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    How to make Scary Logos Not Scary

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    This is one of RNW's famed "how to" pages. It contains lots of opinions, but may also have just as much vulgarities, gross-out content, satirical humor, and NSFW elements. Also, some of these pages are freakishly long, which pretty much speaks for itself.
    These pages are now considered legacy pages and can no longer be edited by ordinary contributors.


    • Instead of the ball zooming in, the ball falls into the hands of a guy with the mask.
    • The background turns light blue instead of black.
    • The mask has a friendlier look and is animated.
      • He also looks at an angle at the viewer and winks at us, as well as throw the ball upward
    • The text bounces up before shining.
    • The music is a cheery tune instead of a dramatic fanfare.

    Viacom V of Doom

    • The V enters by sliding up to the center of the screen instead of zooming in.
      • A cartoony "whoosh" is heard.
      • The music is an ascending xylophone sound instead of a 5 note fanfare.

    Screen Gems S from Hell

    • The background is white or light blue.
    • The music is even more cheerful.

    • Remove Splaat.
      • Or better, make him look more friendlier by hiring an artist to draw his eyes and mouth.
      • Also, have a speech bubble appear above him with the logo appearing in it.
    • The background is light purple.


    • Replace the deep note with an ascending synth tune, and make it quieter as well.
    • Tex always appears with the logo.

    National Arts

    • Remove the lightning.
    • Make the logo taken during the day (or a clear night, under the stars and moon)
    • Replace the creepy singing with a calm sitar tune.
      • The start of the logo shows some grass, and pans up to the logo as the music plays.
    • Replace the fire with some fog.

    Ear Booker Productions

    • The logo is still.
    • The music is less scarier.

    Oz Film Company

    • Ozma actually walks in the screen or pops up into the screen, with her body showing, not just her head.
      • Instead of looking around and creepily staring at the viewer, she holds up a sign showing "Oz Film Company presents..." with her face looking at the viewer at an angle.
    • No silent variant.

    Boje Buck

    • Remove the snake.
    • The rabbit's expression looks friendlier and more cartoonish.
      • He is also animated. He blinks his eyes and moves them around, turns his head, twitches his nose, and his ears twitch as well.
    • The background is at a sunny meadow.
    • The logo opens at the open meadow instead of at the rabbit's face. The rabbit then walks towards the screen.

    Ismail Productions

    • The logo is taken at a city during a sunny day, in front of a horse statue.
      • The logo starts by showing the sky, then pans down to the horse statue before zooming out.
    • There is no thunder or rapid pacing.
    • The music is a calm sitar tune.


    • Instead of just showing eyes, the logo shows the whole person or cat.
      • The eyes move around instead of stare directly at the viewer.
      • The head also moves.
      • Also, if it's a human, he or she smiles, but not like the original Oz Film company.
    • The background is light with the human or cat in front of it
    • That would make a pretty boring logo but at least it's not scary, right?

    A Rainbow Release

    • The man holding the rainbow and the box looks happier and friendlier.
      • Instead of the logo immediately showing his face, it fades in to a box, and then the man picking it up to put the rainbow inside.
      • Also, make him animated. (wait i don't think that's necessary)
      • The logo does not freeze at his face. Instead, "A Rainbow Release" fades in at the bottom of the screen."

    DiC Kid in Bed

    • The kid and his dog is looking out the window at an angle.
      • They is also animated and blink their eyes.
    • The logo does not zoom in, it keeps the kid in the logo as the shooting star forms the logo.
      • It starts with the kid opening his window and looking outside with his dog, then watching the star form.
    • Remove the "deek" sound said by a child.
      • Replace it with a adult female announcer saying "This is DiC, the best for entertainment" or something (Think of the Golden Book Video Shooting Star logo at the start of tapes)
    • The music is replaced by a calm guitar tune.

    Horror Factory

    • The creature is less scarier.
    • Remove the dramatic tune before the jumpscare.
    • Remove the jumpscare.
    • Remove the disturbing image of the bloody mouth from the logo.
      • Also, remove the scream sound effect.
    • What am I doing? This is supposed to be a logo for horror films lmao

    Zespół Filmowy X

    • The logo is set in a green meadow (but keep the sunset sky)
    • There is calm guitar music playing instead of birds cawing.
    • Remove the X.
      • Instead, the birds fly up to an apple tree and perch on there.
      • Wait, actually let's keep the X, but have the birds form it using sticks. Also, they don't attack the screen.

    Asymmetrical Productions

    • Remove the lightning, flashing sounds, mouth, and the creepy "asymmetrical" voice..
    • The logo doesn't zoom in.
    • It just shows the "ASYM METR ICAL" logo, all still.

    Hikon Film Video Distribution

    • There is no eye.
    • The music is replaced with a calm lullaby.
    • It's just the words "A HIKON FILM" appearing in the center of a screen, in the center of the cloudy sky.
    • No unison variant.

    Slaughterhouse Entertainment

    • The logo has balloons and sunshine
    • The logo spins slows and never zooms
    • No screaming
    • Remove the skeleton and replace it with something else
    • The logo is tinted as light blue
    • The music is a cheerful pop tune
    • It is renamed to "Funhouse Entertainment."

    Team Happy Rainbow Panda Bears

    • The panda's not dead.

    Gorgon Video

    • The gorgon is less scary
    • Make it have anime eyes
    • It is animated and tinted in yellow
    • Replace the fire with a polka dot background
    • Change the dark tone into a light one

    Prabhat Film Company

    Qubo Shutdown (Creepypasta version)

    • The background is light blue instead of smoky red.
    • The characters didn't get killed off.
    • Remove all the gunshots.
    • The logo is made by Qubo itself instead of being fanmade.
    • The music isn't stolen from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
    • The phone number isn't "Never Gonna Give You Up."
    • Remove the "Thanks for Nothing" line.

    Sinister Cinema


    Isn't the Qubo shutdown a logo.
    -- Fiona Rocks (talk) 22:15, 20 May 2022 (UTC)

    just add it we don't need anymore how to make x things y pages
    -- Raichu's Endless Nights (talk) 06:35, 21 May 2022 (UTC)

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