?
    -- MegaToon1234 (talk) 12:34, 1 April 2022 (UTC)

    >Cassandra the Sea Witch still marries Stefan

    Ok, when did that ever happen in the original movie?
    -- MegaToon1234 (talk) 23:19, 29 April 2022 (UTC)