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    How to Make Good Movies Better

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    This is one of RNW's famed "how to" pages. It contains lots of opinions, but may also have just as much vulgarities, gross-out content, satirical humor, and NSFW elements. Also, some of these pages are freakishly long, which pretty much speaks for itself.
    These pages are now considered legacy pages and can no longer be edited by ordinary contributors.

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    • We actually get to find out what happened to the soldier who refused to kill Snow White.
      • But he's only there like once?
    • Make the film less cliche. And yes, I'm aware this film was made 80 years ago.
      • But it was based on an existing story?

    Shrek series


    • Dragon will never kiss Shrek's butt.
    • Remove the word "Jack*ss."
      • Tone down more of the swearing.

    Shrek 2

    • Have the film focus more on fairytales than pop culture films.

    Shrek the Third

    • Remove the ogre babies or make them only appear in the dream.
    • Improve the humor.
    • It starts with a character reading a book, like in the rest of the films.
    • It actually shows Fiona's human form.
    • Shrek actually roars.
    • It ends with a party, like in the rest of the films.

    Smurfs: The Lost Village

    • Use less modern teen slang in the character dialogue, less filler, and less predictable plot points.
    • It follows the comics more.
    • Use no pop songs, as it doesn't fit in the Middle Ages.
    • Have Smurfette explain where she came from.
    • Use American and Canadian cartoon voice artists for most of the characters, instead of celebrities.
    • Make the plot a little more serious, darker, and more faithful to the source material.
    • Have it co-produced and distributed by Paramount Pictures (as it originally owned the film rights to The Smurfs before Sony took over) or Warner Bros. (Owners of the 1980's cartoon series).

    Pokémon movies

    General (not changing elements)

    • Sell the Miramax movies (4-7) to The Pokemon Company International after the purchase with The Weinstein Company rather them keeping them for budget purpose.
    • NOT overuse the backgrounds from "Pokemon 4Ever" (more like 4Never).


    • Elsa and Anna have better parents.
    • Make Olaf more interesting.
    • Make the songs better.
    • Make the trolls funny.
    • Not have it invade the market.
    • Make Hans not to be a twist villain, and never make him one! In fact, make him the love interest instead!


    • Make it just slightly more historically accurate.
    • Don't give the characters American accents.
    • Give Constance a different actor because that one looks too modern.
    • Constanze calls Mozart Wolferl instead of Wolfie.
    • Don't translate the German-language operas to English.

    Ready Player One

    • Add Ultraman like in the book, but don't replace it with the Iron Giant.

    The Lion King

    • Pumbaa's personality is less of a "haha he's a fat guy who eats and farts a lot!" stereotype.
    • Simba is less arrogant.

    Bugs and Daffy's Carnival of the Animals

    • Add "The Tortoises", "The Cuckoo", "People with Long Ears", and "The Swan" pieces in.

    Sonic The Hedgehog film series

    The original OVA

    • Make Sara less annoying.
    • Give it the better English dub.
    • Improve some humor.

    Live action films


    • Use CGI to give Jim Carrey Dr. Eggman's signature egg-shaped body.
    • Yuji Naka (or anyone from the Sonic Team staff) makes a cameo.
    • There are references to other SEGA franchises. (Not just Samba de Amigo's maracas)
    • Humans and Mobians to just co-exist in one world like the games, but beyond that, we could see stuff like game-accurate versions of the President and GUN Commander.

    First film

    • Sonic redesign is the prime one, no unnecessary delay for changing it. Also release it on the original date.
    • Replace Speed Me Up with I Ran (So Far Away) from A Flock of Seagulls.
      • But is an electronic cover by Billie Eilish ft. Imagine Dragons.
    • The final battle between Sonic and Robotnik is at Tokyo, Japan, rather than the Green Hills town.
    • Replace the Olive Garden product placement with Sonic (the restaurant) product placement.

