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    How to Make Good Video Games Better

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    This is one of RNW's famed "how to" pages. It contains lots of opinions, but may also have just as much vulgarities, gross-out content, satirical humor, and NSFW elements. Also, some of these pages are freakishly long, which pretty much speaks for itself.
    These pages are now considered legacy pages and can no longer be edited by ordinary contributors.

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    • Get rid of Navi, or make her less annoying.
    • Make the puzzles present in the dungeons a little less confusing.
    • Include more dungeons in the early game.
    • Make the game's bosses A LOT better (I'm not saying all of them are bad, but a lot are).
    • Give cuccos a better-sounding rooster crow.

    A Koopa's Revenge

    • Make it officially by Nintendo.
    • Have original music over reused ones.
    • Make it a 3D platformer for the Nintendo Gamecube.
    • Add more interesting powerups.
    • Include a Goomba sidekick with a role similar to Luma's.

    Final Fantasy VI

    • Include the censorship from the Super NES version in later versions.
    • Remove the few uses of profanity.
    • Release a 3D remake (without an absurd difficulty spike like the DS remake of FFIV got).

    New Super Mario Bros. Series

    • Don't reuse the same music over and over, especially the death theme that they have been using ever since Super Mario 64 DS (when you lose a minigame).
      • I think this actually works quite well.
    • Include unique boss battles in every game after the DS game rather than just battles against the Koopalings and, in later versions, Reznors/Boom Booms.
    • Give NSMB2 (on the 3DS) a co-op mode.
    • Bring back the Blue Shell powerup in NSMB2 with a Golden variant.
    • The mini-games return in NSMB2.
    • The plots are less repetitive and more original.
    • Make Princess Peach playable in NSMBWii and NSMBU (just like in the beta elements, so that she won't be kidnapped) (Hmm, I don't know about that idea. *shrug*).
      • For how to play as her, think of this as a way how she plays an in a 2D version of Super Mario 3D World.
        • Or, more specifically, Peach's gameplay in SMB2.
          • BTW, I played Super Mario Run and saw how she's playable, in fact, maybe she can also play like that, but sans the automatic running and the one-hit kill when at Super Mushroom stance.
            • Also, in NSMBUDX (New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe), Toadette was playable in that game, and she uses the Super Crown to become Peachette. That does seem believable, but the real Princess Peach is more preferred to be playable.
    • Make World Mushroom and World Flower mandatory in-game worlds in NSMB2, and give them specific themes.
      • Yeah, why would they have to be optional? I wonder why.
    • Stop making it after Wii.
      • If that were the case, then wouldn't NSMB2 and NSMBU be replaced with something completely different?
        • How about add the power-ups of those games to, i don't know, a Waluigi game?
          • That will work.
            • Aw yes, fella, get ready for Waluigette.
              • Or Crowned Waluigi?

    New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

    • It's retitled "New Super Mario Bros. 3".
    • Bring back items from the previous installments like the Mega Mushroom and the Blue Shell.
    • The Frog Suit appears here.
    • Toad and Toadette are replaced with Wario and Waluigi.
    • The Super Crown doesn't appear at all.
      • Or just make Princess Peach playable, but the Super Crown can be in another game.
    • Replace Bowser with another major villain or something, I dunno.
      • And also make Bowser playable in this game or something?

    Super Monkey Ball

    • Make the green goal in Advanced 11 actually worth taking.
    • Make Expert 7 possible.
    • Reprogram the AI so they aren't cheats.
    • Make the game come with a GameCube Multitap so we can have 8 player Party Games.
    • Remove the Mini Games and replace them with better Party Games. Or you can just give the main Party Games more depth.

    Mario Kart: Super Circuit (aka Mario Kart Advance)

    • Add new characters, instead of only having Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Bowser, Donkey Kong, and Wario, like in Mario Kart 64.

    Sonic Colors

    • Make it so the music in Sweet Mountain and Asteroid Coaster is the same quality as the rest of the soundtrack.
    • Include more jokes, puns, etc.
    • Writers Ken Pontac and Warren Graff and designer/director Morio Kishimoto would no longer work on any Sonic games.
    • Shiro Maekawa, Kiyoko Yoshimura, and Ian Flynn are the perfect trio writers for Sonic Team.
    • The English script is completely rewritten to remove all traces of Ken Pontac and Warren Graff's writing.
    • Make the Wisps you collect physically tag along with you.
    • Make Sonic Simulator split-screen.
    • Make the Captain/Admiral Jelly and Frigate Orcan/Skullian bosses much better.
    • Main-game multiplayer with Tails tagging along as Player 2.
      • He's also unlockable after beating the game.

