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    How to make Scary PIFs Scarier

    NOTICE: This will contain NSFW/Disturbing content, and notice that we do not support drunk driving, child abuse, animal abuse, or any of the content the listed PSAs describe here.

    Lonely Water (1973)

    • The deaths are bloody.
      • Actually, let's make the water in the lake blood instead of water.
    • The PIF is taken at night.
    • The cloaked figure actually shows his face and it is very scary.
    • There is even more ominous music.
    • The cloaked figure's voice is even deeper and is in earrape, especially when it says "I'll be back".
    • The cloaked figure deliberately pushes the kids into the lake.

    Apaches (1977)

    • The children's "Apaches" game is more disrespectful to the Native Americans.
    • The children's deaths are very graphic.
      • In other words, we see the full bloody corpses of each one of them.
      • And their deaths are not staged; they actually get killed during the filming.
      • We also watch Sharon scream in her room before dying.
      • Also, the sound of Sharon's screaming is even worse, in which it is louder and extremely distorted.
      • Also, it lasts for two minutes.
    • We see real life photos of children's corpses during the ending credits.
      • An ominous synth tune plays when the credits roll.
    • At the very end, the credits encourage playing with dangerous equipment on the farm.

    NSPCC: Can't Look (1999)

    • We actually see what happens with the abusers and the victims.
    • The people saying "Come and sit over here" and "This will be our little secret" have even deeper voices.
    • Remove the announcer.
    • The girl singing at the end is even deeper.
    • The baby's mother's voice is louder.

    Searching (1974)

    • The PIF is 4 times as long.
    • The screams of the deceased family members are in earrape.
    • The house is even darker.
    • The PIF is taken at a stormy night instead of a cloudy afternoon.
    • We actually see the dead bodies of the family members.

    Fire Kills

    Don't Give Fire a Chance

    • The woman's voice is even higher and scarier.
    • We actually see the burnt shell of the house after it burns down.
    • Remove the father waking up from his bed.

    Night Vision

    • The house is even darker.
    • The music is even more ominous.
    • We actually see the family members die inside the house.
      • We also see the burnt shell of the interior of the house a la Searching.

    Christmas Lights

    • The footage is from the 1980s.
    • The music is extremely ominous.
    • We can hear screams of family members as we watch the house burn.
    • We also see the entire burnt house, not a black screen.

    Banana Mine

    • The room is darker.
    • The PIF plays ominous music.
    • We actually see the full body of the girl after the mine explodes and not just the foot.
      • We also see her explosive death happen onscreen.
    • The explosion is even louder.
    • The people behind the window are extremely sadistic, and take pleasure in blowing up the girl.
      • Also, they have her parents tied up in the same room with them, forced to watch.
    • The Sulley doll has a gruesome appearance and his roar is louder and very distorted.
    • The explosion causes the room to catch fire and destroy all the toys.

    WSIB: Sous Chef

    • We actually see more of the chef's burnt face when she spills hot water on herself.
      • Also, she catches on fire when the stove ignites as she slips.
      • Also, her screaming is more agonizing and ear-piercing.
      • We also watch her die.
    • Ominous music plays.


    Dumb Animals

    • We not only see blood flying out of the fur coats, we also see real footage of fur farms.
    • Remove the funky music at the start and replace it with ominous music.


    • We see footage of fur farms, not only the flies' vision.
    • The music is even more ominous.
    • The people uncover the coat much earlier.
      • After that, the music screeches even higher and louder.
    • The drums get even louder after the screen cracks and text appears.
      • It continues 5 minutes after the PIF ends, in a dark screen.

    TAC: Lennon's Christmas

    • The graphic scenes are even more graphic.
    • We actually see the entire bodies of the victims.
      • We also see what happens to them before they arrived at the hospital.
    • The carol is sung by an even creepier voice.
    • The messages at the end are in dark red text instead of orange text.


    How much is that Doggy in the Window?

    • The gun actually shoots the dog onscreen.
      • We also see the dog's bloody corpse.
    • The tune is even more ominous.
    • The background is even darker.


    • We actually see the dog drown after the man drops the bag.
    • There is scary music playing.
    • The PIF is taken at a stormy night.


    • The music is ominous.
    • The blue background is replaced with a black background.
    • We actually see the meat chicken get graphically killed at the end.
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