    Second film

    • Not having Dr. Robotnik floss.
    • Tails gets more screen-time in the film, with Sega pointing out to director Jeff Fowler that, despite the "2" in the logo being stylized after Tails, "he's more or less a third wheel compared to Sonic and Knuckles". Also, he and Sonic's brotherly bond gets more focus.
    • The wedding subplot in Hawaii is shortened significantly, with half of the waiting scenes cut and said subplot flowing much more organically; Randall also doesn't fall in love with Rachel for real, with the latter tying him to a chair next to Commander Walters. Nintendo felt that the wedding subplot as it was contributed little to the film other than introducing G.U.N. while slowing down its pacing. The guard's acting when Maddie tries the gadget is also much better, along with the effects used when he's lifted away. Rachel later appears in the ending, acting as an aunt-like figure to Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, with Randall appearing in the climax and stinger.
    • The effects during the shots of Robotnik and Knuckles on the former's hovercraft at Siberia look better.
    • No fart jokes, dance sequences, or flossing; Sega pointed to The Lego Movie and Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse as examples of successful family-friendly films that don't have the former two elements, and pointed out that the latter would date the film. Instead of a dance showdown, Sonic gets the map through "bullet time" like how he caused mayhem in the bar in the first movie.

    The Secret Life of Pets

    • Actually, keep Tiberius's original Albert Brooks voice.
      • Speaking of Tiberius, have him say "He's stupid to talk, too ugly to eat, and too lazy to drink." when he talks to Ozone

    The Croods

    • Don't make anything fun, new, or curious bad.

    Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

    • Make the CGI designs for the Pokémon similar to a mix of the CGI in Pokkén Tournament and in Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution so they don't look uncanny.


    • Replace the Animal Liberation Front with a Humane Society.
    • Get rid of the pooping scenes

    Home Alone

    • Make it 2D-animated.

    Cats Don't Dance

    • Give it more promotional material.
    • Give Max a professional voice actor.
    • Make an entire franchise based on it.

    Golden Book Video

    • Make the animation more fluid, and not limited.
    • Credit the voice actors in the end credits.
    • Make series adaptions of specific videos. (Such as "Sing, Giggle, and Grin", "Sing, Stretch, and Shape Up", and "Journey Through the Jungle of Words".)
    • Make more CDs/cassette tapes of songs from Golden Book Music/Step Ahead Videos, like they did with "Sing, Stretch, and Shape Up".
    • Keep using more stock sound effects in the more recent videos such as "Sing, Stretch, and Shape Up" and "Journey Through the Jungle of Words". (At least, that would be better in my opinion.)

    Ice Age series

    • Don't give all the main characters (excluding Manny the Mammoth) love interests.
    • End it after the third one.

    Ice Age

    • Cut out the scene where Sid the Sloth accidentally steps on the feces.
    • Remove the scene where Roshan is crying.
    • Removing "Send Me on My Way" since this movie is set in the prehistoric times.

    The Meltdown

    • Improve the humor.
    • Remove the word "wildass."

    Dawn of the Dinosaurs

    • Improve the humor: Example, remove the scene where Sid milks the male ox.

    Toy Story series

    • Remove the major plot holes.
    • Remove all the adult humor.

    Toy Story

    • Make Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head, Sid Phillips and Sheriff Woody more likable at certain points.
    • Remove the animation errors.
    • Improve some of the animation for humans.

    Toy Story 2

    • Make the scene where Woody has a nightmare where he gets dropped by Andy in a trash can and handled in by a swarm of toy arms while Andy closes the lid less disturbing.
    • Keep one fake blooper outtake reel of Stinky Pete talking to two Barbie dolls for a role in Toy Story 3.

    Toy Story 3

    • Make the incinerator scene and the Caterpillar Room sequence where Andy's old toys are messing and thrown around by uncontrollable little kids less scary.
    • Make the toy monkey less scary.
    • Remove Stinky Pete from the poster for the film.
    • Don't make Jessie, Bullseye, Rex, Mr & Mrs Potato Head, Pizza Planet Aliens, Slinky, Hamm, and Buzz unlikeable.

    Toy Story 4

    • Woody does not leave Bonnie or the main gang at the end. Rather, Bo Peep, Billy, Goat and Gruff, Giggle McDimples, Duke Caboom, Ducky, and Bunny join the main gang, much like how Jessie and Bullseye joined the main gang at the end of Toy Story 2.
    • Buzz's personality isn't flanderized.
    • Bonnie realizes that Woody is missing shortly after he and Forky leave.
    • The rest of the main characters aren't underused.

    Cars series


    • Remove the product placements.
    • Fix the animation errors.
    • Remove the plot holes.

