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    How to Make Good Logos Bad

    Due to this article being so hilariously bad, it is being kept for entertainment purposes. Therefore, please do not delete it.

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    This is one of RNW's famed "how to" pages. It contains lots of opinions, but may also have just as much vulgarities, gross-out content, satirical humor, and NSFW elements. Also, some of these pages are freakishly long, which pretty much speaks for itself.
    These pages are now considered legacy pages and can no longer be edited by ordinary contributors.

    Universal Studios

    • Replace the Earth with a school globe.
    • Have the music played on a recorder. Very poorly.

    Paramount Pictures

    • Replace the mountain with a large pile of manure.
    • Get rid of the stars.
    • The logo ends with the person shoving the camera into the mountain manure with him yelling "SMELL AND EAT THE MANURE IDIOTS!"

    Walt Disney Pictures

    • Replace the Sleeping Beauty castle with the Town of Citiesville.
    • The font is the same as the one from the 1971–1978 UNC-TV logo.

    20th Century Fox

    • The structure reads "F*CK YOU, MOM!"

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    • The shield is ugly and has "BS" on it, standing for "Bullsh*t."

    DreamWorks Pictures

    • The fishing boy on the moon got eaten by a shark at the end.

    Pixar Animation Studios

    • Remove Luxo, Jr (a lamp).
    • Replace an "I" of "PIXAR" with a dildo.

    Blue Sky Studios (R.I.P)

    • Replace Scrat with Puffy Fluffy.
    • It's renamed to "Bay Films Animation".


    • The logo reads "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA."


    • The font is the same as Bratz movie end credits one.
    • The logo reads "Deez Nuts."

    Columbia Pictures

    • Replace the torch lady with a devil.
    • The logo is set in hell.

    TriStar Pictures

    • Replace the Pegasus with an ugly bat.
    • It was set at night.

    Sony Pictures Animation

    • The font is Comic Sans.

    Illumination Entertainment

    • Take out the Minions.

    Walt Disney Home Video

    • Remove Sorcerer Mickey.

    • The background is red instead of black or blue.
    • The logo is covered in blood.

    • The logo is tinted in red and doesn't have the Mickey.

    • The background is red instead of black or blue.

    • Replace the clips from Disney films with the clips from negatively received films.
    • The announcer curses every sentence.


    • The logo reads "Netchix."
    • The music is in earrape.
    • Add in references to Leo the Lion.


    • Replace Jackie or Leo with a scary face.

    Cartoon Network Studios

    • The logo isn't checkerboard and is gory.

    Disney Television Animation

    • Replace Mickey with Barney.

    HBO Feature Presentation

    • The logo animation is even worse.
    • The text is generic.
    • The logo is red.

    Family Home Entertainment (May 9, 1991-1998, 2006-2007)

    • The animation for the paintbrush is even worse.
    • The paint is all red and the background is black.


    So, is anyone gonna add more to this?
    -- MegaToon1234 (talk) 22:22, 31 July 2021 (UTC)

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