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    How to Make Cancelled Movies Released

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    This is one of RNW's famed "how to" pages. It contains lots of opinions, but may also have just as much vulgarities, gross-out content, satirical humor, and NSFW elements. Also, some of these pages are freakishly long, which pretty much speaks for itself.
    These pages are now considered legacy pages and can no longer be edited by ordinary contributors.

    Space Jam 2 (original version)

    • This film never uses its Looney Tunes license, although Berserk-O and his henchmen (including O-No) remained.
    • It was made by DisneyToon Studios as "The Mickey Mouse Basketball Movie", with Mickeyverse characters in place of the Looney Tunes ones and Michael Jordan.

    The Cat in the Hat Comes Back

    Version 1

    • Make it an animated film by DFE Films in 1979 as a sequel to the 1971 classic.

    Version 2

    • Make it a 2D animated film.
    • Much like the good version of the film, hire another actor than Mike Myers to play The Cat.
    • The Cat (as well as The Little Cats A-Z) isn't creepy.
    • Hire other actors than Spencer Breslin and Dakota Fanning to play Sally and Conrad.

    Big Bug Man

    • Hire another actor than Marlon Brando to play Mrs. Sour, since he ended up dying of lung failure during production.
      • Additionally, have the recording set in the studio instead of Brando's house.
    • It was made by Disney as a theatrical film instead of Studio-Free Studio as a TV film.

    Nimona (Blue Sky Studios version)

    • Bardel Entertainment is involved with it instead.
      • This means wipe The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild from existence.


    • Let Blue Sky Studios stay open.

    Five Nights at Freddy's (Warner Bros. version)

    • Hire someone who knows how to get the animatronics work on set. Think of the guy who did the Willy's Wonderland animatronics.
    • The Banana Splits Movie is separate from Warner Bros.' FNAF project, which means it's kid friendly.

    Planet Sheen TV film

    • The spin-off TV show is well received and is successful.
    • The writers are still working on it.

    The Sly Cooper film (original version)

    • It was made by Sony Pictures Animation.
    • The Ratchet and Clank film received better and is successful.
    • Make the character designs more like they did in the games.

    Cat Tale

    • Imagi Studios isn't involved with it.

    Super Mario Bros. (1993) (Original fantasy version)

    • Make the special effects better.
    • Our real Blade Runner-esque version never exists.

    Disney Future Direct-To-Video Sequels


    • The sequels and films are well received.

    Dumbo 2

    Mulan III

    The Jungle Book 3

    • Hire another actor than Tony Jay to play Shere Khan.

    Chicken Little 2: Mission to Mars/The Ugly Duckling Story

    • It focuses on Jack, Mary, Chicken Little and Raffaela the Sheep going on the quest to save Jill from the Witch.
    • Retitle it "Chicken Little 2: The Search for Jill"

    Bambi 3

    Fantasia 2006

    The Garbage Pail Kids Movie 2

    • Much like the good version of the first film, make it the Cabbage Patch Kids film.

    The Swarm Remake

    • The original Swarm was well received.

    B.O.O.: The Bureau of Otherworldly Operations

    • Delay the film to April 2, 2018, instead of cancelling it.
    • It was made as part of the Fantasmical World of Rhode Montijo universe, since it's ghost themed.
    • Tony Leondis (who did The Emoji Movie) and Jennifer Coolidge (who played Gene Meh's mother, Mary) are still working on it.
    • Gum Girl and Ninja-Rina make cameos in the film to help promote the third Gumazing Gum Girl book, Popped Star.
      • This might also be a reference to DreamWorks and CRE84U's upcoming TV show adaptation of the Gum Girl series.

    Rugrats (2021 film)

    • Sonic's remastered film design is the prime one. This means the 2021 Rugrats film is fully CGI animated instead of being a live action/CGI hybrid film, and it stays on the schedule.

    Scooby-Doo 3

    • The first two films are well received.

    Spooky Jack (original version)

    • It was made as a Peacock original film in 2021.
    • Make it less similar to Monsters, Inc.

    Fantastic Four (1994)

    • It was made in 1995 as the high-budget film.