    Cars 3

    • Bring back Mia and Tia.
    • Michael Keaton actually reprise his role as Chick Hicks

    SpongeBob film series

    The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (even though it's perfect the way it is)

    • Keep Patchy the Pirate and Potty the Parrot as main part of the group of pirates while Captain Bart and the real parrot appear as the Cyclops' henchmen.
    • Make Shell City more like an actual city.
    • Keep the G rating.
    • SpongeBob and Patrick didn't die under a heat lamp.
    • Add in the characters from the original, like the realistic fish head.
    • Do not replace Shelley (a clamshell in a birdcage) with a jellyfish mobile.
    • Keep SpongeBob's bathtub.
    • Redesign King Neptune to look more like he did in the TV series
    • Remove the adult jokes.
    • Give the other popular characters, like Larry the Lobster, Gary the Snail, Pearl, Sandy and Mrs. Puff, more screen time.
      • Also, have them talk more often.
    • Neptune ties Mr. Krabs instead of freezing him.

    The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

    • The SpongeBob characters are 2D animated when on land instead of CGI.
    • Add in Patchy and Potty and have them turn into superheroes during the final battle.
      • UltraPirate is Patchy's Superhero. (Based on Ultraman)
      • Mega Parrot is Potty's Superhero. (Based on Hawkeye)
    • Add in Spongosaurus (which will be a SpongeBob Stegosaurus) and Patrickosaurus (a Patrick Sauropod) as friends to Squidasaurus Rex (a Squidward T-Rex).
    • Keep the "Thank Gosh It's Monday" scene.
    • Cut out the scene where Plankton gets stuck in Patrick's belly button.
    • Pearl, Larry the Lobster, Gary, Mrs. Puff, Squilliam and Karen will join SpongeBob and his friends to retrieve the formula. Also, they become 6-feet-tall superheroes.
      • Miss Hugs-A-Lot is Pearl's superhero. (Based on War Machine)
      • Jumbo Lobster is Larry the Lobster's superhero. (Based on Iron Hulk)
      • Catsnail is Gary's superhero. (Based on Goose, Captain Marvel's cat/flerken)
      • Thornpuff is Mrs. Puff's superhero. (Based on Quicksilver)
      • Karenator is Karen's superhero. (Based on Wasp)
      • Space Squid is Squilliam's superhero. (Based on Astro Boy)
    • Dennis, Flying Dutchman, Udon, The Tattletale Strangler, Clem Plankton, Larry the Snail and Victor work with Burger Beard and the Seagull Crew. They become 6-feet-tall supervillains.
      • Step-Anchor is Dennis' supervillain. (Based on Green Goblin)
      • Ghost Host is Flying Dutchman's supervillain. (Based on Loki)
      • You-Done is Udon's supervillain. (Based on Ultron)
      • Strangle-Inator is the Tattletale Strangler's supervillain. (Based on Dr. Octopus)
      • Super-Clem is Clem Plankton's supervillain. (Based on Red Hulk)
      • Snailcat is Larry the Snail's supervillain. (Based on Tom Cat)
      • Bubble Popper is Victor's supervillain. (Based on Thanos)
    • Make the Seagull Crew and The Rodent's (Sandy's superhero ego) designs look more cartoony and fully clothed, so they won't look uncanny.
      • Also, make the Seagull Crew the 2D animated characters.
    • Pearl appears in a lot more scenes than just the end credits.
    • Make the posters, covers, promotional media and trailers (even the DVD and Blu-ray menus) look more like the movie, which means more 2D animation. Here are some examples:
      • Replace the scene where Squidward/Sour Note gets stuck in the giant 6-pack can rings with the scene where the jar of tartar sauce crashes onto the Krusty Krab.
      • Replace the scene involving Slash with the scene with SpongeBob shooting ketchup.
      • Replace the scene with Patrick/Mr. Superawesomeness ripping his pants with the scene with Plankton inside SpongeBob's brain.
      • Replace the "The pirate's gonna destroy the world" quote with the snippet from the "Thank Gosh It's Monday" scene.
      • Replace the scene with Patrick/Mr. Superawesomeness with a hole on a face with the scene with SpongeBob and Plankton building a time machine.
      • Replace the scene with Squidward/Sour Note farting with the snippet from the "Teamwork" song.