    Super Smash Bros. Melee

    • Delay the game to 2003 and give the developers more time on the game.
    • Make the Game Over screen less scary.
    • Make the game support 8 players, make it slightly more expensive at launch, and make it come with a multi-tap as well as an additional controller.
    • Make the game more balanced.
    • More development time means less clones and more characters.
    • Give us a second Ice Climbers stage as well as a Fire Emblem stage.
      • Ice Climbers only has one extremely old game in its series, so it makes sense for it to have only one stage. As for Fire Emblem, let us remind you the game was Japan exclusive at the time.
        • Neither of those are good excuses.
          • Yeah, they are. Also, Duck Hunt never got a stage in Smash 3DS.
            • No way! I can't believe this!
              • It got a stage in an update, though.
                • You still had to pay for it, though. Still, good point.
                  • Not quitely, it was actually a free stage you got though an update, like the Miiverse stage on Wii U.
    • Give it online.
      • I doubt it, considering there was barely any online console games in 2001.
    • Make the Tournament Mode slightly better.
    • Make Special Melee like how it was in future games.
    • Take out Grab a Trophy and replace it with a better bonus stage.
    • Don't give Kirby an extremely unnecessary nerf.
    • Remove the scene in the intro where a giant arm throws a statue of Mario into the air.
      • What's wrong with that?
        • It's unfitting and honestly looks grotesque, in my opinion.
    • Make the characters jump onto the stage in unique ways like in the 1999 title, as opposed to just appearing in a flash of light.
    • Add a Diddy Kong and a Cranky Kong trophy.
    • Replace Marth and Roy with Wario and Mike Jones from StarTropics for the western release.

    Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

    • Give it online.
    • I was originally gonna say give us 8 player split screen, but that would be crazy, and everybody would have a tiny screen, but it could still support the multi-tap and give us 8 players in 4 karts.
    • Let us play Grand Prix with 3+ players.
    • Let us play Battle Mode with computer players.
    • Give us an additional cup or two.
    • Let us save our progress in All Cup Tour.

    Metroid Fusion

    • Make the Yakuza boss battle less annoying.
    • Include the Easy Mode from the Japanese Version in international releases. I personally don't need this, but I'm sure little kids (hey, it's a 3+) do.
    • Include a sort of tutorial on how to Wall Jump (like in Super Metroid).


    • Have it also released on PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP, Wii and PC.
      • The sequel is released on Nintendo DS, 3DS, PlayStation 3, PSP, PC, Xbox 360 and Wii.
    • Have a TV show of the same name.
      • It is produced by BBC, Electronic Arts, Saban Entertainment, Maya Digital and WildBrain (Cookie Jar Group/DHX Media).
      • It is aired on Starz Kids and Family, CBBC, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, TV Ashai and CBS (Cookie Jar TV).
    • Make the cutscenes animated.
    • Give the game voice-acting.

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    • Remove the awful remixes of otherwise good music (I'm not saying all of the remixes are awful. Just some).
    • Make Adventure Mode a lot less difficult on the higher difficulty settings.
    • Remove tripping.
    • Don't give Captain Falcon an unnecessary nerf.

    Mario Kart 7

    • Include more characters, preferably including some of the characters in Mario Kart Wii (and also Waluigi).
    • Include Emblem Editor (from the DS Version).
    • Reintroduce the mission game mode from the DS Version.

    Mushroom Wars 2

    • Remove all the glitches and game crashes.
      • Check.
    • Make the powerups less OP.

    Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U

    • Remove Smash Tour and add Smash Run for both versions.
    • Bring back the Ice Climbers as only one character to avoid hardware limitations. (Popo is the default and Nana is the alternate costume, something like Robin and Corrin).
    • Give it a better name, like "Super Smash Bros. Duel" for the 3DS version and "Super Smash Bros. Ultra" for the Wii U version.

    Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

    (something tells me that the person who made this section didn't know that Of Myths and Monsters was released 20+ years BEFORE Uprising)

    • Add the customisable weapon selections.
    • Pit's design is his Smash Brothers/Uprising design.
    • Add Viridi.

    Or if we're doing this correctly...

    • Release it in Japan during '92-'94 on a physical release.

    Kid Icarus: Uprising

    • Remove "Boss Fight 1" and have "Boss Fight 2" play in pretty much every boss battle instead.
    • Remove questionably designed weapons like the Royal Blade and the Atlas Club.
    • Gaol actually speaks the player after being revealed to be a human girl (and before anyone says "spoiler alert", that happens in Chapter 2 out of 25, darn it!)
    • Remove or completely rewrite the plot of Chapters 18 to 22.
    • Make exceedingly long chapters, like Chapter 19, less painful.

    Kirby's Epic Yarn

    • Include more special challenges.
    • Prince Fluff can optionally join you as an AI-controlled teammate if you don't have a second player with you.
    • Make stages like Boom Beachyard and Cloud Palace less annoying.

    Kirby: Triple Deluxe

    • Include some of the moves introduced in Adventure Wii/Return to Dream Land that got scrapped in this game.
    • Include the Water Copy Ability.
    • Include cutscenes in Dedede Tour.

    Kirby: Planet Robobot

    • Much better soundtrack.
    • Remove Poison Kirby, or make it so he doesn't rip off other Copy Abilities.
    • Give some new attacks to some of the Copy Abilities, as opposed to not touching them since Triple Deluxe.
    • Team Kirby Clash has more stages and an online multiplayer battle mode.
    • Give Kirby 3D Rumble a fourth stage.


    • Add a few things from the conception wiki and the diep suggestions subreddit
    • WIP

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (SNES)

    • Have a two player option.
    • Have Tommy the Green Ranger.
    • Play as the Rangers already morphed for the entire stage, no human form.
    • End each stage with a Megazord battle against the monster.

    LittleBigPlanet series

    • Let us play with up to 7 players.
      • And how would that work, in a world where almost all consoles only support four-player play?
    • Make the online less laggy.
    • Tone down the loading time.
    • Add more customisable features.


    Mime ptile.png

    Pokémon (For real, though...)

    In General

    • Add the difficulty options from Black 2 and White 2 into following games.

    FireRed and LeafGreen

    • Add a day-night cycle.
    • Add the Dive HM from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.

    Diamond and Pearl

    • The game isn't so slow, even if you set the text speed to fast.

    X and Y

    • Release Eternal Flower Floette.
    • Make a Pokémon Z.

    Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

    • Add the Mirage Tower, now with its own music, a remix of the desert theme.
    • Add the Desert Underpass.
    • Instead of Aarune giving the player the Garchompite after collecting 1,000 flags, the Garchompite can be found inside the Mirage Tower, and if the player fails to collect it before the tower disappears, the player can find it in the Desert Underpass after the Delta Episode.
    • Add Gym leader rematches after the Delta Episode.
    • Add Brendan/May rematches after the Delta Episode.
    • Replace the Battle Resort with the Battle Frontier, and if that's too much to ask for, then at least add the Artisan Cave and Sudowoodo to the Battle Resort. In the heart of the Artisan Cave, there can be a shiny Smeargle which knows Thousand Arrows or Thousand Waves, hinting at the next Kalos game(s). Sudowoodo can be hexaflawless and have its hidden ability, Rattled. If Sudowoodo and/or Smeargle isn't captured, it will respawn after the player beats the elite four again.

    Sun and Moon

    • Add the National Pokédex in it.

    Sword and Shield

    • Delay the game to 2020 or 2021 so that every Pokémon and move (except for the ones in Let's Go, Pikachu/Eevee) can be added.
    • Z-Moves and Mega Evolution are added in the post-game.
    • Team Yell is actually threatening and evil in addition to wanting Marnie to become Champion.
    • Better graphics.
    • The battling animations are much better, especially on moves like Double Kick. (think a lot of the Pokémon console games)
    • The animations (especially Hop's) and models aren't recycled from Sun and Moon. In addition, Wingull would actually flap its wings when it flies in the overworld.
    • The game is worked on by another studio, like Genius Sonority (studio behind the Pokémon console games), Bandai Namco (studio behind Pokkén Tournament), or Spike Chunsoft (studio behind Mystery Dungeon).

    Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

    • Add every Pokémon and move to the game. Just because it's a remake, doesn't mean it should be the same as the original.
    • The Sinnoh Pokédex is the version seen in Platinum.

    Digimon World Re:Digitize

    • Have the content added in Decode
    • Release it outside Japan

    Mega Man X

    • X is not a Reploid.
    • Have Zero be playable.

    Mega Man Zero 4

    • Include the Shield Boomerang.

    Ape Escape 3

    • Natsumi gets more screentime.
    • You know how there are monkeys who are members of Sayaka's fan club and therefore go mad when they see her? Well, isn't it KIND OF unfair that Satoru doesn't get an equivalent to that?
    • The battle against Blue Monkey is less painfully annoying.

    Persona 3 FES

    • Have the female protagonist from Persona 3 Portable
    • Have Elizabeth as a Social Link

    Persona 4 Golden

    • Release it on the PS3 or PS4 instead of the Vita
    • Make it a bit shorter

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

    • Get rid of the original characters.
    • Make it feel like a REAL crossover between Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem.

    Paper Mario series

    • After "Super Paper Mario", Intelligent Systems are allowed to follow the formula of "The Thousand-Year Door" for the upcoming "Paper Mario"-games.

    Project X Zone

    • Add Sonic The Hedgehog as DLC (In the form of a Solo Unit)
      • It also goes for the sequel.

    Injustice 2

    • Give the game a theme song performed by Rajie
    • Have Cyborg become a good guy after he teams up with Catwoman

    LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

    • Have Cyborg be scared of everything for the whole game. I rest my case.
    • Have Cyborg, Martian Manhunter, and The Flash stumble across an ancient candy store

    Every Papa's Gameria Game

    • Make it all in 3D.
    • Have Voice-acting.
    • Every time you unlock someone make them say "Yes, it is I (customers name you unlocked here)".
    • Make Jojo, yes, the food critic, a boss battle.
    • Release all the games on a compilation for Nintendo Switch.


    • Make the nickname "Swayzak" for the protagonist official, and also give him his personality he has in fanworks
    • Have voice acting, with Nolan North as Swayzak (once you see his fan personality you'll know why)
    • Release a sequel (not like Child of Eden, but a REAL sequel) which includes Eden as a playable character.

    Puyo Puyo (Franchise)

    • More Western releases besides Tsu, Fever 1, Tetris, Champions and Tetris 2, please!
      • Perhaps make a "Puyo Puyo Collection" game that has Fever 2, 15th Anniversary, 7, and 20th Anniversary all together with enhanced graphics and the ability to use any of the characters in matches, AND release it outside of Japan as well.
        • And dub some of them into English. And make a redub of Fever with O'share's new name.
    • Just. Fix Champions in general. Here is how you could do it.
    • Don't remove characters from the cast and only allow them to reappear in Quest (Such as Dapper Bones, Zoh Daimaoh, Nasu Grave, Baldanders, Gogotte and TaruTaru).
    • Don't make Quest an Eastern-exclusive app and don't have such a middle man like Cranky Food Friends.
    • Remove the flanderization in the recent games (Especially with Sig and Feli being reduced to his love for bugs and crush on Lemres, respectively).
    • Make Aya still important.
    • Make Puyo Puyo 8 real. I promise you, this will help the series a lot.
    • Don't make Lemschez canon. :)
    • Make every character gay. For example, have Lemres be bi and give him a boyfriend (That isn't Schezo). :)
    • Fix the FUCK out of Schezo please. Give him his 7 design and 20th Anniversary personality (Make him just want privacy in a cave above anything else), and tone down his power hunger and innuendos a LOT. It may not make him the best character but it'll at least make him tolerable.
    • Remove that scene where Feli tries to date rape Lemres in 20th Anniversary.
    • Bring back the Compile characters who don't appear in Quest (Like Nomi, Dragon, and Zombie). Aside from Choppun. We don't talk about Choppun.