    The Adventures of Thomas

    • Thomas' face is actually shown in the teaser trailer.
    • Thomas and the Magic Railroad is well-received and is successful.

    The 1 Second Film

    • The film actually runs 61 minutes while the credits run 4 minutes.
    • Rename the film to something else.
    • It was made by Cartoon Network.

    Bill Cosby 77

    • Retitle it "Little Bill 77"
      • Or retitle it somewhere along the lines of "Little Bill's Big Movie", as "Little Bill 77" wouldn't make sense.
      • Despite this, Bill Cosby isn't involved with it.
    • Make the plot focus on Little Bill Glover finding a birthday gift for Alice the Great.

    Lidsville (film)

    • Sid and Marty accepted to adapt it into a film.

    Plastic Man (animated film)

    • Delay it to 2020.

    Godzilla 2

    • Retitle it "Mothra in Sydney"
    • Replace the surviving Zilla offspring with Mothra.
    • It focused on Mothra fighting a giant insect monster in Sydney.
    • Godzilla (1998) received better.


    • Film it in another location instead of the World Trading Center, since it got destroyed on September 11, 2001.

    Mrs. Doubtfire 2

    • Hire another actor to play Mrs. Doubtfire instead of Robin Williams, since he's depressed and hangs his neck.
    • Add in Robin Williams' daughter, Zelda Williams, as a cameo.
    • Chris Columbus is still working on it.


    • Make it a CGI animated remake to Fun and Fancy Free.
      • This means replace Jack with Mickey, Donald and Goofy and Inma (a girl giant) with Willie.
      • Also, Willie is an antagonist instead of the Storm Giants.


    • There are no problems with Oriental DreamWorks/Pearl Studios.

    Planes: Beyond the Sky

    • Much like the better versions of the Planes films, it was made by Pixar instead of Disneytoon Studios.


    • Stephen Hillenburg should accept to add his creation SpongeBob SquarePants to the crossover film, like a less jerk.
    • John K. should not sexually accuse girls and women, especially two of his female fans as teens.
      • Speaking of which, Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon should not exist at all.


    • Make the plot of the film less similar to that of Blue Sky Studios' Rio.

    The live action/CGI Marvin the Martian film

    • Hire another actor than Christopher Lee to play Santa Claus.

    Halo film

    • Well-written script.
    • Improve the funding.
    • Hire another director instead of Neill Blomkamp.

    Monster High: Feary Tale

    • Make it an original Monster High episode instead of a crossover with Ever After High.

    Om Nom: The Movie

    • Let a major film studio, Toonbox, or Rocket Fox be involved with it instead of Blockade Entertainment.
    • Make the Cut the Rope series more popular.
    • Make it a live action/2D hybrid film.
    • Give it a better plot, so it will be about Om Nom being reunited with Evan and showing him his friends.

    Frogkisser! (film)

    • Let Blue Sky Studios stay open.


    • Make it the CGI animated film instead of the live-action one, since Pixar is involved with it.

    Circle 7 projects


    • Let Pixar actually be involved with the Circle 7 projects.

    Finding Nemo 2

    • Retitle it "Finding Marlin."
    • Release it in 2018.

    Monsters, Inc. 2: Lost in Scaradise

    The different Toy Story 3

    Blue-Footed Booby film

    • Hire someone to know how to make some of the boobies' quacking sounds.
    • This isn't creative differences.


    • Hire another actor to play Gore instead of Kevin Spacey.

    Cyborg (2020 film)

    • Justice League performed and received better.
    • Hire another actor to play Cyborg instead of Ray Fisher.

    The Bob and Larry Movie

    • Hire someone who knows how to animate the human characters.
    • Delay the film to 2010.

    Live action Akira

    • Hire Japanese actors be in cast as the Akira characters.
    • Make it a CGI animated film instead.
    • Hire someone else than Taika Waititi to direct.


    >Stephen Hillenburg should accept to add his creation SpongeBob SquarePants to the crossover film, like a less jerk.

    Someone not wanting crossover content made for their work doesn't make them a jerk but okay
    -- I'M UNI AND WE DRIVIN A JUMP TRUCK (talk) 17:49, 3 September 2021 (UTC)

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