    The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run

    • Add in Patchy and Potty.
    • Keep the original title "It's a Wonderful Sponge" in order to avoid confusion of the SpongeBob mobile game, "The SpongeBob Movie Game: Sponge on the Run."
    • Keep the plot with the Space Cats but make it lighter instead of changing a plot to the one with King Poseidon.
      • Speaking of which, remove The Lion King reference.
      • Redesign Gary's Father as a purple slug and rename him "Sluggo Wilson."
      • Make Twinkles the Cat the main antagonist instead of King Poseidon.
      • Redesign the Space Cats to look more like Kenny the Cat, so they won't look serious.
      • It would end with Plankton and Karen sacrificing themselves, ending the franchise.
      • Sage remains.
      • Redesign President Johnson, Tallenback, and Terry as fishes.
        • Make Johnson the president of Bikini Bottom.
        • Also, hire someone else to play Johnson and Tallenback instead of Nicholas Cage and Jeff Goldblum.
      • Redesign Fluffy as a sea tiger.
    • Remove the flashbacks involving Kamp Koral.
      • Or change them to make them more canonical, example:
        • Replace the Kamp Koral flashback involving Sandy with the clip from "Tea at Treedome"
        • Replace the Kamp Koral flashback involving Gary with the flashback with SpongeBob and Gary at the animal shelter.
        • Replace the Kamp Koral flashback involving Patrick with the flashback from "The Secret Box."
    • Rough Draft Studios is involved with it.
    • Pearl actually appears in this film.


    • Release it before the COVID-19 pandemic starts.
    • The scenes didn't rip off those from The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part.
    • Give it a different plot in order to follow the traditional Scooby-Doo formula by having a down-to earth-plot and characters directly connected to the Scooby-Doo mythos instead.
    • Do NOT hire the celebrities to voice the characters.
      • Keep Matthew Lillard as Shaggy Rogers, Kate Micucci as Velma Dinkley, and Grey Griffin as Daphne Blake.
      • Frank Welker actually plays Fred Jones while he still plays Scooby.
    • The choices of Jason Isaacs as Dick Dastardly as well as Mark Wahlberg and Ken Jeong as the Blue Falcon and Dynomutt are kept for future installments set in a Hanna-Barbera shared cinematic universe and not in the movie.
    • Get rid of the pop culture references.

    Astro Boy: A Brave in Space (1964)

    • Release an English-dubbed version of it.

    Christopher Robin (2018)

    Version 1

    • Retitle it "Winnie-The-Pooh".
    • It is set during the events of the 1966-1977 Winnie the Pooh films by Disney.

    Version 2

    • Make it fully 2D animated.
    • Tone down the adult humor.
    • Rabbit, Owl, Kanga, and Roo join Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore.
    • Gopher actually appeared in this film.
    • Make it less mean-spirited.

    Madame Butterfly (1995)

    • Uncle Bonze isn't floating in the air.
    • The flashbacks are less confusing.

    Hidden Figures

    • Make it more historically accurate.
    • It was directed by a black woman and not a white man.
    • Get rid of Al Harrison.


    • Retitle it "Sleeping Beauty"
    • Make it more like the 1959 Disney classic.

    Sesame Street film series

    Follow That Bird

    • Replace Elmo with Ernie on the 2009 cover, since the former made a brief cameo.

    The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland

    • Elmo is never a jerk in the beginning
    • Remove Bert and Ernie's pause segments.
    • The Grouches aren't creepy.
    • Don't make a movie focusing on Elmo.
    • Give Grouchland more screentime.
    • Retitle it "The Adventures of Grover in Grouchland."

    Clifford's Really Big Movie

    • Shackleford isn't a jerk towards Clifford.

    Charlotte's Web (1973)

    • Templeton's wife is shown throughout some scenes.

    Lady and the Tramp series

    Lady and the Tramp

    • Redesign Lady and Tramp's puppies so they're not puppy clones of their parents.

    Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure

    (inspired by hyzenthlayroseart's post on Tumblr.)

    • The overall plot is the same, but with slight changes.
    • Instead of keeping his past as a stray a secret, Tramp frequently uses them to tell stories to his kids, albeit as a cautionary tale of why living on the streets is dangerous.
    • Buster and the other junkyard dogs are de-aged to puppies in this version so that Buster's crush on Angel isn’t creepy.
    • Buster's backstory of being friends with Tramp is scrapped as a result of him being a puppy in this version. Instead, his backstory is that he was given to a child as a Christmas present, and he was loved at first, but then the family realized how much trouble a puppy really is, and they abandoned him. Buster was traumatized by this and developed a deep hatred for humans. Eventually he found other stray puppies and they became a little pack with Buster as their leader.
    • Buster gets a happy ending in this version: a family finds him and the other stray pups and adopts them. And this time Buster becomes part of a family that loves him and would never abandon him.
    • Scamp actually sounds like a child instead of an adult.

