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    How to Make Good Websites Better

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    This is one of RNW's famed "how to" pages. It contains lots of opinions, but may also have just as much vulgarities, gross-out content, satirical humor, and NSFW elements. Also, some of these pages are freakishly long, which pretty much speaks for itself.
    These pages are now considered legacy pages and can no longer be edited by ordinary contributors.


    • No COPPA takeover. (Not everything is made for children.)
    • Hire a better CEO and better devs.
    • Don't demonetize everyone for cursing or saying the word "bully."
    • Actually demonetize and terminate people who deserve it.
    • Remove the actual copyright infringement and pedophiles.
    • Age restrict videos that should be but aren't.
    • Get rid of the fringe channels.
    • Bring back the dislike count.


    • Don't make it track everything you do.
    • Add Google Plus back.


    • Don't make Eclipse mandatory.
    • Hire better and more active staff.
    • No fetish art. I personally don't have anything against fetishes (unless they are harmful), they just don't belong there.
      • or maybe just make all fetish artists put mature filters on their content so kids can't see it
    • Get rid of the stupid drama.
    • Don't ban innocent users.


    • Replace the small portion of staff that are bad with better staff (since most discord admins are good anyway, but some can't do their jobs correctly)
    • Make Discord Nitro cheaper (Nobody wants to pay that much for emotes)
    • Ban the Bullies, Suicide Challenge Creators and Pedophiles
    • Better reporting system


    • The search bar isn't case-sensitive
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