    Sonic the Hedgehog (series)

    • Kill off Shadow the Hedgehog after Sonic Adventure 2 (as planned by SEGA).
      • And also, have Sonic Heroes stick with the six-team formula (also as planned by SEGA).
    • Release Sonic X-treme with a more peaceful development. (also the game is made in Japan by other developer that isn't Sonic Team).
    • Don't make Sonic Forces fanservice-driven, so the die-hard fans won't be so disappointed.

    BanG Dream! Girls Band Party

    • The gacha system doesn't suck
      • I WANT MY TSUKUSHI 4*!!!!!!! I WANT MY TSUKUSHI 4*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Have it enable older updates.

    PaRappa The Rapper (franchise)

    While not the whole article itself is bad, this section in particular is so hilariously awful that it's being kept for entertainment purposes

    • Remove every character except for M.C. King Kong Mushi, Teriyaki Yoko and their band, and Rammy. In addition, there's just one game revolving around them and their relationship.

    Just kidding! Let's see how to REALLY make the franchise better:

    Um Jammer Lammy (PS1/PS3)

    • The game comes as a 2-disc set; One with Lammy mode and 2-player/co-op, the other with Parappa mode and extras. That way the PS1 compression issues aren't present.
    • In BP The Clown's timeline, the E10+ rating was invented in 1997, so the content from the NTSC/J and PAL versions of the game make it into the NTSC-U version.
    • The arcade port, Um,Jammer Lammy NOW! , isn't lost media. Its ROM is dumped in 2012, while the ROM of the beta build from Fall/Winter 1998 is dumped in 2018 (yes it's a real thing).
    • Also in BP's timeline, Michele Burks, Katy's actor, never moved to Texas around 2000 or got brain cancer around 2009 and is still alive today. This would've allowed Sony to make a long-awaited sequel in 2019, with the end revealing that Lammy has had a crush on Katy this whole time (also yes Rodney Greenblat, the artist, said he'd do that if he had the chance).
    • According to the PaRappa Wiki, there was supposed to be a UJL anime. In that case, it actually gets made and even dubbed in 2003/2004.

    PaRappa The Rapper 2 (PS2/PS4)

    • To celebrate the game's release, the anime gets dubbed for U.S. audiences.
      • Also have the 5 anime characters appear in the game in at least some form (Pinto, Matt, and Paula appear in the manner of how MilkCan did; Gaster and Groober are background characters).
    • Like I said in the UJL entry, Michele Burks never moved to Texas in BP's timeline, therefore she reprises her role as Katy in this game.
      • Also have Kenya Hathaway reprise her role as Sunny.
    • It becomes more successful than it is.

    Little Splatter Alice (fangame)

    • It doesn't go through Development Hell.
    • One of the composers shouldn't have died during production.
    • It becomes downloadable on PC in late 2022/early 2023 as a T-rated fangame.
    • Rabid "fans" of the game (which I simply call "Rabids") don't clog up the creator's comments.
    • It becomes as successful as PaRappa 2.

    Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

    • Make The Graphics And Animation Better
    • Add Voice Acting
    • The Costumes Are More Detailed
    • Add More Characters Like Jenny Wakeman, Timmy Turner, Sonic The Hedgehog (Probably Not Going To Happen But Paramount Has The Rights To Sonic And They Also Own Nickelodeon, So It’s Possible), Squidward, Rocko, Hugh Neutron, and Parker

    Five Nights At Freddy's (series)

    • The following characters are renamed (this'll also apply to every variant of the first 3 on the list):
      • Bonnie = Bonzo
      • Chica = Chicsy
      • Foxy = Foxtrot
        • Also his unmangled toy variant won't be referred to as "Funtime", to avoid confusion with the Sister Location character.
      • Golden Freddy = Fredbear
      • Springtrap = Afton
      • (might come up with more, Idk)
    • It's made clear by Scott on what gender Mangle is.
    • What the games call "endoskeletons" will instead be referred to by their proper term, "mechs".
    • The contents of the box at the end of FNAF 4 are revealed at some point.
    • Scott isn't harassed for being a Trump supporter, therefore he doesn't leave the franchise.
    • Add more


    Are you sure Sword and Shield being worked on by a different company would make it better though? Just because Game Freak sort of made just one game maybe not as good as it could have been doesn't mean they should be totally replaced after they did seven generations of games great.
    -- Raichu's Endless Nights (talk) 07:42, 3 August 2021 (UTC)

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