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    You’re on thin ice, young one
    This page (or the section of this page) was created by Tyler. Do not edit without his permission or you will be on thin ice


    Look in the Upper left hand corner of the map (where Eediot Island, Creeper Island, and Randomice are) that’s where it is

    Joltsborrow is a province in the Random Region, all of the towns and cities in the province were established by JoltikplaysTehRandomBoi with the exception of Tynon.

    Towns and Cities[edit | edit source]

    This Provinstate Has At Least 23 Cities and Towns in it, the most of any provinstate. There is most likely many more towns and cities that could be found or established in the future

    1. Green Island (the capital of this province)
    2. Tynon (the oldest town in the province)
    3. Mas Randas (A Vegas-Style City)
    4. Red Palms City (A City Based On Joltikplays’ Minecraft World)
    5. Goikyland (A BFDI-Themed City)
    6. Stimpytown (everyone that lives in this town look like Stimpy)
    7. Hundred Acre Pooplands (A setting in Pooh Goes Poop)
    8. Bangtown (Known more as a place to hide explosives (And Bodies))
    9. New Orville (A Beachside city)
    10. Booger Lagoon (A Low Income Dock City on Eediot Island)
    11. Randomice (A city made of tiny islands)
    12. J-Town (A Rockos Modern Life themed town)
    13. Normal Town (Ä ÇØMPŁĘTĒŁŸ ÑØRMÅŁ TØWÑ)
    14. The City of Idiots (An average city)
    15. Dingusburg (A Duck Occupied city, sister city of Dinkleburg)
    16. Akes
    17. Schletz (A town that only uses Hammacher Schelmmer products, 69th town in the Random Region)
    18. Urak (A town occupied by Ukrainians, founded after many Ukrainians fled to Random Region during the Russian invasion of Ukraine)
    19. Hog rider (heheheha)
    20. Shrek’s Pizza (Somebody once told me this was a town, not a restaurant)
    21. Morbius land
    22. Guys look a birdie (its pretty, let’s catch it)
    23. Cacapoopoopeepeeshire

    Eediot Island[edit | edit source]

    it is and island in the shape of Stimpy

    Creeper island[edit | edit source]

    it is a tiny island shaped like a creeper head

    Lake Croissant[edit | edit source]

    A river in the shape of a Croissant, Carl Wheezer will friggin love it

    Government[edit | edit source]

    See: Joltsborrow/Government

    Culture[edit | edit source]

    Joltsborrow Starter Pack.jpg

    Gallery of other Joltsborrow St00f[edit | edit source]

    Misc/Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • Joltsborrow has its own government apart from the rest of the Random Region
    • The only town established by Tyler outside of Joltsborrow is Glarnyraefon.

    Comments[edit | edit source]

    the stimpy island lookin kinda sus
    -- Scary Wallpaper, the Wallpaper (talk) 19:43, 30 July 2021 (UTC)

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