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    Due to this article being so hilariously bad, it is being kept for entertainment purposes. Therefore, please do not delete it.

    How to mess everything up[edit | edit source]

    • Eating all the bacon
    • Praising super monkey ball too much
    • Asking peppy Why you have to do a barrel roll
    • Getting hit by shoot the whoop lazer... and surviving
    • Being dinkle burg
    • Eating my snacks
    • Angrying the hulk
    • Playing near a live volcano.
    • Not praising Super Monkey Ball enough
    • Forgetting someone's birthday
    • Buying too many hats at the hat store
    • Doing something bad that would mess things up
    • Playing Rickroll near your sleeping mother at 3am
    • Putting in the milk before the cereal
    • Being VERY RUDE!
    • Getting taped to a tree or something
    • Turning into a blob of evil purple goo
    • Eating my snacks AGAIN! You didn't even apologize the first time you did it!
    • Stealing someone's car keys
    • Throwing your (or someone else's) car keys into the ocean
    • Asking too many questions
    • Not knowing enough
    • Knowing too much
    • Secretly using someone's something to clean or unclog your toilet, and then later telling that to the someone in a potentially life-threatening situation for comedic effect
    • Posting cringe
    • Citing the newest season of The Simpsons as one of your favorite things. At a job interview. In public. On live international TV.
    • Taking someone to Loot Lake instead of Moisty Mire
    • Angrying Keanu Reeves by saying Fortnite is better than Minecraft
    • Thinking the above point was unironic
    • Making too much pudding, so much that it can't fit in your fridge
    • Simping
    • Putting pineapple on pizza
    • Putting pines on pizza and giving it to an Italian
    • Putting the milk in before the bowl
    • Playing Fortnite in front of a Redditor
    • Watching a DVD at an oil rig
    • Destroying the world.
    • Blowing it
    • Dropping your phone in the toilet
    • Dig your phone out of the toilet with your bare hands
    • Referencing memes from ten years ago in public
    • Referencing memes from ten days ago in public
    • Referencing memes from ten minutes ago in public
    • Referencing memes from ten seconds ago in public
    • Repeating the same bullet point over and over but with one slightly different word each time
    • Referencing memes from any point in time in public
    • Especially referencing memes from the future in public
    • Trying to use expired coupons, especially if there's a line behind you
    • Buying a historic home in beautiful Macon, Georgia
    • Not being able to predict bad things that could happen and plan accordingly
    • Saying King of the Hill isn't a good anime
    • Saying bad words
    • Mucking around when it isn't the time nor the place for it
    • Just being really unlucky.
    • Not making sure your momma straight before you ball
    • Not trying to be lowkey and stay away from the bullshit
    • Getting butt hurt if your get memed on
    • Throw your poop in the fan
    • Throw your fan in the poop
    • Not chug jugging with your loved ones
    • Admit that you wouldn't do anything for a klondike bar
    • Say that mint chocolate chip flavor tastes like toothpaste
    • Pour water in your cereal
    • Snort sparkling water up your nose
    • Be a Twitter user
    • Be a grown adult who gets really mad at programming schedules for children's television networks that you shouldn't care about
    • Wear converse all-stars without any socks on
    • Steal Danny DeVito's glasses
    • Drill a hole in your head for no reason
    • Say your favorite TWICE title track is "Alcohol-Free". You will die on the spot.
    • Not putting the duck on the pond. Very bad.
    • Take a shit in Ibiza
    • Show the VGCP you are cool
    • Make a million dollars and spend it on grounded grounded grounded grounded
    • Say "Bloody Marty" three times while looking into your mirror and then going out to tip cows and party hard for the next few hours but don't fall asleep cuz Marty's gonna trap you in his tiny handheld mirror and keep you prisoner forever
    • Dance around in a sun costume while singing the Camp Sunnysmiles song and have your bestie upload it onto YouTube for all to see
    • Diss Zombie-Stomping Princess
    • Tell Nitzan to stop adding Camp Lakebottom references to this page
    • Destroy the Taco Bell washroom and call yourself Poopbob Shitpants
    • Making a fake VHS opening while your name is Warren Cook
    • Being Warren Cook in general
    • Being Caillou in the GoAnimate universe
    • In fact being any children's tv show character in the GoAnimate universe
    • Killing Ninja on Fortnite because that's stream sniping and you'll instantly be reported because Ninja good you bad
    • Putting a nuke next to a father on Scribblenauts
    • Making the shield say 4-Q on Looney Tunes
    • Bungee jumping during a flood
    • Downloading Minecraft mods from the dark web
    • Searching up the Japanese dub of how bad can i be from the lorax movie
    • Waiting in in a long ass line and Drew Pickles joins the back of it
    • Add more!

    Comments[edit | edit source]

    Good page
    -- ★ CHOERRYISM ★ (talk) 23:14, 20 July 2021 (UTC)

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