    Wreck-It Ralph series

    Wreck-It Ralph

    • Make the movie more about video games than candy.
    • Remove all the potty humor.
    • Make Vanellope and Gene more likeable.
    • Make the few characters more correctly depicted.
    • Remove all the product placements.
    • Make some of the character designs less ugly.
    • Make some dialogue more appropriate and make more sense.

    Ralph Breaks the Internet

    • Fix the plot a bit.
    • Fix-It Felix tags along on Ralph and Vanellope's journey.
    • In the BuzzTube scene, Ralph and Felix discover that they had a cartoon series in the 1980s that is very popular on the site and the clips from the show are used to make "BuzzTube Funnies."
      • This is a reference to the Super Mario cartoons, and how they were used in YouTube Poops.
    • There is a scene where Vanellope meets a sexy older version of herself on DeviantArt.
    • The villain is a SOPA-like creature that is intent on censoring everything on the Internet.
    • Vanellope chooses to go back to her game, Sugar Rush, at the end. (Rather than choosing to go to Slaughter Race.)

    The Matrix (Even though it's perfect the way it is

    In general

    • Have Neo scream in pain 2000 times in every movie excluding The Animatrix
    • Replace random sound effects with the ones from Changed, such as when Agent Smith is copying himself onto somebody, have the transfer SFX.

    The Original

    • Change the song at the end credits to Killing in the Name of by the same band (RATM)
    • The taco bell "dong" sound effect plays when Neo kicks the cop in his balls at the beginning of the lobby shootout scene
    • Have the Asian kid scream when she finds out that her mom got possessed


    • Show some more scenes of people being infected by Agent Smith (a la like in the original with so many people being possessed)
    • Have Demons by Imagine Dragons play in the zion orgy scene

    Don't Look Up

    • The bombs that attempted to blow up the comet are really strong and actually work.
    • As a result, the comet that attempted to hit Earth is completely destroyed, and Earth is saved at the end.
    • Redo the post-credit scenes, in order to avoid watching people being naked or getting killed by an alien.

    Finding Nemo film series

    Finding Nemo

    • Remove all the cliches.
    • Remove all the community errors.

    Finding Dory

    • Make the movie more adventurous, like Finding Nemo.
    • Make Hank the Octopus less a jerk.
    • Not having the plot rehash the first film.
    • Give the Tank Gang more screen time.
      • Along with Destiny and Bailey, maybe?
    • Give the movie a series adaption.

    The Mitchells vs. The Machines

    • Improve more of the humor.
    • Give Aaron a better actor.
    • Make the fact that Rick cancelled his daughter's flight to go to college less mean-spirited.
    • Remove all the product placements.


    • Not making Ponyo a bit gross and even selfish at times.
    • Disney keeps the second verse of the Ponyo song in the credits rather than replacing it with the remix by Noah Cyrus. because the remix is out of place for the Studio Ghibli film.
    • The ending doesn't feel rushed.


    • Not making the ending feel rushed.
    • Make the direction feel less ambitious.
    • Not having Joe ripped his pants.


    • Remove the scene where Luca betrays Alberto.
    • Make the Italian stereotypes less annoying.
    • Make Ercole the better villain.


    • Make the ending less predictable
    • Remove all the cliches.
    • Mirabel actually goes on an adventure with a toucan as a partner to a place that can provide clues to save the house and its magic.
    • Give anybody else more screen time
    • Improve the Indonesian dub.

    Turning Red

    • Make the animation less uncanny.
    • Make Mei's nightmare scene less dark.
    • Remove all the inappropriate parts.
    • Remove all the product placements

    All Dogs Go to Heaven

    Wipe the hell scene from existence

    Alvin and the Chipmunks films

    The Chipmunk Adventure

    • Remove the product placements, the inappropriate outfits, and the racist stereotypes.

    Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein

    • Make Alvin's "monster" form less cartoony and actually monstrous.

    Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman

    Little Alvin and the Mini-Munks

    Ghostbusters (1984)

    • Improve the CGI.
    • Make Walter the more likeable character.

    The Loud House Movie

    • Don't have the Loud family ditch Lincoln.
    • Make the Loud's ancestors have more screen time. They also have more lines because of this.

    The Bad Guys

    Dora and the Lost City of Gold

    • Make the CGI designs for Boots and Swiper similar to the CGI in Dora and Diego's 4D Adventure, so they won't look uncanny.
    • Remove all the toilet humor.
    • Bring back some of the characters from the original TV series, like Azul the Train and Senor Tucan.


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